Do you have a life plan for yourself?

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#你有对自己进行过人生规划吗? #

In this marathon called life, everyone is the helmsman of their own destiny, and the goal is the beacon that guides the way. Only by clarifying the direction of progress can we pursue our dreams with firm steps. The road of life needs to be opened up by ourselves, and a life without a goal is like a picture scroll without color, lacking vitality and passion. Therefore, everyone should take their life plan seriously.

Do you have a life plan for yourself?

Life is like a white horse, fleeting. No matter how old we are, we should cherish our time and plan our lives reasonably, so that we can continue to enhance the value of life. With a life plan, even if you encounter setbacks, you can not give up easily because you have a clear goal and direction.

Everyone's life plan is unique. Just like Confucius's life plan, from the age of 15 to study, to the age of 30 to live in the world, to the age of 40 without confusion, to the age of 50 to know the destiny of heaven, at the age of 60 to listen to the heart, at the age of 70 to do what he wants without deviance. The life plan of Indian practitioners is based on a period of 20 years, from learning to service, to teaching and traveling. My own life plan is to run a cycle every ten years, from growth to study, to study, literature, history, philosophy, ethics, and Buddhism.

As the saying goes, "sow melons and get melons, sow beans and get beans". With planning, we won't take detours. Just like farming, we should not always expect a good harvest from the gods or Buddhas, but we should strive for it by our own efforts. The law of cause and effect is inevitable and not at all pleasant.

Do you have a life plan for yourself?

Personally, I like to encourage others and increase their confidence, rather than listening to discouraged words. I want everyone to work towards their goals. But before planning for the future, we need to understand ourselves, recognize our wisdom, interests, aspirations and abilities, so that we can avoid feeling pain and distress because our ideals are too high and we cannot achieve our goals.

Some people may not be in a good position, but they insist on studying and seeking a degree. I once met a man who insisted on continuing his studies and learning to become a mage. I asked him why he was so persistent, and he said he wanted to learn from the practitioners. After listening to this, I sighed that he cooked a good dish, and if he was willing to serve in the kitchen, he would naturally be recognized and respected by everyone in ten years. But he prefers to give up his strengths, thinking that he can only become a mage by studying, which is a sign of not understanding himself. Although "I am born to be useful", we must also use it appropriately.

When it comes to life planning, people with good minds and eloquence can plan to engage in educational work, such as cultivating talents, writing books and sayings, engaging in academic research, etc., and live an educational life full of wisdom. Even if the wisdom and eloquence are average, as long as the mental strength is good, they can still contribute. For example, if you go to nursing homes, nursery homes, and government organizations to engage in service and care work, even if you are a gatekeeper or sweep the floor, you can live a meaningful life of social service. If you don't have enough compassion and can't do charity work, and you want to make money in the business world, it doesn't matter, the key is to do it properly.

In ancient China, farmers were placed in the second place among the "scholars, farmers, and industrialists", because most of them were more honest and decent, and there were certain standards for how much they could harvest and how much they could sell, and they did not have the idea of making huge profits. However, people in the business community often make profiteers, steal people, and cut corners, which is inappropriate behavior. Therefore, we must aspire to live a proper business life.

If you're not interested in any of that, that's okay too. You can choose to live an indifferent life, for example, if you have a religious belief, driven by religious forces, you can keep to yourself, be hardworking, be simple and indifferent, and be at peace with what happens, which is also a good choice. Fame and fortune, false flashiness will destroy our life, honest and responsible for being a talent is fundamental.

Do you have a life plan for yourself?

In addition, life planning can also be done from the four stages of life. When you are a teenager, you should be grateful and thank all those who have helped you grow; In youth, you should have self-confidence and have the courage to express your ideals and aspirations; In the prime of life, we must have a diligent heart and show strong vitality; In old age, you should have a calm and joyful state of mind, and you can be at peace with everything.

The life plan of adolescence can be academic, family, society, country, etc., in short, there will be no hesitation when you have a goal. More importantly, in the limited time, we can leave contributions and achievements to the world, so as to create the eternal meaning of life.