Chinese high-end SUV makes waves again, Xingtu Lingyun King Edition and Geely Who do you choose?

author:Jingzhou Xingtu 4S store Leslie Cheung

At present, domestic auto brands are rising strongly, and Chinese quality shows the world the confidence and technical confidence of Chinese automobiles. As a representative of Chinese automobile brands, the advent of each product of Chery and Geely is eye-catching. A few days ago, the SUV market made waves again, and Chery Xingtu Lingyun series and Geely Xingyue L successively launched new models: Lingyun 2024 400T two-wheel drive king version and Xingyue L 2024 2.0TD DCT EVO two-wheel drive Changfeng version. The Lingyun 400T King Edition is priced at 139,900 yuan, and the Xingyue L Changfeng Edition is priced at 147,700 yuan. The arrival of the new model has once again attracted countless fans.

Chinese high-end SUV makes waves again, Xingtu Lingyun King Edition and Geely Who do you choose?

As a representative model of Changhong with continuous sales among domestic brands, Xingtu Lingyun and Xingyue L are very close in terms of price and product positioning. So, for users, who is more suitable to buy, and who is the real strongest SUV in the 150,000 class?

Next, we select the Lingyun 400T King Edition (hereinafter referred to as the Lingyun King Edition) with a price close to 139,900 yuan and the Xingyue L 2.0 two-wheel drive Changfeng version (hereinafter referred to as the Xingyue L Changfeng Edition) with a price of 147,700 yuan.

Power control, Lingyun King Edition is more powerful and the driving quality is better

In the hearts of young people, power usually carries the good wish for free driving and high-quality travel. On smooth roads, it is especially important to step on the accelerator deeply and experience the joy of pushing back and speed. For the Lingyun King Edition, this is exactly the meaning of the title. The 2.0T engine has a maximum horsepower of 261 hp and a peak torque of 400Nm, and is equipped with Chery's self-developed 8AT gearbox, which can accelerate to 100 km/h in 6.95 seconds and WLTC fuel consumption as low as 7.74L/100km.

Chinese high-end SUV makes waves again, Xingtu Lingyun King Edition and Geely Who do you choose?

While the power performance is impeccable, the Lingyun King Edition also performs well in the comfort of the suspension. Relying on Chery M3X Mars Architecture 2.0 tailor-made and equipped with Benteler master chassis as standard, the Lingyun King Edition adopts an excellent combination of front MacPherson independent suspension + rear multi-link independent suspension and double-layer stamped lower swing arm, whether it is on rugged mountain roads, rain, snow and ice roads or muddy land, it can travel unimpeded. The combination of abundant power + excellent suspension also means that the vehicle can also bring a class-leading comfortable driving experience in daily driving, and the strength is self-evident.

At the same time, the vehicle is equipped with a chassis hydraulic vibration filtration system, and the left and right front control arms are equipped with hydraulic bushings, which can effectively filter the driving bumps caused by difficult road surfaces, and simultaneously improve the quietness and comfort in the car. In addition, Lingyun is also known as a 36.5-meter ultra-short braking expert, the key is that it is equipped with parallel bar double-piston floating calipers, front ventilated disc/rear solid disc four-wheel disc brakes, Continental MC6 high-performance wide tires, Bosch 9.3ESP body electronic stability system and other hardware configuration and software systems, giving users a smooth and fun experience.

Chinese high-end SUV makes waves again, Xingtu Lingyun King Edition and Geely Who do you choose?

The Xingyue L Changfeng version is also equipped with a 2.0T engine, matched with a 7DCT dual-clutch gearbox, with a maximum power of 238 hp, a peak torque of 325N·m, and an acceleration of 100 kilometers in 7.9 seconds.

In terms of chassis tuning, the chassis structure of the Xingyue L Changfeng version and the Lingyun King version also use the front MacPherson and rear multi-link independent suspension. The difference is that, compared with the Lingyun King Edition, the chassis suspension of the Xingyue L Changfeng Edition lacks a hydraulic shock absorption system and a double-layer ram lower swing arm, and the driving experience is full of suspension hardness and toughness, but the stability and comfort of high-speed cornering are still slightly inferior to the Lingyun King Edition.

Security performance competition Lingyun King Edition has more powerful security configurations

In any era, safety is paramount. Lingyun King Edition has spared no effort in terms of safety, and has made great efforts! In terms of passive safety, the Lingyun King Edition relies on Chery M3X Mars Architecture 2.0 to be tailor-made, matching the cage space capsule body structure, 85% ultra-high-strength steel with a compressive strength of 1500 megapascals, and hot-stamping super steel is also used in key parts such as A/B pillars, which can withstand a top pressure load of 10 tons, and the materials are quite solid, like a mobile fortress. At the same time, the new car is equipped with main/passenger airbags, front seat side airbags, and front and rear side curtains, giving drivers and passengers all-round protection without dead ends.

In terms of active safety, the strength of the Lingyun King Edition has been further advanced, increasing the radar to 15, and a total of 2 millimeter-wave radars + 8 ultrasonic radars + 5 high-definition cameras have been used in the front and rear of the body; It has added many active safety features such as high-definition 540° panoramic image (transparent chassis), TJA traffic jam assist, full-speed adaptive cruise control (iACC), FCW front collision warning, MEB low-speed reversing emergency braking, etc., which can not only avoid danger in real time, but also remind the driver at the first time, and to a certain extent, it can also assist the driver's driving habits, so that you can travel boldly with confidence.

Chinese high-end SUV makes waves again, Xingtu Lingyun King Edition and Geely Who do you choose?

As a model that integrates Volvo's safety genes, the safety performance of the Xingyue L Changfeng version is undoubted, with the high-strength steel of the vehicle body accounting for up to 79%, the hot-stamping steel of more than 1500Mpa accounting for more than 22% of the weight of the body-in-white, and the torsional rigidity of more than 26000N·m/deg gives a strong safety foundation. The key safety parts of the body are all made of super strength, accounting for 30.7%, and the safety performance is extremely comprehensive.

In terms of active safety, the Xingyue L Changfeng Edition is equipped with a series of active safety technologies such as ACC S&G full-speed adaptive cruise control and AEB urban pre-collision system, which escorts drivers and passengers in an all-round way.

Space comfort competition, Lingyun King Edition creates a new benchmark for comfort

If you want to become a "quality-price king" car for the family, the standard of comfort must be fully met. The Lingyun King Edition has also taken full consideration into space and comfort. 4780×1890×1730mm body size, 2800mm wheelbase, wide and comfortable, can not only meet the needs of families to install child seats, but also daily sitting space is not cramped. Coupled with the multi-functional seat, the comfort is online in real time.

In addition, the Lingyun King Edition is equipped with a dual-zone automatic air conditioning system, a panoramic electric sunroof, and a double-layer laminated soundproof glass in the front row, which can ensure the stability of the interior environment and maintain comfort at all times under the joint action of the high-efficiency anti-virus inactivated PM0.3 filter element and the AQS air quality management system. Enjoy the moment of "lying flat", and truly achieve "luxury equality".

Chinese high-end SUV makes waves again, Xingtu Lingyun King Edition and Geely Who do you choose?

In comparison, in terms of space comfort, the Xingyue L Changfeng version has a body size of 4770*1895*1689mm and a wheelbase of 2845mm, which can ensure that everyone is comfortable even if it is fully loaded with 5 adults. Xingyue L Changfeng Edition also adds a series of user-friendly functions, such as electric adjustment of the main driver's seat, seat ventilation, seat memory and front seat heating, etc., which improves the overall comfort of the driver and ride. The new L2 driver assistance system, 72-color ambient lighting, front seat heating, driver's seat ventilation, electric adjustment of the main driver's seat and other practical functions make it more cost-effective.

In the competition of intelligent technology, Lingyun King Edition intelligent technology is more leading

As a trendsetter under the wave of intelligence, the intelligent configuration technology of the Lingyun King Edition is quite powerful. The new car adopts a smart digital AI cockpit system, equipped with a standard 24.6-inch galaxy surround true curved screen, the car machine is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, and uses the LION 5.0 Lion Zhiyun system, which supports remote control, online Beidou/GPS navigation, intelligent voice interaction, voiceprint recognition and CarPlay&Huawei hi-car&cute driving mobile phone interconnection and other functions, large-screen touch experience and car-machine interaction response is agile and smooth, and the car is also equipped with an on-board 4G Wi-Fi hotspot and 50W super fast charging, It meets the practical needs of users for travel and electricity consumption, and brings a leapfrog smart experience from entertainment to safety.

Chinese high-end SUV makes waves again, Xingtu Lingyun King Edition and Geely Who do you choose?

The Xingyue L Changfeng version is equipped with Galaxy OS 2.0 car machine system (built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip), L2 level assisted driving, 360 panoramic image + transparent chassis, electric tailgate, front keyless entry, 8-channel speakers, 72-color ambient lights, rain-sensing wipers, front multi-layer soundproof glass, dual-zone automatic air conditioning and other configurations. In contrast, the technology configuration of the Lingyun King Edition is richer and more user-friendly.


On the whole, the performance of the Lingyun King Edition in driving performance, space comfort and intelligent technology is obviously ahead of the Xingyue L Changfeng Edition, which is more in line with the consumption needs of the current young people; The golden power combination of the Xingyue L Changfeng version has also achieved both energy saving and performance, especially in terms of safety performance, the performance of the Xingyue L Changfeng version is also perfect.

Therefore, both cars are worthy of being the leaders of the 150,000-class mid-size SUV market and are worthy of young people. Of course, if for users who value intelligence more and value the quality-price ratio, Lingyun King Edition is undoubtedly more competitive.

At present, Lingyun King Edition has also launched three major surprise gifts for car purchase rights, replacement gifts can enjoy an additional purchase subsidy of 6000 yuan (additional purchase is limited to this product), warranty gifts can enjoy the first owner's lifetime warranty for the whole vehicle, traffic gifts can enjoy the first owner's basic traffic for life, entertainment traffic is free for 3 years (10G/month), multiple courtesy superimposed, with a "table-lifting" like discount to benefit users, the king experience is easy to enjoy. Welcome friends to the store for a test drive experience and start a beautiful new life with Xingtu Lingyun

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