Douban fell below 9 points, three major failures, "Crazy" ended badly!

With the finale of "Crazy", Douban fell below 9 points, and many people complained about the end, but it cannot be denied that this drama is excellent. The story of the first stage is undoubtedly the most exciting, and the story of the second stage is also good, and in the third stage, it is step by step out of control, the accelerated plot, the dubbing of the play, and the clues that are not smooth, resulting in a bad end. The final finale is just a debriefing finale, and does not form a more perfect connection with the previous one, so the ending is more bland than the climax of the whole show.

Throughout the end of the play, there are three major failures that lead to the end.

First, the deletion of the plot

Although an actor said that it was a joke that "Crazy" filmed 100 episodes, the deletion is a fact.

Although the volume of 39 episodes is enough to create a high-quality and good drama, and the number of episodes has never been the only absolute standard for judging the excellence of a drama, but from the perspective of "Crazy" itself, 39 episodes are indeed not enough, especially the story of the third stage is cut too much, resulting in many stories being briefly processed along the way, there are many loopholes in the plot connection, and there is no arc in character shaping.

Because of the review problem, the plot was deleted, which in turn affected the presentation of some reserved plots, so that the actors had to re-dub, and eventually there was a situation where the lip shape and lines were different, so that the audience had to open the lip reading mode, of course, it did read the lines and plots that were different from the existing version, and that was the original version, and it was more in line with the temperament of the entire show.

Among them, Meng Dehai who deleted the most scenes was Meng Dehai, and he also re-dubbed the most in the later stage.

For the deletion of the plot, obviously you can't blame the main creative team, and this is also the reality that has to be faced, of course, from the previous presentation, it is large enough, and the review has relaxed a lot, of course, under the pressure of reality, the content involved in politics in the later stage still inevitably touches the red line, and it is difficult to pass at this stage, so only deletion and reallocation.

This problem the audience also had to accept, after all, the rules need to be followed, although it is dead, but it does not prevent the audience from evaluating the play, good is good, bad is bad, the audience's eyes are always snowy.

Second, forcibly take it offline

Meng Dehai, Yang Jian, Huang Lao, He Liming and other so-called inner ghosts and umbrellas have come off the line.

And their story line is also not detailed due to deletion problems, Meng Dehai turned himself in to whitewash, Yang Jian persuaded to surrender and was arrested, Huang Lao had no follow-up, He Liming just obstructed the guidance group and encountered Shuangkai, and the more detailed of these people is Yang Jian, but how can Yang Jian alone easily succeed in the position, behind his cooperation with Gao Qiqiang, it is not simple, but the whole plot is simplified.

Only the result, no process, all act as tool people, of course, there are many tool people in the play, but for these tool people, it cannot but be said that it is a pity, so that the subsequent plot lacks highlights, so that these characters are not so ruthless and hateful, but pity.

Third, the capacity of the police and the working group has been weakened

From Cao Chuang to Li Xiang, to Zhang Biao, as well as An Xin and Lu Han's master and apprentice, the entire process of investigation and evidence collection is not much, especially in the third stage, whether it is the guidance group or the police, they have not shown their ability, even if the interrogation with the most frequency and scenes appears, it is very brief.

You must know that interrogation is also a technical job, and for those sophisticated underworld forces, how can it be easy to speak, so it is also very good to be able to film the interrogation well, and there are many classics in past criminal investigation dramas.

Not to mention the investigation of the case, Li Xiang, An Xin and Lu Han, there are still many performances in the investigation of the case, but it is still not enough, especially in the third stage, An Xin and the investigation of the guidance group accounted for too little, and finally mainly relied on the confession of stepson Gao Xiaochen and the report of his adopted daughter Huang Yao to deal with Gao Qiqiang, reducing the evidence collection investigation and interrogation of the guidance group, and finally brought a sense of shock was not enough.

However, the reality is not only this, without difficult and sufficient investigation, it is difficult to form a deterrent to criminal and evil forces.

The play starts more from the level of film and television creation, increasing the dramatic conflict, while ignoring the strength and difficulty of sweeping away the reality of anti-gangsterism.

It not only weakens the ability of the police and the working group, but also reduces the plot of victims being bullied by the underworld forces, so that the audience sympathizes with the underworld forces, rather than expressing sympathy for those innocent victims, and there are certain problems in the promotion of values.

Whether "Crazy" is a bad end is still controversial, but it shows the popularity of the play and the public's love for the show.

For the audience of this drama, the feeling is "just a breath", if the last stage can be more complete and more real, then it is really a "god work", but now, the end is bland and tasteless, does not make people feel happy, a pity.

Of course, it can be seen that even so, the audience did not blindly complain about bad reviews, still gave a high score, more than three stars are still most, even if the Douban score has declined slightly, but it is still high at 8.8 points, and will eventually stabilize at about 8.5 points, which is already considered high-quality for a TV series.

After all, there are really too many surprises in the shaping of the characters and the performances of the actors, among which the Fengshen acting skills represented by Zhang Songwen are really rare in domestic film and television dramas in recent years.

In the presentation, development, growth and expansion of the underworld forces, as well as the shaping of the underworld characters, "Crazy" has achieved the top level, presenting the public with flesh and blood "villains", and the shaping and interpretation of the characters from human nature and reality can make them deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and make people empathize.

Even if there are many regrets, "Crazy" as a black drama can still leave a strong mark in the history of the development of Chinese TV dramas.

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