Doncic "counts money" satirizes referees, right?

A complete basketball game, the coach plays the role of director, the player plays the role of actor, and the referee's task is to keep the game fair and normal. Referees should have worked behind the scenes and should not have been the protagonists, but this year's NBA playoffs, a large number of games have become tainted, and referees have become the focus of public opinion.

On May 7, Beijing time, the 76ers defeated the Heat 99-79 at home, the Lone Rangers defeated the Suns 103-94 at home, and the two teams that fell behind 0-2 returned home and won back a city. Originally, there was no major problem with the referee's blowing penalty in these two games, but the data of "Ed Malloy enforced the 76ers' home game when the 76ers had won 13 consecutive games" and Luka Doncic made two "counting money" gestures in the game to satirize the referee, once again pushing the referee to the cusp.

Is there a problem with the referee's blow penalty in these two games? There are very few problems. The 76ers played against the Heat, and the 76ers scored a total of 22 free throws, two less than the Heat. The 76ers won, not by the Dendi combination to create a large number of free throws, crushing the Heat in the number of free throws, they won the most because they returned to the home court and threw in the empty three-pointers they had previously lost, and Joel Embiid's return from the line of fire greatly improved the 76ers' defense, and the inside line gained a huge advantage.

"Truth be told, while malloy-enforced 76ers home game has won 13 straight games against the 76ers, the referee's blowing penalty has had no impact on the outcome of today's game," Associated Press reporter Tim Reynolds said on Twitter.

The Lone Ranger and the Sun fought, and judging from the intensity of the game, the pre-match meeting of the three referees established the tone of encouraging confrontation, and the game was filled with a large number of physical confrontations, and the ordinary level of confrontation referees did not blow at all. For example, in this round, Doncic faced DeAndre Ayton's defensive breakthrough, the two had physical contact, Doncic lost his balance, but the referee did not blow Ayton foul.

There are many similar shots, And Jalen Brunson has made several strong jumps under the basket today, and the referee has not blown.

For most of the game, the referee maintains the same scale. But in the middle of the third quarter and early in the fourth quarter, the referee did not maintain the same scale when blowing up Doncic's foul, which was the main reason for Doncic's mentality to explode.

At 5:14 in the third quarter, Devin Booker blocked and named Doncic, who had minor physical contact with Doncic during the breakout. Strictly speaking, Doncic did block fouls, but according to the intensity of most of the game, the referee did not blow, but this time, the referee did.

In the fourth quarter of 8 minutes and 07 seconds, Doncic and Crowder entangled, both of them had movements in their hands but not much, it was normal to scramble for the card slot, but the referee blew Doncic foul, which was Doncic's fifth foul of the game. Considering that the Sun was 17 points behind at the time, and there was still suspense in the game for more than 8 minutes, the referee blew Doncic down at this time, and Doncic inevitably had resentment, and the fans would also have the idea that "the referee forced the game to create suspense".

Including the Warriors and Grizzlies series, as well as the previous first-round Warriors and Nuggets series, the Suns and Pelicans series, the 76ers and Raptors series, the referee's blow penalty has caused controversy, Embiid, Monty Williams and others have been fined for shelling the referee.

Why are referees always in the spotlight? The real world is like this, referee blowing will not be praised for most of the rounds, people will only think that this is the referee's job, they should maintain a super high blowing accuracy rate. "No one is perfect" can be said by anyone, but when the referee makes a mistake or misses the judgment, many people forget this sentence.

In the era of social media, any mistake or omission of the referee will be infinitely magnified, and a big V, a paragraph of the famous record, and a video will be spread rapidly, triggering various conspiracy theories about the referee. Taking the Warriors' second game with the Grizzlies as an example, Dillon Brooks had no problem with Gary Payton Jr. malicious foul being blown off for a second-degree malicious foul, but in the final stages of the game, the referee missed Morant's flip wrist and was announced by the referee's report, which triggered a new round of controversy. Many people think that Morant's dribbling has a lot of flip wrists, but Morant himself said that everyone in the league dribbles will flip their wrists, and not only himself.

In this era where entertainment is supreme and traffic is king, more and more people are keen to create rotten stems, and in the NBA, taking referees to create rotten stems is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching ways. For example, today's 76ers and the Heat, the league just arranged Malloy as one of the three referees, and someone counted the data of Malloy's law enforcement 76ers home game, and put him on the hat of "control ambassador", thinking that he came with a mission.

Including the previous Scott Foster, his image in the minds of many fans has been deeply rooted, portrayed as the best "control ambassador" in the NBA today, he often blows off some series that are about to have a sweeping ending, and once the 0-3 trailing team wins to avoid being swept, Foster will rush to Twitter hot search. One doesn't care what exactly the team behind 3-0 has made, just assume that Foster controls the outcome.

In fact, since the Donagi incident, the league's requirements for referees have become more and more stringent, and today's referees have to face the all-round and all-time scrutiny of players, coaches, team executives, fans, and the media, they are under unimaginable pressure from the outside world, they will only pursue the perfection of blowing penalties, the pursuit of zero mistakes, no one will risk their reputation and rice bowl, deliberately affecting the outcome of a game.

As a player, there is no point in staring at the referee's blowing, because the referee blowing penalty is only affected by his own uncontrollable influence. Doncic has received technical fouls for spray referees many times this season, he has reflected that he will never spray referees again, today he really did not spray referees verbally, but making a "counting money" gesture to satirize referees will only affect his impression in the eyes of referees, and at the same time bring him a fine of at least twenty-five thousand dollars.

The key to determining the outcome of a game is always strength and execution, especially in a 7-game 4-win series, the referee's wrong and missed judgment may affect the outcome of a game, but it is difficult to influence the outcome of a series. As Warriors coach Kerr said, referees can't be perfect, every team has some bad mistakes and misses, and referees have done their best, but they can't be perfect. The outcome of the game is not determined by those few mistakes, and the accumulation of every detail in the 48 minutes of the game time can be exchanged for victory.

So, whether it's a fan or a player, it's better to focus on the game itself.

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