"More than Endless" broke 50 million at the box office! Zhang Songwen played a reporter, which was once again amazing

7 days after its release, the box office of the movie "More Than Endless" officially exceeded 50 million!

For such a niche film, it is really not easy. Although with the help of Zhang Songwen, the top of the new uncle circle, after all, the limited role in the film, coupled with the fact that it is a niche genre film, makes it difficult for this film to make a big difference at the box office. But now it has exceeded 50 million, which is obviously still very bright, and this box office result, Zhang Songwen is even more contributed.

After all, Zhang Songwen has never been absent in the entire roadshow, but a small supporting role, but he is quite attentive to the roadshow. Of course, there is also a wonderful performance in the film.

Liu Nan, associate professor at Communication University of China, said bluntly: "More than Endless" evoked many memories of himself. The senior reporter played by Zhang Songwen, as soon as he came out of the dusty servant, chewed cookies and hurriedly returned, that state of dedication did not look like acting. It's as if it came out of the circle of journalists, very real.

This is after "Crazy", the praise of "not like acting" appeared on Zhang Songwen again.

In "Crazy", Gao Qiqiang, played by Zhang Songwen, is undoubtedly not like acting, whether it is a fishmonger at the bottom or becoming a black and evil boss, the entire image temperament and shaping are amazing, not at all like acting, just like Zhang Songwen person.

So presented, now it is staged again in "More than Endless", even if there are not many shots in the film, but in a limited time, in a limited shot, Zhang Songwen played the role of an investigative reporter.

As a senior journalist, Huang Jiang has been famous in the industry for a long time, and he is old and capable. After the world, it has become smooth and worldly, losing the kind of blood and angularity like Han Dong's body, but it has not completely lost the kindness and justice at the bottom. And this is also an important reason why Huangjiang can appreciate Han Dong. The two obviously cherish each other, although they are master-apprentice relationships, but to some extent they are the same kind of people, Han Dong is the young Huangjiang.

In terms of character grasp and performance, Zhang Songwen undoubtedly interprets those characteristics of Huangjiang accurately, making people see that a very sophisticated and skilled investigative reporter, a flesh-and-blood character once again overflows on the big screen.

Whether it is the appearance of the dust servant, or taking Han Dong to the coal mine to investigate, it is really another low-level Gao Qiqiang. After that, he encountered Han Dong's temporary retraction, became angry, and ripped off the work card, and this drama was even more exciting, especially the pull card was personally designed by Zhang Songwen. In the end, Huang Jiang still agreed to the publication of Han Dong's article, and the final support, although it did not give Huang Jiang a shot, was full of weight.

It is enough to see what kind of person Huang Jiang is.

And Zhang Songwen's interpretation of the characters has reached a state of pure green.

On the surface, it has been smoothed by the years, but the persistence and sense of justice in the bones have never been lost.

For the character of Huang Jiang, the director chose Zhang Songwen at the beginning, thinking that he was very suitable, he had an intellectual face, and he had experienced a lot of human feelings and warmth, and it was very reasonable as a reporter.

I have to say that the director is very good at watching people, although he is not old, but his evaluation of Zhang Songwen can be described as accurate.

Zhang Songwen has indeed gone through the baptism of time, just like Huang Jiang in the film.

Before becoming an actor, he worked as a printing factory worker, beverage salesman, air conditioner installer, hotel waiter, hotel manager, tour guide, etc. These ordinary jobs have allowed him to experience the warmth and coldness of the world and know the hardships of ordinary people, which undoubtedly played a key role in shaping his characters in the future.

Of course, after becoming an actor, he did not stop, but still insisted on observing life, constantly experiencing life, and sharing daily life. Of course, everything has to do with his lack of attention. Although during those days, his acting career was not satisfactory, and even often had no dramas to film, it gave him a lot of time and energy. On the other hand, he will also do various jobs such as directing, scene notes, co-ordination, screenwriting, and editing.

Such a rich experience made his later acting career.

So much so that in his speech, he was grateful for that period of time when no one cared. It is precisely because of that period of unseen days that Zhang Songwen used his eyes and heart to see everything and everyone around him, increasing the experience and feelings that those high-ranking actors did not have.

Before becoming a towering tree, you need to root deeper and stronger, only in this way can you become a towering tree and flourish.

The public only saw the flourishing leaves, only saw the colorful flowers, but did not pay attention to the intricate and solid root system at the bottom, without the roots, there would naturally be no lush leaves, that colorful.

As an actor, you need to learn from those green plants, continue to take root and grow, and go through the wind, frost, rain and snow to have your own green shade.

Of course, this is true for everyone, for any industry.

Zhang Songwen, who has been in the arts for more than 20 years, has never given up despite his troughs and ups and downs, but he has never given up, silently persevered, worked hard, and constantly took root, and finally ushered in a bumper harvest, became the top of the uncle circle, and became a powerful actor in the spotlight.

All this is not bitter for him, and he has said more than once that he does not need sympathy, because this is love, this is life.

"You should never look down on yourself, you should never be afraid, you have the faults that others seem to be shortcomings, you are in the script of your life, you are the star. You have to believe that one day you will shine the light you deserve. ”

Yes, everyone is the star of their own life, what to do is to make their roots deeper and deeper, and their trunk longer and thicker, only in this way can they grow into a towering tree.

The spring of good actors is coming, and for everyone, in the spring, believe in yourself, water your dream, let it see some sunshine again, then the dream will only get closer and closer, and no longer out of reach!

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