Huawei's Another Million Annual Salary "Genius Teenager" Exposed: "Playful" children are potential stocks!

For most parents, they are always envious of other people's children who are known as "top students", and naturally they also desire their children to become top students in the eyes of others.

After all, children with good grades will be more concerned by teachers, and they will have more opportunities in the future with better academic qualifications, and if they can enter well-known companies, the future is limitless.

But in life, people often call the top student, but other aspects are also very good, while being able to arrange time to play, they also know very well how to play.


Huawei genius teenager: Ning Boyu

When it comes to "genius boys", everyone often thinks of famous schools and top students, and this is indeed the case.

Recently, Ning Boyu, a doctoral student at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, was successfully selected into Huawei's "Genius Youth Program" with an annual salary of up to one million, and this 26-year-old young man has become the best among his peers.

It is worth mentioning that this "genius boy" is not only a top student, but also a multi-talented, capable and energetic young man in life.

Ning Boyu has been a person who loves to "study" since he was a child, and he wants to explore what he is interested in. In elementary school, he was obsessed with the then popular "yo-yo", and with this spirit, he once won a local TV yo-yo competition.

In junior high school, Ning Boyu found that he was interested in street dance, so he seriously studied street dance, and even won the champion award of the National University of Singapore Street Dance Night with this spirit of specialization.

In high school, he fell in love with high jump, and was extremely talented in the sport, not only breaking the men's high jump record in high school, but also winning the high jump championship and swimming championship in the sports meeting during college.

In addition to sports, in his spare time, Ning Boyu also likes to share his scientific research achievements and daily life on station B, from digital evaluation to travel records, and even in terms of funny, with its unique sharing method, it has attracted tens of thousands of fans on station B.

Such a top student is really not common in life, after all, it is rare to hear which top student plays from childhood to adulthood.

It is also Ning Boyu's "contrast" that hints at a truth:

"Playful and active children are not unprofessional, but this is precisely their strength."


Playful and active children are potential top students

I remember watching a Western movie before, in which a kind mother every time she photographed her son who was going to school and said, "Son, go and have fun."

I was amazed, how can a child who goes to school to learn have fun? This is unique in our country.

Mr. Anders Hans of Karolinska Institutet in Sweden believes that just sitting at the table and letting children answer questions, children's learning ability will never improve.

It has been scientifically proven that the main factor affecting children's learning ability is not the learning content itself, but depends on their physical activity, which amazingly affects children's learning ability.

Why can just a few minutes of physical activity improve learning efficiency?

The reason why sports can help improve learning ability is because of the "hippocampus".

The hippocampus is the "memory center" of the human body, its size will be stimulated by the surrounding environment to the brain and grow, through magnetic resonance scanning of children's brains, it is found that those children with physical strength, the hippocampus in the brain is very large.

Moreover, there are already data to prove that after the active body, the concentrated thinking time on things will be longer, and as memory and concentration improve, more knowledge will be stored in their brains.


You also have active children in your family, please don't hit him

Therefore, if your child is active, do not stop him from being active because he is worried about being too naughty, let alone get angry.

From the perspective of sports medicine, children can not only strengthen their body in the process of running and jumping, but also produce vibration in the process of running and jumping, making their thinking more agile.

In the face of active children, what can parents do?

Respect and support

If the child's energy is not vented, it will not only affect physical health, but also affect psychological development.

The "2022 National Blue Book of Depression" pointed out that depression patients under the age of 18 account for 30% of the total population, and 50% of depression patients are school students.

So many children suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, which is usually under great academic pressure and bears a heavy academic burden.

In fact, if you look closely, it is not difficult to find that those excellent students are basically not nerds.

Therefore, it is appropriate to let the child exercise for a period of time every day, so that the child not only sleeps well, but also calms down emotionally.

Accompaniment and participation

Parents are the enlightenment teachers of their children, especially in preschool children, and they need the companionship and guidance of their parents. If parents can accompany their children to play together, they can not only pick up the plane to build a bridge of parent-child connection, but also deeply participate in their children's lives.

Professor Li Meijin once said that children who can "play" tend to be better and have better academic performance.

Just like I saw a little boy who likes popular science insects on a certain sound, although he is only 12 years old, in the camera, it is reasonable to introduce the properties of various insects. What touched me the most was the boy's parents, who were able to take their son to touch insects all year round.

It is also the silent companionship and participation of parents that makes the son more interested in studying insects and will go further.

Guidance and planning

While conforming to the child's active nature, parents should also set some rules for their children and give them necessary constraints.

For children's interests and hobbies, there must be clear plans and goals, just like the father of Winter Olympic champion Su Yiming, after seeing the child's talent, he immediately sent his son to the youth academy for professional training, which cultivated an Olympic champion.

We all hope that our children can become the envy of others, but at the same time, we cannot ignore the efforts of the parents behind the children, because only the conscience of parents will accompany and guide the children to play more measured and master their own rhythm.

Every active and playful child is a potential stock in the future, so if there are active children at home, it is necessary to be a wise and cheerful parent, which is also the luck of the child's life.

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