It's brain-burning! "Who is He" has been updated more than halfway, and the screenwriter has left 18 mysteries, and Xue Jiajian has the most doubts

Serial cases pull out shredded corpse cases, and shredding cases lead to kidnapping cases, murder cases, sexual assault cases, mutilation of animals to make taxidermy cases, and even arson cases!

Big cases set small cases, small cases pull big cases!

I have to say that after Zhang Yi followed "Crazy", the reputation and ratings of the new drama "Who Is He" have soared again!

The case is confusing, the plot is intertwined, making people chase 12 episodes in one breath, and can't help but shout "It's too brain-burning!" It's enjoyable"!

However, the plot was updated to 12 episodes, and the entertainment sister went back to sort it out, but found that many mysteries and baggage left by the screenwriter along the way from the beginning to the present seem to have not been solved.

Let people ponder repeatedly, or look confused!

Mystery one: condoms

Any excellent suspense drama, the screenwriter will never miss the hints and reminders before and after.

Therefore, every line and every detail in the play must have its value and meaning!

For example, when the second case of the "88 Case" occurred, the little policeman Wei Guoping once said at the scene: "Is he wearing condoms for fear of pregnancy?" ”

Do you think the screenwriter just used this sentence to reflect Wei Guoping's ignorance and ignorance, and he is a stupid rookie?

Why was a condom not worn in the first case, but a condom in the second case?

According to the plot reasoning, Sister Yu feels that it is very likely that there is someone else in the second case, or even an imitation crime.

Mystery two: grudges

When the third case occurred in 1988, Chen Shanhe was cut by the murderer because Wei Guoping was slow to pursue the fugitive.

Chen Shanhe's young brother Chen Haohan held a grudge against Wei Guoping, thinking that it was his reason for killing his own brother, and even gave up his dream of becoming a police officer from then on, deliberately mixing his life and fighting against Wei Guoping.

However, Chen Yougui did not complain about Wei Guoping in the slightest, which was not very reasonable.

Although he is an adult and has judgments on right and wrong, as an ordinary person, his own son was killed by the other party's mistakes, and he must also have pimples and knots in his heart.

It is no longer possible to have no gap or disagreement with Wei Guoping as before.

But Chen Yougui's performance in the play is very confusing, not only does he not resent Wei Guoping, but he is even on call, especially enthusiastic and active to help him investigate the case and find clues in the garbage heap.

His actions are also a big mystery. Maybe he is the real murderer of the Eight Eight case, what do you think?

Mystery 3: Chen Shanhe

When Chen Shanhe was cut throat, the last expression was very strange!

Under normal circumstances, the injured person should subconsciously cover the bleeding throat with both hands! But Chen Shanhe covered the wound with only one hand, and pointed the other in the direction where the murderer fled.

Moreover, there was a kind of surprise in his eyes, as if he knew the murderer.

This shot is definitely a hint! Otherwise, the director would not have given Chen Shanhe such a large-scale close-up!

Because such a shot has no special meaning, not only the scale is large, there is a risk of sad trial, but also it is particularly cruel.

So, could it really be his father Chen Yougui?

Mystery 4: Nie Xiaoyu

As the third victim of the "Eight Eight Case" and a survivor, Nie Xiaoyu also has many doubts.

Did she see the murderer's appearance back then?

When questioned by the police, why did she see Wei Guoping, her eyes were a little hesitant and evasive, and then she said that she was not violated?

Will she, like other women who were sexually assaulted in 1996, deliberately conceal some information about the murderer in order to care about her reputation and for the love of her heart?

Sister Yu felt that Nie Xiaoyu was likely to do this out of his love for Wei Guoping since childhood.

So, what exactly is she hiding?

Mystery 5: The Spectacle Woman

In 1996, a girl with glasses got on a bus and got off at Sipo Road.

After the man in black followed her to her place, he attempted to assault her while she went to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The glasses woman fled back to her home, hiding at the table under the window, shivering.

Immediately afterwards, she was terrified, and saw a person's face revealed on the window, and the man in black smiled viciously and drew a big letter "S" with his hand!

This shot scared Sister Yu out of a cold sweat at that time! But the girl never appeared again.

Who the hell is she? What happened that night? Was she dead or alive, killed?

According to the plot exclusion, first of all, she is not Xiaoya, the girl with red high heels found later, not Ai Ying, not Liang Yun, nor Yu Aiqin, nor one of the three victims in Xue Jiajian's mouth.

Therefore, this mystery has no follow-up, which is confusing.

Mystery 6: Clues to the shredded corpse

The "she" behind the shredded corpse case, checked back and forth, and finally determined through DNA that it was the missing Yu Aiqin.

At present, through forensic medicine and case progress analysis, the clues of the murderer's murder and body division include: the corpse separation site, the hacksaw that cuts the bones, the meat cauldron, the brown bed used to cool the corpse, and the cement block mixed in the corpse, and the moped that threw the corpse!

The brown bed was found at Liang Yun's house, and after Liang Yun broke up with Xue Jiajian, he went to travel abroad for more than two months.

So, who will have the key to Liang Yun's house? There are still doubts on Xue Jiajian!

Who entered Liang Yun's house without permission and used her brown bed to cool Yu Aiqin's corpse? This person must be the most cruel murderer!

Mystery 7: Xue Jiajian

Xue Jiajian, who is square in blood, looks polite and honest on the outside, but he is actually a "sex addict" patient.

He actually killed three women in a row according to a certain underwear brand, including his girlfriends Chen Haiping and Xiaoya.

Although it can only be proved that Xue Jiajian illegally sexually assaulted many women, there are still many mysteries about him.

For example, why did he quickly mop the floor with disinfectant water when he saw the police closing the school?

What traces is he clearing?

Why did Yu Aiqin's bones appear in his laboratory? Who is deliberately framing him?

Mystery 8: Fingerprints

The brown bed was found in Liang Yun's home, matching the indentation on the corpse, and left a grease handprint fingerprint.

Therefore, in the latest plot, the police began to collect fingerprints from local residents collectively and intensively investigate the murderer.

But Jiang Guangshan deliberately destroyed his fingerprints, missed the first collection time, and he also deliberately covered up the truth that he was left-handed.

Not only that, but concerned about the progress of the case, probing the news of the case, the restaurant has stewed meat cauldrons, knives, and mopeds.

These all make Jiang Guangshan very suspicious, and he is almost locked by netizens as the murderer of the shredded corpse.

But his fingerprints have been rerecorded, and I am curious how he made up the record, destroying the fingerprint with a knife, will it be the same as the previous fingerprint after the injury?

If it does not match the fingerprints of Liang Yun's family, can he be ruled out of suspicion?

Mystery 9: Wei Xiaoxia

Wei Xiaoxia is Wei Guoping's sister, she is nestled at home because of her leg injury, she has a withdrawn personality, and often quarrels with Wei Guoping.

The most important thing is that when she saw Wang Defa, who was released from prison, she was emotional and made a big fuss about moving.

How did she get her leg injury? What happened between her and Wang Defa? Why do the two get along so abnormally?

Also, when Nie Xiaoyu was mentioned, why was she so emotional? Why did she hate and dislike Nie Xiaoyu and oppose Wei Guoping being with Nie Xiaoyu?

Mystery 10: Zhao Shijie and Jiang Guangshan

Jiang Guangshan is a greedy person who has been using a secret on a rainy night in 1988 to blackmail Zhao Shijie.

What exactly is this secret?

Could it be that on a rainy night that year, he and Zhao Shijie both appeared at the scene of the third case of the "88 Case"?

Who is the real murderer between them?

Mystery 11: The Hotel Mysterious Man

One night when the hotel closed, a mysterious man dressed in black wearing glasses got out of the car, carried a large bag of things, and entered the hotel.

Who is he? What deal is he making with Jiang Guangshan?

Could it be that he is also a suspect in the "88 case"?

Mystery 12: Yu Aiqin's boyfriend

Although Yu Aiqin is a first-year female student in medical school, this girl is introverted, quiet and quiet, loves reading and learning, and loves rock.

Currently, there are three men associated with her.

The first man was Ross.

Ross is a singer in a rock band and likes Yu Aiqin very much, and has liked it for a long time, but she has never received her heart.

Judging from the details of the case, they are just ordinary friends who have intersected, will often meet, listen to music together, and have a relatively close relationship.

The second is Hu Feng.

Through the perspective of the enemy's framing, Wei Guoping dug up the clue that Xue Jiajian had violated Chen Haiping, the girl Hu Feng liked, and thus suspected that Xue Jiajian and Hu Feng had a feud.

However, judging from Hu Feng's interrogation performance, he hated Chen Haiping, not Xue Jiajian, so he had no motive for committing the crime.

However, he left a doubt, that is, he didn't know Yu Aiqin!

Don't you really know? No way!

First of all, the two like to read the same books, like to listen to the same music, how can there be so many coincidences in the world?

But Hu Feng cannot be the murderer of Yu Aiqin, although he is cruel and greedy for money, he only attacks animals, and there is no human blood on the ground.

The third man is Yu Aiqin's mysterious pen pal boyfriend.

Wei Guoping started with the letter, and he checked and checked and found no clues.

Correspondence is usually preserved, but why can't I find any of my penpal's letters?

Who is he? Is it related to Yu Aiqin's death?

Mystery 13: Nie Baohua

Nie Baohua and Wei Guoping grew up together.

But every time the two met, they followed the enemy, talking with guns and sticks, insinuations, yin and yang strangeness.

What really happened between them? If Wei Guoping became a policeman, in order to draw a line with underworld forces like Nie Baohua, is it understandable?

But there must have been some major contradictions and estrangements in the middle that made the two turn against each other.

Otherwise, at least the face of the friend must be given.

Therefore, there must be undisclosed secrets between Nie Baohua and Wei Guoping, which led to Wei Guoping cutting off his robe and cutting off his robe and cutting off from him from then on.

Mystery 14: Xue Jiajian is still suspected

In addition to washing and mopping the floor with disinfectant water, Xue Jiajian also has several suspicious points.

Why did he find an excuse to leave the local area to study every time after the serial case broke out? Why is time so coincidental?

Is Xue Jiajian related to Jiang Guangshan? Sexual assault has been committed so many times, has he also been caught by Jiang Guangshan and blackmailed by the other party like he wants to blackmail Zhao Shijie?

Mystery 15: One of Xue Jiajian's invaders

Xue Jiajian confessed that he had violated three women, and he also had thoughts about Gu Kaiyan, but she was lucky to escape.

But now, Xiaoya and Chen Haiping have found it, but the first girl who was violated has no clues.

Who is she? Is it the glasses woman? Was she killed by anyone else?

Mystery 16: Yu Aiqin

There are still many mysteries in Yu Aiqin!

In addition to the mystery of her boyfriend, her photos and letters have disappeared, which is also a question.

Why do they party, only without her photo, as a medical student, it should be easy to get a picture of her!

In addition, the murderers Ai Ying and Yu Aiqin have small red flowers on their clothes, they must have known each other before, where did they meet? Cabaret or cultural park event?

Also, according to the plot trend, the victim's body has not been completely thrown, why did the murderer not continue to throw the body, is it that his personal freedom is restricted?

Could it really be Xue Jiajian who was locked up? His emotional intelligence is very high, not necessarily impossible!

Mystery 17: Zhao Shijie's evil deeds

Nie Baohua arranged for Zhao Shijie to serve the young lady, but he disliked the old three.

Being able to be so cruel to Lili and violence the other party to Zhao Shijie, who was hospitalized, seems to have harmed a girl.

He once left a girl in his car, and the girl with a wounded face was pitifully thrown on the beach, and then the other party threw a pile of money and flew away.

Who is the girl? Will it be the new victim killed in the trailer, or will it just be the object of Zhao Shijie's toying scourge?

Mystery XVIII: New Victims

In the latest trailer, in addition to the two people who were burned to death in the arson case, on the beach grass, the police found that someone was killed.

The victim in white was sexually assaulted and violent, and was eventually strangled by the neck and suffocated.

She is Nie Baohua's mistress Poly? Or the girl who threw it from the car in front?

In addition to the above, what happened to the little red flower on Ai Ying's body? It's also a mystery! Why did she and the deceased have little red flowers in their clothes?

In short, after combing through her brains, Sister Yu found that her brain was amused by these high-energy plot burning shows!

"Who is he?" "Who is he?" "Who the hell is he?"

Are serial murders and shredded corpses the same person? Is there a possibility of gang crime?

I have to say that Zhang Yi's "Who Is He" is simply too brain-burning! Every detail is a clue!

Anyway, after 12 episodes, Sister Yu rarely enjoyed the fear of being dominated by the screenwriter's brain hole again, and guessed that she couldn't guess the idea. Have you guessed who the murderer is?

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1. Do you have the answers to these 18 mysteries mentioned by Sister Yu? Welcome to share!

2. Do you think Xue Jiajian knows Jiang Guangshan?

3, Jiang Guangshan destroyed fingerprints and recorded fingerprints, will he be the murderer of the shredded corpse?

4. Who do you think the murderers of the 88 case and the shredded corpse case may be?

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