UFC 281: Who is the next target for Zhang Weili, Pereira, Addisaya, Diamond and others?

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At UFC 281 Main Event just at Madison Square Garden in New York, Alex Pereira became the new middleweight champion with a fifth-round TKO of Israel Adesanya.

Adishaya shook Pereira at the end of the first round and held him on the ground after successfully suppressing him in the third round. In the last round, Pereira took over the fight, forcing referee Marc Goddard to stop the fight after successive punches against Adisaya.

So, now what? Do you want to do a rematch? Are there other options for Pereira?

In the second round, Zhang defeated Carla Esparza to regain the women's strawweight title. So is it fair to go through a three-way fight with Rose Namajunas next?

"The Diamond" Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler put on a brilliant, blood-boiling bout, with Poirier submitting Chandler with rear-naked choke in a bloody fight in the third leg.

Should Diamonds play in the championship next?

How is Chandler? Every Chandler race was exciting, and every time it was the best race of the night. Where will he go?

In earlier bouts, Chris Gutierrez's defeat of UFC legend Frankie Edgar in the first round of TKO, also Edgar's retirement fight, gave Gutierrez a chance to face a lightweight legend.

Dan Hooker has only been 1-4 in recent fights, but his second-round TKO of Claudio Puelles put him back in the discussion of participating in a bigger bout early next year.

Lightweight boxer Erin Blanchfield is also a must-see if they beat popular British queen Molly McCann if they next fight, a showdown with Maycee Barber (8-2, 5 K, 2 S) currently ranked 14th in the official UFC ranking of women's flyweight.

Alex Pereira, middleweight champion (defeated Israel Adesanya in the fifth round TKO to win the title)

UFC 281: Who is the next target for Zhang Weili, Pereira, Addisaya, Diamond and others?

Who should be next: rematch!!

This is the second time between them, not the fourth, and of course this refers to the MMA (UFC). They play kickboxing, a different sport, and they're completely different in striking events. After this competition, they have all matured a lot. This is the best chapter in terms of their competition and their most complete version. They have to rewind it. Before that, Aditysaya had basically swept the entire UFC middleweight division, a worthy king, until the appearance of his arch-nemesis - Pereira, who was like his nickname "Poatan", followed his Indian blood, the glory of his ancestors, all the way to the UFC, hunted Adisaya, they should immediately have another showdown between old enemies. The rematch seems obvious!

Unknown: Robert Whittaker

If Whitaker beats "Rubber Boy" Paul Costa and "Paulo Costa" at UFC 284 on February 11 next year, we can expect him to get that opportunity. We'll have to see what Adisaya wants to do and when he wants to play in the next game. Of course, the most important thing is what the UFC wants to do.

I want to count Costa as well, but he has made it clear that he will leave the UFC after Whitaker, win or lose. If he wants to reconsider, he'll be here to get into the championship race.

I'm sure Whitaker saw some wrestling scenes from this match and he definitely licked his lips.

2. Women's Strawweight Champion Zhang Weili (won the second round by submitting Carla Espaza)

UFC 281: Who is the next target for Zhang Weili, Pereira, Addisaya, Diamond and others?

Who should be next: Rose Namajunas

It feels like repeating the same title fight in the women's strawweight division, the cycle of fate, but reality calls for it. And for the most part, the game was evenly matched. In recent years, it has been an interesting order of magnitude. In the past year and a half, Zhang Weili has fought a woman (Rose Namajunas) twice (lost twice), and it doesn't seem appropriate for her to go directly to fight her for the championship, but if we say the truth, it is also a reproachable arrangement. Rose lost to Esparza in an extremely boring game. Rose and Zhang Weili's rematch is very close (disagreement decision), so the trilogy makes sense, and almost every reason you can think of wants them to have a triple.

Unknown: Amanda Lemos

If the UFC (or Zhang Weili) really wants to do something different, Remus is a good choice. She has the power to knock out her opponent with one punch, knocking out Marina Rodriguez in 54 seconds in the third round in the headline main event of UFC fight night, who has been gaining momentum for a long time before the bout and is also heading for the title.

Dustin Poirier, lightweight fighter (submission to Michael Chandler in the third round)

UFC 281: Who is the next target for Zhang Weili, Pereira, Addisaya, Diamond and others?

Who should be next: the winner of the February 11 battle between "Horse King" Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski "The Great."

In our view, it's obvious – if Poiril wins, his next move will be to attack the title. Why not? Prior to this fight, he was the second-ranked fighter in the division, behind former champion Charles Oliveira, who had just lost to "King of Horses." Poiril is less than a year away from beating Conor McGregor "Mouth Cannon" — twice. This performance against Chandler will only improve his worth and ranking. Poirier deserved that opportunity, and he was a good match for either option.

If "The Great" wins, things get tricky, as "The Great" will most likely drop to 145 pounds to defend his featherweight title, but Makhachev vs. Poiril is a title fight to look forward to.

Wild card: Rafael Fiziev

The UFC has been watching Fiziev vs. Justin Gaethje, but if that doesn't happen, Fiziev vs. Poiril is also a great showdown. On the surface, though, it's hard to see why Poiril is playing this game. It's basically risk. But he was a madman, a fighter, and he didn't like long vacations. It's a good idea if he wants to.

4. Michael Chandler, lightweight (lost to Dustin Poirier in the third round)

UFC 281: Who is the next target for Zhang Weili, Pereira, Addisaya, Diamond and others?

Who should be next: Conor McGregor

How many times have we mentioned this? In the last five UFC events Michael Chandler has been in, we've mentioned mouth shots every time. Chandler is one of the most entertaining and spectacle fighters in mixed martial arts. From the first ringing, he was full of energy. He knows how to provoke a fight. Chandler and McGregor, what a perfect showdown. Exactly when McGregor will fight again, if anything, we never know. However, Chandler may need some rest after his UFC 281 injury. There is no Nate Diaz in the UFC right now, at least not for now, the biggest incentive to bring the mouth back to the table. The McGregor vs. Chandler case will be a big seller, as we've said before. But the biggest bad news is that the mouth cannon is not currently in the drug test pool...

Uncertainty: Wait?

Chandler needs to reset something to know what he's going to do next. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens when you're a big star but don't win enough. If he really wants to come back, he may have to work hard to move up the rankings. A rising contender needs a higher level of play.

Chris Gutierrez, middleweight (first-round knockout Frankie Edgar)

UFC 281: Who is the next target for Zhang Weili, Pereira, Addisaya, Diamond and others?

Who should be next: Pedro Munhoz

It was Frankie Edgar's last game. In this case, the winner is sometimes praised, sometimes not. Sometimes we attribute victory to the fact that their opponent is out. In this case, both. Everyone thought the time was ripe for Edgar to end his legendary career, but most agreed that Gutierrez's performance was impressive. He is the backbone of this magnitude, but the current fame is not enough. It's time for him to face off against a name on the ranking who needs to defend his position, and that's Muñoz. That was basically what happened in the last game between Muñoz and Sean O'Malley, which ended in a draw. So, give him a similar game.

Unknown: Adrian Yanez

If you're looking for some fun, you can go head-to-head with two more interesting small-weight contenders. Do you know? You can make this a main event. These two names aren't as valuable and well-known as often seen at major events, but sometimes the UFC can decide to tell people what to focus on, giving these two people some publicity and opportunities, and it can be a great thing.

Dan Hooker, lightweight (second round TKO defeat Claudio Puelles)

UFC 281: Who is the next target for Zhang Weili, Pereira, Addisaya, Diamond and others?

Who should be next: Jalin Turner

Hooke wanted to compete in UFC 284 in Australia, and the UFC would agree. He'll be on that card. He was popular in that place. If you're a UFC, you'll use that attention wisely and mix Hook together in a fun game to benefit the UFC. That's the perfect thing about Turner. If Turner wins, he will be a rising contender who will add a big name to his resume. If Hooke wins, it could be an interesting battle and re-establish his position in the 155-pound division. Turner has won five straight games, don't you know, his last game was against Hooker teammate Brad Riddell.

Wild card: Renato Moicano

Moicano also had a great run at UFC 281, and he happened to cost Hooke's teammate Brad Riddle. Moicano doesn't rank high, but Hook deserves it, and to be honest, that number doesn't matter to Hook's game anymore. A high-level showdown that people want to see should be our goal.

Erin Blanchfield, flyweight (defeated Molly McCann in the first round)

UFC 281: Who is the next target for Zhang Weili, Pereira, Addisaya, Diamond and others?

Who should be next: Maycee Barber

It's no exaggeration to say that Blancherfield became a must-see game with this victory. This is not just because she defeated Morley, but also because she controlled Morley, even completely crushing and then submitting, and in the process she showed unparalleled skill. From takedown levels, positional advancement, control, and composure, the collection of all the tricks is quite terrifying. She was only 23 years old. In a way, she was what we imagined she to be, and still is.

Barber was a super genius at a very young age. I don't like to have them duel early in their careers, but the storyline like this would be great and would shape the winners. Barber says her UFC contract expires in July, so we need to figure that out. But she could be the person we're looking for.

Wild card: Andrea Lee

Frankly, it was a race that was formally more inclined towards Blancherfield. But it will test her against a person with dangerous striking ability and extensive experience. And, in terms of ranking, it makes perfect sense. Andrea is currently ranked ninth.

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