The common choice of young people, Zhijie S7 opens the trend of intelligent driving

author:Kawazuki Samurai

How to impress young consumers has become an important proposition for major car companies, Hongmeng Zhixing's first smart car - Zhijie S7 has handed over a satisfactory answer sheet in the field of "intelligence", and has demonstrated all-round strength in terms of space, battery life, performance, etc., which is not only suitable for young people's first car, but also can become the first choice for young families.

The common choice of young people, Zhijie S7 opens the trend of intelligent driving

Zhijie S7 follows Huawei's ultimate, pure, and simple aesthetic principles, the front face is a family design, and the headlight group shape is similar to that of WenjieM9, which is highly recognizable and caters to the aesthetics of young people. Concealed door handles, frameless doors, lightweight 21-inch twin five-spoke wheels and Brembo brake calipers give it a sporty look, with a drag coefficient of just 0.203Cd. Under the fashionable appearance, the intelligent ceiling experience and all-round strength of the Zhijie S7 are the key to attracting young people to place orders.

Zhijie S7's high-end intelligent driving city NCA has been fully pushed and upgraded, without relying on high-precision maps, and all main roads and branch roads in 40,000+ cities and towns across the country have been fully opened. In actual use, the success rate of incoming/exporting of the elevated urban highway is as high as 99.2%. Intelligent parking supports parking for driving, valet parking, and remote control parking, covering complex special-shaped parking spaces such as ultra-narrow parking spaces and mechanical parking spaces, with self-opening and self-parking functions, and parking can be parked if there is a space. Zhijie S7 will also launch the world's first commercial parking VPD function to completely liberate drivers.

The common choice of young people, Zhijie S7 opens the trend of intelligent driving

The S7 Pro version is equipped with HUAWEI ADS Basic Edition, which does not rely on LiDAR and high-precision maps, and realizes "fast and easy driving in high-speed cities across the country, and easy parking in intelligent parking". Huawei has built a rich scenario library on the AI training cluster, conducting 12 million+ kilometers of simulation tests every day, with a training computing power of 3.3E FLOPS, and a model update rate that iterates every 5 days.

Young consumers are always looking for passion and speed. The Zhijie S7 is equipped with the HUAWEI DriveONE 800V high-voltage silicon carbide high-efficiency power platform as standard, with a total power of 365kW for the front and rear motors, and it only takes 3.3 seconds to accelerate to 100 km/h, making it a true performance sedan with speed charm. The new "Giant Whale" 800V high-voltage battery platform realizes the thinnest high-voltage battery in the industry, and is equipped with a number of battery safety protection technologies to ensure that the thermal runaway of a single cell will not spread, providing users with a safer driving experience.

The common choice of young people, Zhijie S7 opens the trend of intelligent driving

The Zhijie S7 is equipped with Huawei's Turing intelligent chassis for the first time, integrating technologies such as the multi-modal fusion perception system, the HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system, and the HUAWEI xMotion intelligent body collaborative control system.

Range and energy replenishment are important considerations for pure electric vehicles. Zhijie S7 completely solves the anxiety of battery life, the battery pack starts at 82 degrees, and the range is up to 855km, opening the double 800 era. The S7 is equipped with Huawei's Giant Whale 800V high-voltage battery platform, with a minimum power consumption of 12.4kWh per 100 kilometers and a maximum range of 855km, and 800V high-voltage overcharging, which can increase the range by 430km in 15 minutes. After the Super Power Saving Mode 2.0 is enabled, the comprehensive battery life will be increased by up to 10%.

The common choice of young people, Zhijie S7 opens the trend of intelligent driving

In terms of space design, the length, width and height of the Zhijie S7 are 4971*1963*1461mm, the wheelbase is 2950mm, and the OneBox design concept is adopted, and the space utilization rate is as high as 88%. The interior of the car is equipped with an innovative yacht-hugging cockpit design, a queen space for the co-pilot, a class-leading second-row space, as well as double-layer silver-plated gradient sunscreen glass, front and rear silk cloud seats, and two-position adjustable rear seat backrests. The interior of the car is made of environmentally friendly materials, equipped with ICAS intelligent clean cockpit system, and the cabin air meets the five-star standard of "China Automobile Health Index".

The HarmonyOS 4 intelligent cockpit of the Zhijie S7 unlocks more ways to play. Super Launcher 2.0 supports full mobile app onboarding, and HUAWEI MagLink expands the screen for the back row, encrypting data transmission, controlling sensitive permissions, and isolating personal data, preventing cyber attacks and ensuring worry-free privacy. Xiaoyi, the on-board smart assistant, has been connected to the Pangu model to support active service and become an intimate housekeeper on the journey.

The S7 has now started large-scale delivery, which will bring a forward-looking smart travel experience to more young people and young families. Zhijie S7 debuted eight Huawei black technology, leading the industry in appearance, interior, intelligent configuration, etc., the price of the whole system is 249,800-349,800, and provides up to 46,000 yuan of rights and interests, in the 300,000 yuan pure electric car market, Zhijie S7 is the best choice for young consumers.