Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST

Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST

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10. Accurately predict the price limit

On May 20th, many people were immersed in love, but some people were being prophets, predicting at 13:47 that Nanjing Chemical Fiber had a surprise an hour later. The next day, Zhongtong Bus appeared again with an accurate prediction of the limit. Now the regulators are involved in the investigation and prophesied. I believe that there is no accurate prediction in this world, only a careful set-up.

Spicy comment: If there is really a prophet, why not find a young man surnamed Ma 30 years ago, and the two of them married in Taoyuan and bought the original equity of the young man's startup.

9. The exchange warns the dishonest secretary of the board

The Shanghai Stock Exchange can't stand it, and Super Communication has repeatedly released information involving generative AI hot concepts through non-statutory information disclosure channels, and the stock price has risen by a few points the next day after each release, from the first release on February 7 to March 1 for 11 consecutive trading days, with an increase of more than 54%. The exchange issued a regulatory warning to the secretary of the board of directors. Should I check whether I have cooperated with the funds to sit in the bank?

Spicy comment: The basic quality of a board secretary is to be sensible.

Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST

8. 75 short-term transactions are in place

From January to May 22, 2024, there have been 75 A-share listed companies that have encountered regulatory arrests for short-term trading, including 3 in January, 8 in February, 17 in March, 29 in April, and 18 in May. Almost all of the short-term trading entities are senior executives or major shareholder families, and they all say that the investment behavior is determined by the relatives independently, and there is no insider trading. There are such coincidences in the world, do you believe it?

Spicy Comment: Definitely a coincidence. The family members did not know that the family members were actually senior executives in listed companies, and they could not go online, study relevant laws and regulations, and could not see relevant reports of violations.

7. A duck flew down

The market value of Juewei Food fell from 63.5 billion to 13 billion in four years, a decrease of 80%. Why do ducks fly down? In 2019, Juewei Food entered the era of 10,000 stores and continued to grow to 15,950 in 2023, but the core marinated food has experienced two negative growth since 2017.

Spicy comment: Nowadays, halogen products are getting more and more expensive, and I hope to launch a mortgage loan policy as soon as possible.

Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST

6. In May, 57 listed companies were ST

As of May 22, 57 listed companies have been put on risk alert in May. Among them, 28 companies were issued audit reports that could not express an opinion, and there were also problems such as financial fraud and major lawsuits. In particular, the financial problems are concentrated in continuous losses, negative net assets, and revenue of less than 100 million yuan, etc., and many zombie companies are unable to continue to operate, and they are destined to become the targets of being cleared out of the market after wearing hats.

Spicy comment: Listed companies have more financing channels, better brand image, a good hand of cards but play poorly, executives, long snacks.

Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST

5. Evergrande Automobile was required to spit out 1.9 billion subsidies

Evergrande Automobile, which has lost more than 110 billion yuan, has only 129 million in cash and cash equivalents. Evergrande Automobile's monthly sales have been no longer visible on the list, which makes the local government very angry, so that Evergrande Auto spit out the previous rewards and subsidies totaling 1.9 billion. New energy vehicles are the trend, but it is by no means a Tang monk meat that cheats subsidies, and it is necessary to vomit out of indigestion after eating.

Spicy comment: Don't be surprised when a person says that he has a house and a car, and at the same time has a bitter face.

Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST

4. International giants are long China

According to the latest data from Goldman Sachs' prime brokerage department, global hedge fund giants have been net buying Chinese stocks for four consecutive weeks, with more than 93 billion net purchases of northbound funds from February to April, which has exceeded the net buying volume in 2022 and 2023. Goldman Sachs' strategy report raised the 12-month target for the CSI 300 index to 4,100 from 3,900 and maintained an overweight rating on A-shares.

Spicy comment: An inch of confidence is an inch of gold, and confidence is even more important than gold.

3. A-shares attract 100 trillion hopes

The fund manager of Qianhai Open Source said that in the past 20 years, the wealth gap between people has been opened by buying houses, and the wealth gap between people in the next 20 years has been opened by buying equity. Who doesn't want to make more money trading stocks? There is always an ideal.

Spicy comment: When we meet in the future, don't you ask "Have you eaten"? Rather, "voted for it"? The handshake does not say "hello", but "vote well".

Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST

2. Goldman Sachs is bullish on Ningwang by 50%

Goldman Sachs, a top investment bank on Wall Street, resumed tracking CATL and rated it as a Buy in the latest report, citing that the market underestimated CATL's superior competitive advantage, battery profitability and market position, CATL's strong bargaining power could help pass on costs, and the impact of the price war on CATL would not be too great. Goldman Sachs gave a target price of 304 yuan, that is, an increase of 50%.

Spicy comment: The potential of Made in China is only Xiao He showing sharp corners, and the wonderful is still to come.

1. Musk is depressed

Musk publicly complained that many people, including the President of the United States, are very unfriendly to Tesla, the White House snubbed Tesla, and many people still hope that Tesla will go bankrupt, which is worrying, ridiculous and regressive. What really frustrates Musk is that China wants Tesla to succeed, while the United States is attacking him, and he says he can't figure it out.

Spicy comment: Rich people are not happy, it seems that money is not everything.

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  • Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST
  • Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST
  • Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST
  • Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST
  • Regulatory attack: 57 listed companies were ST

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