CBA news: It was revealed that Du Feng was investigated, Japan wanted 6 million to take Zhou Qi, and Marbury officially announced the end of class

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CBA news: It was revealed that Du Feng was investigated, Japan wanted 6 million to take Zhou Qi, and Marbury officially announced the end of class

It was revealed that Du Feng was investigated

Beijing time on January 13, although the "Li Tie case" has passed for a long time, but the discussion on this incident has not stopped, Li Tie has explained more insider transactions, more and more people are involved, of course, these investigated people can not escape the punishment of the law. Many fans expressed shock at this incident, but they did not expect that the sports industry has been corrupted to such an extent, no wonder the General Administration of Sports manages athletes so strictly. However, according to the latest media revelations, there have been relevant investigation teams stationed in the Chinese Basketball Association, or the new basketball association president Yao Ming and the former national team head coach Du Feng investigated, this news once it broke immediately caused great repercussions, many fans simply did not believe that the Chinese Basketball Association had corruption problems.

For the news spread on the Internet, the fans are still very rational this time, and they did not follow the trend and eat melons, it is obvious that everyone trusts Yao Ming very much. As we all know, since Yao Ming became the president of the basketball association, he has introduced a lot of policies on "money", such as the "salary cap" system, which is to limit the problem of excessive annual salary of some players, thereby reducing the expenses of the club, to a certain extent, reducing corruption, the most important thing is that Yao Ming also set an example, in the case of the "conference system", each club has certain economic difficulties, Yao Ming is also using his influence to actively sponsor the CBA. Even Yao Ming took the initiative to give up his endorsement fee for the construction of the league, it can be said that Yao Ming has no problems. In addition, Du Feng is still actively preparing for the battle in Zhuji Division, and it seems that the Internet rumors that the matter being investigated are completely rumors.

CBA news: It was revealed that Du Feng was investigated, Japan wanted 6 million to take Zhou Qi, and Marbury officially announced the end of class

Japan wants 6 million to take Zhou Qi

On January 13, Beijing time, Zhou Qi has been back to China for a long time, and since Zhou Qi officially announced his departure from the Phoenix team, Zhou Qi's next destination has been attracting the attention of fans. Judging from Zhou Qi's recent releases, Zhou Qi also expressed his expectation for returning to the CBA. As we all know, at present, Zhou Qi's priority renewal right is still in Xinjiang's hands, according to the regulations, unless Xinjiang sells Zhou Qi's priority renewal right, Zhou Qi will join the Xinjiang men's basketball team even if he returns to the CBA, but this possibility is basically zero, if Zhou Qi is willing to bow his head, he will not go to Australia. However, in the recent release of the latest player arbitration regulations issued by the General Administration of Sports, in order to protect the interests of players, arbitration can be applied for in cases of conflict of interest, which means that it is possible for Zhou Qi to restore his free body.

It is good news that Zhou Qi can regain his free body, so which team will Zhou Qi choose? From the current point of view, Zhou Qi's team has not said much about this matter, but there are already foreign leagues extending olive branches to Zhou Qi. According to informed sources, the current B1 league in Japan intends to sign Zhou Qi, its sincerity is full, promised to give Zhou Qi an annual salary of 1 million US dollars after tax, equivalent to about 6.75 million yuan, I have to say that the conditions given by Japan are still very rich, whether compared to Xinjiang's 6 million top salary or the 4 million annual salary given by the Phoenix team, the conditions offered by Japan are undoubtedly the best, which is definitely a great temptation for Zhou Qi. However, many fans firmly believe that Zhou Qi will not go to Japan, on the one hand, because of the national plot, on the other hand, Zhou Qi, as the benchmark figure of the Chinese men's basketball team, plays a pivotal role in Chinese basketball, and Yao Ming will definitely not sit idly by on this matter. What do you think about Zhou Qi's whereabouts, welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

CBA news: It was revealed that Du Feng was investigated, Japan wanted 6 million to take Zhou Qi, and Marbury officially announced the end of class

Marbury officially announced the end of class

On January 13, Beijing time, the second phase of the CBA regular season is nearing the end, and according to the league's schedule, the second phase of the competition will end around January 19. Looking back at the entire schedule, the second phase of the game can be said to be frequent, not only the injury of the players has attracted much attention from fans, but also the news of many teams changing the head coach is endless, including Beijing Enterprises head coach Marbury. As we all know, Marbury's coaching level has been questioned by fans since he became the head coach of Beikong. It cannot be denied that Marbury was undoubtedly great as a player, but as a manager, Marbury clearly has a lot of room for improvement. At the beginning, Beikong chose Marbury, more because of the heat brought by Marbury itself in order to help Beikong improve its influence, and now Beikong's influence has improved, but as a team, it has lost the foundation for survival.

After Marbury joined Beikong, at the beginning of Beikong did not expose too much problem, but as the schedule continued to advance, the problem became more and more obvious, with the successive losses of the game, Marbury's prestige in the team slowly disappeared, many players did not respect Marbury at all, especially foreign aid, and Marbury broke out in public many times, coupled with the gradual loss of patience of the management of Beikong to Marbury, Marbury's life in Beikong became more and more difficult. Not long ago, Marbury suddenly left Zhuji and returned to Beijing, with Zhang Jinsong temporarily serving as the head coach, although many fans said that Marbury suffered a crisis after class, but because the Beijing Enterprises official has not issued a relevant notice. However, according to insiders, the name of the head coach of the Beijing Enterprises squad has been changed to Zhang Jinsong, and it seems that Marbury has officially left class. With Marbury's departure, it marked the temporary farewell of the CBA era of foreign teachers.

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