The three major A-share indexes collectively opened lower, and the concept of flying cars rose

The three major A-share indexes collectively opened lower, and the concept of flying cars rose


2024-04-25 09:36Published in Beijing

News from the financial community on April 25 The Shanghai Composite Index opened down 0.23% at 3,037.93 points, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.5% to 9,204.79 points, the ChiNext Index fell 0.7% to 1,753.12 points, and the Science and Technology Innovation 50 Index fell 0.42% to 735.56 points. The total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets was 7.887 billion yuan, and the actual net purchase of northbound funds was 112 million yuan.

Great Wall Motor's net profit in the first quarter was 3.228 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1752.55%. The concept of titanium dioxide was active at the beginning, Lubei Chemical had a one-word limit, and Huiyun Titanium Industry, Guocheng Mining, Jinpu Titanium Industry, and Ananda followed suit. The concept of flying cars rose, Guanglian Airlines rose nearly 9%, VIE Technology rose more than 7%, and Shangluo Electronics, Jianxin Co., Ltd., Wanfeng Aowei and so on followed suit.

Market focus stocks Zhongheng Design (6 boards) bidding limit, low-altitude economic concept stocks VIE Technology (6 days and 5 boards) opened 7.38% higher, Blue Ocean Huateng (GEM 2 boards) opened 7.17% higher, Century Dingli (GEM 4 days and 2 boards) opened 2.61% higher, Brilliant Technology (6 days and 4 boards) opened 5.82% lower, De Groat (GEM first board) opened 11.43% higher, military stocks Aowei Communication (3 boards) bid up limit, Tianwei Electronics (first board of the Science and Technology Innovation Board) opened 1.00% higher , pesticide stocks Asia-Pacific Industrial (3 boards) bidding limit, high-speed connector concept stocks Wutong Holdings (the first board of the GEM) opened 6.15% higher, and Zhishang Technology (the first board of the GEM) opened 6.74% higher.

【Global Market】

The three major U.S. stock indexes closed mixed, with the Dow down 0.11%, the S&P 500 up 0.02%, and the Nasdaq up 0.1%. Boeing fell 2.86% and Home Depot fell 1.8%, leading the Dow lower. Tesla rose 12.06% and Apple rose 1.27%. Most of the popular Chinese concept stocks rose, with the Nasdaq China Golden Dragon Index up 1.05%, Bilibili up 10.97%, Dada Group up 7.53%, GDS up 7.24%, VNET up 6.76%, iQiyi up 5.24%, Weibo up 4.92%, Zhihu up 4.54%, Lufax Holdings up 4.24%, Canaan Technology up 4.24%, New Oriental down 13.7%, Gaotu Group down 7.52%, and Legend Biotech down 4.81%. China's new energy vehicle stocks were mixed, with NIO up 3.37%, Xpeng down 1.32%, and Li Auto down 3.79%.

International oil prices fell across the board, with the June U.S. oil contract falling 0.62% to $82.84 per barrel. Brent oil June contract fell 0.37% to $87.07 a barrel. International precious metals futures generally closed lower, COMEX gold futures fell 0.56% to $2328.9 an ounce, and COMEX silver futures fell 0.61% to $27.195 an ounce.

The dollar index rose 0.11% to 105.82, with non-US currencies mostly down, with EUR/USD down 0.02% at 1.0699, GBPUSD up 0.13% at 1.2465, AUDUSD up 0.17% at 0.6498, USDJPY up 0.33% at 155.35, USDCHF up 0.35% at 0.9152, and CNH down 125 basis points at 7.2730 against USD.

【Institutional Perspectives】

Goldman Sachs and UBS are bullish

When talking about their views on A-shares, Goldman Sachs analysts said that in the past month, they visited the United States, Singapore, Tokyo and other places, and after communicating with investors, they found that international investors' sentiment, risk, appetite and interest in China's stock market are improving. Goldman Sachs predicts that even if the fundamentals are not considered, with the improvement and standardization of the A-share capital market system, the stock market still has more value to release, with a valuation improvement potential of about 20%, and a more optimistic forecast or as much as 40% potential upside.

In addition, the research and development of Sunil Tirumalai, chief strategist of UBS Global Emerging Markets Equities, to upgrade the ratings of A-shares and Hong Kong stocks has also attracted attention.

Everbright Securities: Focus on new hot topics

According to the analysis of Everbright Securities, there are two main reasons for the market rebound: abroad, the US stock market rebounded, and the Hong Kong stock market rose by more than 2%, superimposed by a number of international investment banks to sing more about China, stimulating A-shares; domestically, the Shanghai Index approached 3,000 points, the index bottomed out, and at the same time, the hot topics rose sharply, driving the market sentiment to pick up across the board. The Shanghai Composite Index bottomed out and rebounded near 3,000 points, reconfirming the pattern of the index fluctuating between 3,000 and 3,100 points.

In terms of allocation, Everbright Securities recommends paying attention to new hot topics. The high-dividend blue-chip sector has been continuously adjusted, the market style has shown signs of switching, and the theme hype may return to the leading role.

Huafu Securities: Pay attention to the opportunity of small- and medium-cap stocks that have been wrongly killed

According to the analysis of Huafu Securities, the recent introduction of a series of new policies in the capital market is a major positive for China's capital market, which will help really good companies to stand out in the future. With the support of the government's policy to encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and innovative enterprises, some small-cap stocks in the technology growth segment can quickly adapt to market changes and technological innovation, and are expected to become market leaders in emerging industries in the future. It is recommended to pay attention to the investment opportunities of small- and mid-cap stocks that have been wrongly killed in the process of the recent market correction.

China Securities Construction Investment: Focus on three directions before the holiday

China Securities suggests that the pre-holiday focus on three directions: first, the dividend strategy is still dominant, and the high dividends with obvious pullbacks in the early stage have gradually entered the more cost-effective range, which is worth paying attention to, and the introduction of the 2024 version of the "National Nine Articles" has strengthened the advantages of the high-dividend sector to a certain extent; Second, the global manufacturing activity is being repaired, and copper, oil, coal, resource transportation (oil transportation, etc.), aluminum and precious metals are preferred; Manufacturing going overseas: The demand for overseas manufacturing replenishment is superimposed on the supply chain and cost advantages of the domestic manufacturing industry, and we are optimistic about the construction machinery/hand tools that continue to increase the proportion of overseas revenue.

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