Hu Xinyu case, realistic version of "Vanishing Child"?

106 days after Hu Xinyu's disappearance, the latest news finally came out.

A body wearing Hu Xinyu's clothes was found in a hanged state on the hill near the school, and after examination, it was confirmed to be Hu Xinyu. Until then, whether along the railway line or where children may appear, there was no news from the police and family searches.

However, Hu Xinyu, who disappeared from the school, disappeared out of thin air at a distance of less than 100 meters between the dormitory building and the teaching building, directly casting a layer of suspense on this case.

What happened to the disappeared Hu Xinyu? Why did he happen to disappear in the surveillance blind spot? And what exactly is the purpose of the only voice recorder you carry?

At present, everything is doubtful, but Hu Xinyu's case is reminiscent of last year's hit suspense drama "Disappearing Child". Elementary school children disappeared in their neighborhoods and were locked down by police for even shorter distances, just in a five-story unit without an elevator.

This case of missing children occurred on a very ordinary morning, Yang Yuan's family lived in Room 401, Unit 1, Building 17 of Qinglanyuan Community, because the division of labor in the family is outside the female protagonist and the male protagonist inside, so Yang Yuan has to take his son to and from school every day.

This day was no different from usual, the mother still urged her son Xiao Mo to hurry out to school, and watched her son go downstairs, Yang Yuan drove downstairs in advance as usual, and parked the car at the main entrance of the corridor, as long as the child came out of the corridor, he would definitely be able to see his father's car.

Although Xiao Mo was in pain because of his mother's strict education, he was not so rebellious that he avoided his father's car and ran away alone, so after ruling out the possibility of the child running out of the community, the scope of the child's disappearance was locked in this unit.

6 minutes after discovering that the child disappeared, Yang Yuan and his wife searched the corridor and knocked on the neighbor's door door by door, except for the door of 302, there was no trace of Xiao Mo in the other neighbors' homes, and the neighbors said that they did not see Xiao Mo.

This makes Xiao Mo's disappearance an unsolved case, and in the process of finding the child, many clues and details were found through the perspective of the police. For example, Yang Yuan's father secretly hid a piece of paper in his pocket and booked a ticket back to his hometown, but the child's mother did not know about this.

The suspicion of this matter is placed on Yang Yuan's body, he is likely to want to divorce his wife, who has a hot temper and has been constantly suppressing the father and son, so he hid the child and did not let his wife see the child, coupled with his action of hiding the paper inexplicably, the police quickly discovered these doubts.

But after Yang Yuan explained the reason to the police, he was relieved of his suspicions. It turned out that the child had ADHD, and he did not want the police to treat him as a patient when looking for someone. Although Yang Yuan, as a father, did not show the same state of anxiety as his wife shortly after his son disappeared, he would not make a move to hurt his son in order to gamble with his wife.

This made all the suspense put in room 302 where no one was at home, and it happened that at this time, the little girl in room 302, Xu Enhuai, went home to get textbooks, and the police entered room 302 with her, but they searched all corners and did not find the child, and the couple fell into despair, but then a new suspect appeared.

There are three people most likely to hurt the child, one is Yuan Wu, who wears a suit every day, and since the character looks like he is seriously ill when he first appears, it is difficult not to associate him with a murderous maniac.

The other is Lin Chuping, who is very wary of the men around him because he encountered Qiang J in the room, but because he never found the murderer, coupled with Lin Chuping's frequent insomnia after this incident, and became suspicious of the men around him, people around him thought that Lin Chuping might have mental problems, and she also had major suspicions.

There is also the father of the little girl Xu Anzheng of 302, his job is the owner of a building materials store, after the child disappeared, when the police found 302, he was a little nervous, and the little girl Xu Enhuai's various actions are also very abnormal, so Xu Anzheng's suspicion is also not small.

The play involves three other suspects, and connecting them together begins with Yuan Wu. He had a good education, a decent job and a happy family, but since he became involved in gambling, the family has completely broken down, and he and his father are dependent on each other. Due to special diseases, he could not work like a normal person, and could only rely on his father to feed, becoming a proper old man.

The night that Yuan Wu met Xiao Mo in the community, his father died, and Yuan Wu, who had no financial resources, lived on his father's pension, in order to be able to keep himself alive, he could only find a way to hide his father's death, trying to hide his body in a rental house and continue to receive his father's pension.

In the process of buying tiles, he met Xu Anzheng in the same community, and also discovered the structural problems of the rental house when renovating the room, which reminded the landlady Lin Chuping's past.

In a specific space, the entire story is connected by disrupting time, turning the character who had no suspense into a murderer who may kidnap Xiao Mo, and hiding the real murderer until the end. The characters seem to have no connection with each other, but in fact they are inextricably linked, and the suspense of the play is directly full.

This suspense drama not only allows the audience to interpret the truth of Xiao Mo's disappearance through the plot and the characters in the play, and find the initiator behind the scenes, but also puts different family models on the table. Some people are too harsh on their children's education, which makes the whole family atmosphere suffocated, and some people neglect to care for their children, resulting in children's sensitive minds.

The brilliance of this suspense drama is that through a missing case that monitors a dead end, it directly picks up the secrets of the entire building, exposes the many faces of human nature, and also puts out many real social problems.

But the most attractive thing about "Disappearing Child" is that the child Xiao Mo will disappear in his own corridor, and what is the reason for the disappearance? In the process of police investigation, Lin Chuping's sexual assault case and Yuan Wu's "hidden corpse case" were solved, and one case was hooked.

The reason why the child "disappeared" is most likely that in the process of running away from home, he broke through these secret cases.

In the play, the child disappeared, it was the mother who watched him go downstairs at the door, the father drove the car and waited at the staircase, but the child disappeared in a seemingly safe environment...

Such a plot is inevitably reminiscent of Hu Xinyu's disappearance in reality, which also disappeared in a seemingly safe environment, the same search in a small area, but it became a large-scale search and rescue, and there was no news for more than 100 days, making many netizens guess that Hu Xinyu is also very likely to be "handled" after breaking other crime scenes, poor child...

But the current case has not disclosed too many details, I hope it will not be the reality version of "Disappearing Child". But whether it is "The Disappearing Child" or the realistic version of Hu Xinyu's case, the most dangerous is the child who experiences unknown dangers, and the most heart-wrenching is the parents who do not know the truth and keep searching. For them, waiting for the truth about their child's disappearance is probably the most tormenting and longest in their lives.

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