is also an intimate play with Li Qin, comparing Xiao Zhan Chen Xiao and Wang Continent, the gap is clear at a glance

is also an intimate play with Li Qin, comparing Xiao Zhan Chen Xiao and Wang Continent, the gap is clear at a glance

Recently, the TV series "The Road of Life" starring Chen Xiao and Li Qin is being broadcast on CCTV. The rural girl Qiao Zhen admired and loved the intellectual young Gao Garin, but she was tragically abandoned and married to someone else, making people scold the Gao Garin scumbag while congratulating Qiao Zhen on her happiness.

As powerful actors, the acting skills of the two in the play have been well received. Especially Li Qin, her appearance is cold, and with a touch of sweetness, playing a village girl in northern Shaanxi this time is not a small challenge for her.

In fact, she has acted in a lot of dramas since her debut, most of the partners are top male stars, but some cooperate tacitly, some make people play, if you compare them together, the difference is still obvious, let's take a look.

Li Qin & Chen Xiao

In the TV series "The Road of Life", Li Qin vividly interpreted Qiaozhen's infatuation with Gao Garin.

She admired and adored Gogarin wholeheartedly, sitting next to Gogarin, she snuggled tightly in the arms of her lover, even if she could not read, but listening to Gogarin's talk, she did not feel bored at all, but her face was full of smiles.

In order to make herself look good and fit better with Gogarin, she also learned to iron wool rolls from city people. When hugging Gogarin, she hugged her lover tightly with her face and put her arms around each other, as if afraid that the other party would run away, and a sense of joy and happiness overflowed the screen.

When the two kissed, although it was just like a dragonfly, she was full of joy and had fallen deeply in love.

It is a pity that Gao Garin's heart is higher than the sky, and Qiaozhen's love is dispensable to him, and he just passively accepts the love that Qiaozhen takes the initiative to offer, and he can't see too many strong expressions in his eyes, and there is a trace of indifference.

In contrast, Gu Qianfan, who chased and kissed Zhao Paner in "Menghualu" before, it is clear who loves each other more between him and Gao Garin.

In "The Road of Life", Chen Xiao and Li Qin have many intimate scenes, such as hugging, hot kisses and so on. Although the feelings expressed are fiery, the duo performed a sense of youth, and it was just right, not making people feel uncomfortable, and more substituted the audience into the role, feeling sorry for Qiao Zhen, who was later burdened.

Li Qin & Wang Continent

Remember the ancient puppet "His Royal Highness Wolf"?

Taiwan's idol popular little student Wang Mainland has a dual identity in the play, not only is the wolf boy who picks the star with the heroine Ma as a childhood sweetheart, but also the noble "overlord" Bo King, the two separated due to a misunderstanding, and fell in love and killed each other after reunion.

Everyone loves to watch the love story of the boss, mainly because the boss is only domineering to others, but he is very gentle with his lover. But in the play, not to mention that Wang Continent's skin color has exceeded the limit of the overlord, and the lines in it are also suffocating.

When teaching the heroine to shoot arrows, the heroine was already a little distracted, but the Bo King played by Wang Continent came to the sentence "aim at my heart";

It was originally a romantic hug, but the heroine played by Li Qin was full of horror on her face.

Especially one of the kiss scenes, although it was to create a strong kiss feeling, Wang Continent directly changed the shape of Li Qin's mouth kiss, and his eyes were still full of tears.

It is no wonder that Wang Continent was scolded on the hot search, which is indeed physically uncomfortable.

Then, when the two were on the variety show in order to promote the drama, they reproduced the plot at the request of the host, and there was another scene of holding behind their backs. But Wang Continent had no sense of boundaries, while hugging Li Qin tightly, his fingers were still rubbing back and forth on Li Qin's arm, and the greasy feeling overflowed the screen again.

It can only be said that others perform intimate scenes, and the audience often calls out that they can't watch enough, and the intimate scenes between Wang Continent and Li Qin are so embarrassing and greasy that they just want to make people shout again and again.

Look at the male number two Xiao Zhan, who played the heroine of love in "His Royal Highness Wolf" and could not win the star. This kiss scene with Li Qin is also a strong kiss but full of affection; It is also domineering, but it makes people feel the tenderness of pity and cherishing jade, which is very different from Wang Continent.

is also an intimate play with Li Qin, comparing Xiao Zhan Chen Xiao and Wang Continent, the gap is clear at a glance

Li Qin & Xiao Zhan

In fact, in addition to "His Royal Highness Wolf", Xiao Zhan and Li Qin have also cooperated many times, such as "Qing Yu Nian" and "Yuxian 1", but he was not famous at that time, and he participated in supporting roles and did not have many scenes.

In the TV series "The Sea of Dreams", Xiao Zhan and Li Qin acted as male and female protagonists for the first time. On the poster, Xiao Zhan is wearing a coffee-colored jacket shirt collar sweater, and Li Qin is wearing a double ponytail and a light blue small floral coat, both of them are full of age.

In the trailer, everyone cheered while riding a bicycle, and it was full of youthful atmosphere.

In fact, Xiao Zhan and Li Qin's appearance is very bearing, although both of them are more than thirty, but their faces still show a full sense of youth and vitality, so there is no sense of violation when starring in the youth story of the children in the compound, and the combination of handsome men and beautiful women must also attract the attention of a large number of audiences.

In a set of tidbits released, Xiao Zhan and Li Qin seem to be playing middle-aged scenes, and their dresses are relatively mature. At the same time, wearing a simple shirt and trousers, ten fingers interlocked while walking and chatting, just like a real couple. Although I haven't seen the intimate scene at present, just holding hands and a look, you can feel Xiao Zhan's eyes "drawing" when he looks at Li Qin, and the sweet atmosphere suddenly comes up. Coupled with the perfect height difference, it is simply stunning.

In addition to being a good match in appearance and height, Li Qin and Xiao Zhan are also strong in acting skills, which makes people look forward to it. I wonder when this show will air?


In addition to the above three, Li Qin has also cooperated with popular students such as Ren Jialun and Zhang Ruoyun. But to talk about the sense of CP, the highest number of public votes may be Xiao Zhan, after all, the two have been 5 matched, presumably in the run-in has produced a full tacit understanding, and even made many people doubt more than once whether they are really doing fake drama.

I don't know which pair of CPs you like the most, welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss~

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