"Disappearing Her": A wonderful reversal that can't be stopped

"Disappearing Her": A wonderful reversal that can't be stopped

"Disappearing Her" is undoubtedly the first choice for watching movies during the Dragon Boat Holiday, and the current leading box office results also show that it is indeed the preferred choice of more audiences. As a crime genre film with suspense elements, "Disappearing Her" has strong watchability, and it is reversed to the last moment layer by layer; At the same time, the film is not only "good-looking" at the plot level, but also thought-provoking analysis and thinking about human nature.

As the title of the movie says, "Disappearing Her" revolves around the disappearing "she" and the disappearing wife.

On a resort island in Southeast Asia, tourist He Fei (played by Zhu Yilong) went to the police station to report the case: he and his wife Li Muzi originally came to the island for vacation, but unexpectedly, his wife mysteriously disappeared and has been missing for fifteen days.

"Disappearing Her": A wonderful reversal that can't be stopped

He Fei (played by Zhu Yilong)

The police have not yet opened a case. On the one hand, his wife is still gone, and on the other hand, He Fei's visa will expire in four days, and He Fei, who is eager to find a wife, is highly nervous and on the verge of collapse. The plot also throws the first suspense: Where did the wife go?

The next day, He Fei woke up and suddenly found a strange woman lying next to the bed, claiming to be Li Muzi (Wen Yongshan).

"Disappearing Her": A wonderful reversal that can't be stopped

Li Muzi (played by Wen Yongshan)

This is the second suspense: Wen Yongshan's version of Li Muzi (hereinafter represented by "Li Muzi"), is it really Li Muzi? If not, why did she call herself Li Muzi?

What made He Fei even more devastated was that he could not find evidence to prove that "Li Muzi" was a "fake wife". Regardless of the hotel service staff's claims, the bookstore's surveillance, and even the photo with Li Zimu on his mobile phone, it all shows that "Li Muzi" is his wife who is on vacation with him.

On the contrary, "Li Muzi" can come up with direct evidence that he sometimes falls into an emotionally unstable state because of diving work and drugs.

The plot also throws a third suspense to the audience here: why not recognize "Li Muzi", is "Li Muzi" carefully planning a huge conspiracy, or is it because He Fei is in a trance, so he can't recognize people?

"Disappearing Her": A wonderful reversal that can't be stopped

Is "Li Muzi" true or false?

Desperate, He Fei meets Chen Mai (Ni Ni), an elite lawyer engaged in transnational litigation, and he asks Chen Mai to become his lawyer. But Chen Mai, who looks beautiful and capable, and is comfortable on the island, seems to have suspense herself: Is it really a complete coincidence that she met He Fei? Why was she willing to take the case?

"Disappearing Her": A wonderful reversal that can't be stopped

Chen Mai (played by Ni Ni)

It can be said that the plot of "Disappearing Her" is very hooking from the beginning, and the screenwriter throws away one mystery after another, fully arousing the curiosity of the audience and firmly grasping the audience's attention.

After that, the plot officially enters the puzzle solving session.

The puzzle solving session is also the process of "fighting wits and courage" between the screenwriter and the audience. In smart suspense works, the screenwriter and the audience have always trusted and doubted each other. The audience depends on the screenwriter's narrative, because it is the screenwriter who takes the audience into the maze; But the screenwriter will also set up various obstacles to try to get the audience hooked and deceive the audience, so that the arrival of the plot reversal moment will become more and more "unexpected".

Under the training of many suspense dramas, the audience is already familiar with some suspense routines; At the same time, the audience pays more and more attention to the sense of participation in reasoning, and once there are too many irrationalities in the plot, the audience will play. All of this poses a higher challenge to the screenwriter: how to make the reversal more elaborate and brilliant, and make it more difficult for the audience to guess?

"Disappearing Her" not only immerses the audience with a very immersive audiovisual language, superb group portrait performance and stable narrative, but also the screenwriter always wants to "go further" than the audience, and constantly puts the audience into the pit with new doubts.

Through the change of subjective narrative perspective, the film allows each character to "speak", expound the truth they think, and the "truth" they tell, to disturb the audience's audio-visual, thus constructing a Rashomon-style story.

Presumably, at the beginning, the audience will be more or less the same as He Fei, believing Chen Mai's narrative, "Li Muzi" wants to play immortal jumping and pig-killing plate. Thus, while dismantling part of the mystery, the story constitutes the first reversal: "Li Muzi" is indeed "fake", so where is the real wife?

But as Chen Mai and He Fei went deep into the tiger's den, Chen Mai overturned his previous speculation, and some of He Fei's past experiences were also revealed. At this time, Chen Mai guided the audience into a second reversal...

In addition to the reversal of the plot, the personality of each character is also reversed: Is the delicate wife hiding bad intentions? What other important details are hidden by an anxious husband? Is this journey to find a wife caused by the security problems in Southeast Asia, or is there another reason? After experiencing climactic plot conflicts, the film finally solved the most significant, core, and subtle reversal, which was unexpected and hit people's hearts.

Frankly speaking, crime genre films with such multiple reversals, and each reversal is so convincing, are rare on the domestic big screen. The wonderful multiple reversals of "Disappearing Her" are not "showmanship", not reversals for the sake of reversals, and there is a "reversal of human nature" hidden behind the plot reversal, revealing the darkness and depth of human nature.

"Disappearing Her": A wonderful reversal that can't be stopped

Is there a hidden secret behind Chen Mai's sharp eyes?

The existence of multiple human nature reversals also brings very rich performance space to actors. For example, He Fei played by Zhu Yilong, he has many aspects, and he shows different personalities in different aspects. Collapse, vulnerability, affection, literary art, confusion, panic, madness, rage, madness... Zhu Yilong interpreted every state of He Fei to the slightest, and it also made the audience more and more confused: Which emotion represents He Fei's true face?

"Disappearing Her": A wonderful reversal that can't be stopped

Zhu Yilong's performance is very layered

This depth of human nature in the difficulty of distinguishing truth from falsehood also exists in Chen Mai and "Li Muzi". What is their identity and purpose? In any case, He Fei, Chen Mai and "Li Muzi" are all people with superb acting skills, they all try to fool each other, and they also try to fool the audience, and many times, the audience does take the bait.

At the end of the plot reversal and human nature reversal, "Disappearing Her" does not convey the despair of the obscurity of human nature, on the contrary, it highlights the hope in despair and the brilliance of human nature in the shadows, just like the bright starry sky imagery that repeatedly appears in the movie.

Furthermore, the "disappearance" of her refers not only to the disappearance of the wife, but also to the disappearance of the "subjectivity" of some people in love, and the TA may be a boy or a girl. Under the intense love of love, there are times when we indulge in it and lose ourselves. In addition to the wonderful storytelling, "Disappearing Her" also gives the audience a kind reminder: no matter when, don't forget to love yourself first, don't forget to protect yourself.