Yang Mi's weakness in his future career: daughter Xiao Nuomi


The famous "girl mother" Yang Mi is marketing her daughter again.

A few days ago, she was photographed appearing in Hong Kong with her parents, who held toys in their hands. As a result, Yang Mi's "motherly nature" once again flooded the Internet, and her press release with her daughter Xiaonuomi flew everywhere.

Yang Mi's weakness in his future career: daughter Xiao Nuomi

It's just that this "declaration of maternal love" is a little embarrassing: before the outbreak of the epidemic, Yang Mi's maternal love only stayed at the airport, and when she appeared at Hong Kong International Airport, she would definitely promote a wave of mother-daughter love. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Yang Mi's maternal love circular only left the core content of "video call".

However, Liu Dan, Xiaonuomi's grandfather, said that he had not seen Yang Mi, and whether Yang Mi had seen his daughter was not clear. He also said that his granddaughter is much busier than herself and has a lot of activities to attend at school. The implication is that the granddaughter is so busy that she may not be able to see her mother.

Yang Mi's weakness in his future career: daughter Xiao Nuomi

The motherly love of a teenage mother is very different.

When Xiao Nuomi was just born, Yang Mi said that he didn't want his daughter to be photographed, and hoped that everyone would not disturb. The reporters and paparazzi did not bother, and no one exposed the photo of the little sticky rice.

However, the press release about Xiao Nuomi has never been broken, especially when Yang Mi has a new drama online, or a new variety show is broadcast, Yang Mi will always show his mother's love, well, I can't see my daughter's maternal love.

Yang Mi's weakness in his future career: daughter Xiao Nuomi

This situation became more after her divorce!

This time Yang Mi appeared in Hong Kong, and some media speculated that there was no inside story.

It is said that Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng have been secretly married, or are about to get married, and Li Xiaofeng is also pregnant. In order to welcome a new life and not let the family have conflicts, Liu Kaiwei intends to give up the custody of Xiao Nuomi and let his daughter live with his mother Yang Mi. Yang Mi went to Hong Kong to deal with this matter.

Yang Mi's weakness in his future career: daughter Xiao Nuomi

The truth of this matter has not been confirmed. However, Hong Kong is relatively conservative in terms of inheritance, and Liu Dan only has a son like Liu Kaiwei, of course, he hopes that he can hold his eldest grandson. If Li Xiaofeng gives birth to a boy, can Xiao Nuomi have the love before?

Fortunately, Xiao Nuomi has been living with his grandparents and has a deep relationship, and the Liu family does not lack anything, so there is no big problem!

Anyway, gossip in this regard will continue to break out in the future.

This is not a good thing for the power of power. In fact, no matter whether Xiao Nuomi lives by Yang Mi's side in the future, her daughter will become her weakness in her career!

At present, Yang Mi does not live with Xiao Nuomi, and she loves marketing mother's love, so she has been criticized for it, and even became one of the famous black materials on her.

What about the future? There will be more negatives around the power of power. In fact, new situations have now emerged.

Yang Mi's weakness in his future career: daughter Xiao Nuomi

First negative:

Since Li Xiaofeng and Liu Kaiwei fell in love, negative attacks on the two on the Internet have continued. After the news of Li Xiaofeng's pregnancy came out, all kinds of attacks intensified!

Who is behind it? Whether it was Yang Mi's team or not, people would throw the pot at her. Even if you sanction these attacking netizens and let them be punished, it is useless!

Because people believe that Yang Mi loves network marketing people so much, her team has this ability.

If there is no small glutinous rice, people sympathize with a divorced woman and verbally criticize her ex-husband, as long as it is not too much, the problem is not big.

But the custody of Xiao Nuomi is in her ex-husband, living with her grandparents, and such a cyber attack will inevitably affect the little girl's life.

Yang Mi should prevent such a thing from happening.

This negative has an impact on Yang Mi, but it is not large. Anyway, the big power of the black and red route has experienced a lot of things, and this is not a moral and legal problem.

Yang Mi's weakness in his future career: daughter Xiao Nuomi

Second negative:

If after Liu Kaiwei and Li Xiaofeng have children, Xiao Nuomi continues to live with his grandparents, once there is any news, Yang Mi is destined to be criticized!

You think! Her ex-husband has remarried, Yang Mi is still single, and the child is not satisfactory, people will ask her, why don't you bring the child yourself?

If someone accuses Liu Kaiwei of not taking small glutinous rice well at home, and Li Xiaofeng does not take good care of his stepdaughter, another group of people will jump out and say, why didn't Yang Mi bring it? Knowing that your ex-husband has a new love and a younger child, you are alone, have the time and ability to take good children, and you should not escape your responsibilities.

No matter how busy you are, the mother's responsibility should be fulfilled, otherwise you will not give birth, right?

Once this negative occurs, it will have a great impact on Yang Mi's career!

Yang Mi is very smart, she is not without black materials, and there are many controversies. But she is very smart, the so-called black material and controversy, did not touch the bottom line, she is safe.

However, if the ex-husband remarries and the child has a stepmother, once something happens, the moral responsibility behind this cannot be borne by ordinary people, let alone the star who takes the image as the career life?

Yang Mi's weakness in his future career: daughter Xiao Nuomi

Third negative:

If Yang Mi takes her daughter to live by her side, with her work intensity, she may not have enough time to accompany, at most she will show her mother's love in a different place: in the past, she used to be at Hong Kong Airport, and now she is put at Beijing Daxing Airport.

What about reducing the intensity of work? That means Yang Mi has to change the focus of his life. However, in this way, the decline of the business that had been declining will accelerate. She can't go to the set to film, and she has to take her daughter with her, right?

Yang Mi's character is a girl's mother, and Ben Si's people are still struggling in the quagmire of idol dramas, because her acting skills have not improved, and she can't act anything else. In the past, Yang Mi was not too worried, because her daughter was not around, and she only mentioned it when she needed marketing. If her daughter arrives, she still wants to continue to maintain the girlish character, which is not small!

If you want a career, you can't revolve around your daughter; If you want to bring your daughter, you must give up part of your career, which is the reality that Yang Mi must face.

Yang Mi's weakness in his future career: daughter Xiao Nuomi

Is there a workaround?

Yes, learn from Li Xiang.

After Li Xiang's divorce, he took his daughter with his personality, and continued to be at ease. However, Li Xiang basically gave up his job in the entertainment industry, and his family design is different.

Rich woman design, Yang Mi's money is enough, that is, she is not good at this, and she cannot give up the entertainment industry.

Perhaps, Yang Mi should really consider transformation, he is older, and now the wind direction is not quite right: a while ago, the negative news of Di Li Gerba involved her, and there were some not very good rumors, this demon wind looks slight, but it has been blowing.

Besides, whether her daughter is around or not, her time will eventually pass, and this moment will not be too far away. No way, the entertainment industry is a place that likes the new and dislikes the old, and Yang Mi takes the route even more!

Yang Mi's weakness in his future career: daughter Xiao Nuomi

Yang Mi is already a boss, belongs to the ranks of investors, and has also cultivated people like Reba. She can choose to exist behind the scenes, exist as a capital party, and continue to fight for her career in the entertainment industry.

Not wanting to retreat into the background, she can invest in bringing new people herself, and then play some age-appropriate supporting roles to avoid her own shortcomings.

Anyway, she can do a lot of things, and she doesn't need to be on the front line all the time. She has already completed her mission in Jiaxing, so she doesn't need to fight!

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