Novel: Hope for the husband to come home

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Novel: Hope for the husband to come home

Women are naturally timid, sleeping alone at home, just cranky, especially when they hear a little movement, they feel that someone has entered the house, and they are trembling with fear, so as long as the man does not go home, she must lock the security door.

In this way, she will feel relatively safe, the problem is: when the man will go home, whether he will go home or not, and he will not tell her in advance, which makes her very uneasy and angry.

In recent days, the man has not been home, and the woman does not forget to lock the door before going to bed every night.

The woman was lying in bed in a very unhappy mood, she knew that the man was busy, and she was extremely angry at the man's not coming home, and her mind was turning over and over again: how busy can you be, is anyone so busy that they don't sleep at night? Why can't you go home when you sleep?

The man always tells the woman that he is busy, sometimes he talks late, and he sleeps casually in the company when he is sleepy; He will also say that if a friend comes over and needs to be arranged, or to accompany a customer to chat, he will not come back if he is late for fear of disturbing his family's rest; Again, it's either a business trip, or you're stressed, looking for a place to be quiet, and so on.

Countless reasons, only one result, can't go home.

The woman expressed her incomprehension a hundred thousand times, but at the same time, she also accepted it, because she really could not find any evidence that the man was not loyal to her.

In the blink of an eye, the New Year came, and the man seemed busier than usual, and the woman expressed her understanding, the New Year, everyone was busy, which is normal.

One day, the woman received a message from a man: I will be very busy in the past few days, and I will go to the following companies at any time to see, and I may not go home, you are waiting for me for the New Year.

The woman was dissatisfied, but replied: Got it.

From this day on, the man no longer goes home, and the woman sends him a message when something happens, and everything is normal.

The New Year is coming day by day, the man is delayed returning, and the woman sends a message to ask the man: Do you want to go home? The man said: Back! I went back in two or three days.

Two or three days passed, and the man still did not go home, and the woman asked again: Are you not ready to go home? The man said: Back! There is still something to be done, the twenty-ninth year, the day before Chinese New Year's Eve, I will definitely go back!

And the woman believed again.

The twenty-ninth arrived, the man did not return, the woman waited for Chinese New Year's Eve, on Chinese New Year's Eve, the woman waited from morning to afternoon, afternoon to evening, night to early morning, never saw the man, as soon as she called, turned off, the woman was completely angry.

She guessed that the man was repeating his old trick again, and only her man could do it if he didn't go home for the New Year, not once, several times, countless times, and no matter what the reason, people could do it anyway.

The woman spent the Spring Festival sullenly again, and she faintly felt in her heart that the man must have something to hide from her, since he was hiding it from her, it must be something that she couldn't let know, so what good thing would it be? It must be a bad thing.

The woman's heart was sad for a while, the dog traveled thousands of miles to eat, the wolf traveled thousands of miles to eat meat, and people were difficult to change their temperament, she scolded in her heart.

Every day a woman spends her days in a state of extreme anxiety and fear, especially at night, how she longs for a man to come suddenly, she always waits until late, and then locks the door before going to bed.

Lying in bed and guessing wildly, this makes her often insomnia, relying on listening to lullabies or the sound of Himalayan reading to help her sleep.

This night, she still locked the door, went to bed, all kinds of hypnotism took turns, and finally fell asleep, just when she was asleep and not asleep, the sound of the key locking the door woke her up, and her first reaction was: The man is back?

She woke up suddenly, and when she looked up at her watch, it was almost a little midnight, and the door opened abruptly, and everything around her was silent, as if nothing had happened, and her heart beat violently.

He got up from the bed and pulled his slippers on the ground, and the living room was pitch black, and the light from the street lamps outside shone through the glass without the curtains, leaving a pale white beam.

She looked towards the door, and turned on the light of the dining room, and the door was so good that she couldn't see anything, and the woman instantly thought that it must be the man who had returned, and she locked the door inward, and he would definitely not be able to open it outside.

She didn't care about her disheveled clothes, she was barefoot, and she wore shoes instead, and walked quickly to the door.

However, she was scared again, after all, in the middle of the night, she didn't even wear any serious clothes, she grabbed the doorknob, put it down again, and shouted: Who?

Usually, if it was a man, he replied loudly: Me!

But there was no reply from outside today.

The woman's heart was pounding again, and she could clearly hear the familiar voice that the key could not be opened, because there had been several times before, and it was she who had locked the door, and then the man came back, and could not open it from the outside, and then she got up and opened the door for him, habitually asking who it was, and then opening the door when she heard the reply.

So she had the courage to ask again: Who?

There is still no answer outside.

The woman took a step back, could it be that she had heard it wrong, or should she go back to sleep, but she wondered again, is it that after the man said goodbye, he suddenly came back and was embarrassed to answer her words?

I don't know where the courage came from in the hesitation, so the woman took another step forward, twisted the door lock button, clicked, and opened the door a crack:

I didn't even see a figure outside, but there were bright lights in the hallway and at the elevator entrance.

The light in their corridor, the voice control is very slow, it will not turn on if it is not a very loud sound, the woman craned her neck and looked left and right, there was really no one, she was scared and sweated, closed the door as quickly as possible, and quickly locked it inside.

Back in the bedroom, the woman's heart was still beating wildly, she no longer had the feeling of sleep, and her heart was repeatedly entangled in what had just happened, whether she had auditory hallucinations, or the man really came back, opened the door, didn't open it, didn't have the face to see her, and turned back.

If that were the case, how much she regretted not going to the corridor to look for it, or to take a few steps further and go to the elevator to see, alas! If you want to blame her, she didn't have clothes on, and she really didn't dare to go out rashly in the middle of the night.

How she longed for a man to come home, and though he was not a thing, he was nothing.

She thought about it over and over again, tears quietly flowed down from the corners of her eyes, thinking for a while, being sad for a while, and being afraid of what had just happened for a while, and finally fell asleep in a daze when it was almost dawn.

When she got up the next day, she still felt strange in her heart, lost, after cleaning up the house and going out to throw out the garbage, she met a couple in the elevator, and the daughter-in-law muttered to her husband and said: You go to our group to apologize, who knows who you went to take the key and stabbed someone's lock last night, it's not you to drink some alcohol, and the door can't be recognized, messing around!

When the woman heard this, she instantly understood what was going on, and asked, "What do you mean?"

The husband looked embarrassed and lowered his head and didn't speak, and the daughter-in-law said quickly: He went to drink last night, and he didn't come back until he drank high in the middle of the night. I knew he was on the wrong floor again, and when we moved to the house, the door looked the same, and he was holding the key to open someone's door again.

The woman suddenly realized that it was a false alarm, but her heart was still sad.

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