Standing on the wave of new quality productivity, how does Tianjiu share seize the opportunity?

author:Zhitong Finance APP

"Standing on the tuyere, pigs can fly", this is the new Internet celebrity Xiaomi's president Lei Jun's famous words many times under the media lens, and now the "new quality productivity" stands on the tuyere of the times, low-altitude economy, artificial intelligence and other industries are hot, ushering in an investment boom.

In September last year, President Xi first mentioned the new quality of productivity, in January this year, the "11th collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee" and the "two sessions" in March, President Xi repeatedly emphasized the development of new quality productivity. President Xi stressed that "we must firmly grasp the primary task of high-quality development and develop new quality productivity according to local conditions", and then all provinces and cities started the "volume" model to vigorously support and promote the development of new quality productivity.

Premier Li Qiang also pointed out at the two sessions that the development of new quality productive forces should be accelerated, industrial innovation should be promoted through scientific and technological innovation, new industrialization should be accelerated, total factor productivity should be improved, and social productivity should be promoted to achieve a new leap. The new quality productivity is not only written into the government work report, but also listed as the top ten tasks in 2024, highlighting the great importance that the top level attaches to scientific and technological innovation and the development of new quality productivity.

Zhitong Finance and Economics understands that the new quality productivity is a leading role in innovation, getting rid of the traditional economic growth mode and productivity development path, and has the characteristics of high technology, high efficiency and high quality. It is born by the revolutionary breakthrough of technology, the innovative allocation of production factors and the deep transformation and upgrading of the industry, with the substantial improvement of total factor productivity as the core symbol, characterized by innovation, the key is high quality, and the essence is advanced productivity.

In fact, ChatGPT was born last year, artificial intelligence models have become a trend, and in February this year, OpenAI released the artificial intelligence Wensheng video model Sora, which pushed artificial intelligence investment to a climax, and AI is leading the era of technological revolution, which also creates conditions for the development of new quality productivity. 2024 is the first year of AI, many science and technology companies have just started, at this time the incubation platform plays a key role, Tianjiu Sharing, as a scientific and technological innovation business incubation platform, conforms to the trend of the times, and is undoubtedly the beneficiary of the development of new quality productivity.

New quality productivity benefits three types of industries, and cultivates "specialization, refinement, and innovation" according to local conditions

Before talking about Tianjiu sharing, let's first understand the industries benefited by the new quality productivity, the so-called "the times create heroes", this sentence is also applicable in business, such as BAT, Meituan and Pinduoduo, which industries will bring investment opportunities under the trend of AI-led new quality productivity?

Zhitong Financial APP learned that according to the research report of Guolian Securities, the industries involved in the new quality productivity can be mainly divided into three categories: first, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, including petrochemical, steel and non-ferrous industries; the second is to cultivate and expand emerging industries, including new energy, new materials and high-end equipment; The third is to build future industries, including the metaverse, brain-computer interfaces, humanoid robots, and generative artificial intelligence.

The future industry is the frontier industry of the technological revolution, the construction of new labor tools, new workers and new labor relations, the factors of production are comprehensively innovated, according to the production function Y = Af (factor set), A is science and technology, every scientific and technological revolution has a doubling effect on production capacity, and the factor set has also been comprehensively upgraded. The most typical application, such as humanoid robots, has partially replaced humans in many fields such as industry and commercial use, and has achieved qualitative improvement in productivity.

Standing on the wave of new quality productivity, how does Tianjiu share seize the opportunity?

However, it should be noted that the new quality productivity emphasizes more quality than business format, so the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises through factors is also applicable to the new quality productivity category, and according to policy guidelines, the implementation of new quality productivity emphasizes "adapting measures to local conditions".

It is understood that after the new quality productivity is proposed, 29 provinces and cities have clearly proposed the development of new quality productivity in the government work report of 31 major provinces and cities, among which the local governments represented by Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong and other major economic provinces have taken "strengthening innovation and leading and accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system" as one of the key tasks in 2024, and put forward a series of "local policies" support measures such as scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation, talent support, and capital empowerment.

In terms of industrial support, different provinces are inclined to factor endowments, with most regions focusing on the development of strategic emerging industries with more mature technologies, while Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have developed economies and more future industries supported by policies, including generative artificial intelligence, humanoid robots and new energy storage. In addition, there is a significant consensus in local planning to develop generative AI, which is reshaping the industrial landscape.

It is worth mentioning that on March 12, Jin Zhuanglong, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, presided over a cadre meeting, emphasizing the need to seize the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, accelerate the promotion of new industrialization, take the development of new quality productivity as an important focus, give full play to the role of national high-tech zones and high-tech enterprises, accelerate the development of high technology, realize industrialization, and form new quality productivity. At the same time, it is also necessary to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and polish the golden signboard of specialization, refinement, and innovation.

Tianjiu sits on the "right time, place and people" to welcome the golden decade of artificial intelligence in the future

From industry to enterprise, policy support is unprecedented, but to put a technology company from the birth to a unicorn or even to the industry giant, it is not overnight, there is a strong platform support, through resource sharing and distribution, it is easier to achieve accelerated growth, and Tianjiu sharing is such an incubation platform.

Zhitong Financial APP learned that Tianjiu Sharing Group, founded in 1991, is a big data-driven entrepreneur resource sharing platform, empowering global enterprises, with business in more than 40 cities at home and abroad. The platform has big data of more than 4 million entrepreneurs, providing market expansion, marketing and promotion solutions for new economy enterprises to accelerate their growth, and at the same time helping traditional enterprises quickly achieve transformation and upgrading.

The Company's business includes acceleration business and consumption business, of which the acceleration business is to help transformation and incubation business, and is also the core business, including innovative enterprise acceleration engine, Tianjiu Boss Cloud, China Entrepreneur Cooperation Conference and Global New Economy Business Opportunity Sharing Conference. With the mission of "incubating unicorns and helping the Chinese dream", the company is committed to using massive entrepreneurial resources and strong professional capabilities to inject nuclear power into high-quality enterprises.

Tianjiu's sharing industry covers many industries including artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, Internet +, blockchain and new e-commerce, including the three major types of industries covered by the new quality productivity mentioned above, and comprehensively contributes to the development of China's new quality productivity. According to the official website, the company has successfully incubated industry unicorns such as China Commercial Huimin (valued at 10 billion yuan), Wisdom Technology (valued at 10 billion yuan) and DeepBlue Technology (valued at $1 billion).

Standing on the wave of new quality productivity, how does Tianjiu share seize the opportunity?

In addition, Tianjiu Sharing is deeply engaged in the transformation and development of small, medium and micro enterprises, providing a solution for the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises integrating hardware, software, content and services, and providing one-stop services to help enterprises reduce innovation costs and achieve rapid development in the fourth industrial revolution represented by artificial intelligence +. Through AI to help improve production factors, with the support of policies, "specialized, special and new" enterprises will accelerate their transformation. Ge Jun, CEO of the company, once said that in 2024, artificial intelligence has entered the stage of "group model", large models have been fully introduced into major applications, the golden decade of artificial intelligence has begun, and it is an inevitable trend for science and technology to drive the upgrading of traditional productivity to new quality productivity.

As mentioned above, the development of new quality productivity should be adapted to local conditions, and Tianjiu shared headquarters in Beijing, and nearly 40 cities across the country have branches, the company through 33 years of historical precipitation, has a huge enterprise resource base, can better and faster screen out in line with the local policy line of the industry and "specialized, special and new" enterprises. The platform is the most scarce, and the company's network technology group has been selected into the national public service demonstration platform information database for small and medium-sized enterprises recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which shows that the government departments fully recognize it.

Standing on the wave of new quality productivity, Tianjiu Sharing has multiple advantages such as policy support, a huge enterprise resource base and government and market recognition, which can be said to have mastered the right time, place and people, and is bound to incubate more "unicorns" and "specialized, special and new" enterprises in this golden decade, and will also attract more high-quality enterprises to settle in and feed back performance. And which company will stand out in this wave, let's wait and see.