Europa League 2 giants out: Liverpool eliminated, Roma advanced

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Europa League 2 giants out: Liverpool eliminated, Roma advanced
Europa League 2 giants out: Liverpool eliminated, Roma advanced
Europa League 2 giants out: Liverpool eliminated, Roma advanced

The European war is back in the air, Liverpool is defeating Rome and sailing

The moon black geese flew high, and fled in the night. The European League war was rekindled, and the disputes between the powers were originally a feast for the giants, but two traditional powerhouses returned home in advance. After this campaign, Liverpool was out of the tournament, while Roma successfully qualified, and the victory or defeat on the field was often in an instant.

The Europa League battle is just in time

The beacon fire and wolf smoke rose, and the European League war was burning. In the early hours of the morning, on the field of the Europa League, the giants appeared one after another, fighting for honor and promotion. In this fierce competition, Liverpool and Milan, two traditional powerhouses, unexpectedly suffered losses in the first round. This seems to be a trick of fate, which makes fans stunned and embarrassed.

♂️ The arena is like a battlefield, changing rapidly. Liverpool looked powerless against Atalanta. Despite their best efforts, in the sixth minute of the first half, they gave the opponent a penalty opportunity for a foul in the penalty area. Although Salah pulled one back for the team, he had no choice but to perform poorly overall, and finally lost 1-0 and was eliminated with an aggregate score of 1-3.

️ In the other game, Roma showed tenacity and fighting spirit. In the last 30 minutes of the game, thanks to goals from Roberto Mancini and Dybala, they beat Milan 2-1 and advanced to the quarter-finals. This victory is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for Roma and gives them a boost of confidence in their future matches.

Bayer Leverkusen counterattacked West Ham and went out with hatred

In another big game, Bayer Leverkusen narrowly missed out on West Ham United. In the first half, Antonio's header gave West Ham the lead, but Bayer Leverkusen did not give up. They fought back in the second half and eventually levelled the score before the end of the match, making it 1-1. This match fully demonstrated the fighting spirit and resilience of the Leverkusen players, and also made the fans sweat for them.

⚽ At the same time, West Ham's exit is also regrettable. Their performances on the European stage have always been in the spotlight, but this time they couldn't go far. However, that's the beauty of football – anything is possible♂️

The four teams of the Premier League are all wiped out, and the prospects for Roma Lever are promising

️ With Liverpool and West Ham United out of the tournament, plus Manchester City and Arsenal, who have already been eliminated, the Premier League four teams have all been wiped out in the Champions League and Europa League. This is undoubtedly a heavy blow for the Premier League.

However, football is always full of unknowns and uncertainties. Despite the poor performance of the Premier League teams in this tournament, we cannot deny that they still have a chance to rise in the future. At the same time, the promotion of teams such as Roma and Bayer Leverkusen also gives us new hope and possibility.

The defeat of the Red Army is not the end, and the Serie A powerhouse shows its edge

Liverpool's exit has left countless fans with heartache, but it's not the end of the world. Winning and losing in football is a common thing, and it's important that the team learns from it and keeps improving. The officers and men of the Red Army need to cheer up and regroup in order to fight again in the coming days.

Roma's promotion gave us a glimpse of the Serie A powerhouse. The unity and fighting spirit they showed in the competition was impressive. De Rossi's statement to stay at the club has injected strong confidence into the team. There is reason to believe that Roma will go far in future competitions.

Overall, the Europa League is always full of excitement and variety. Every game is a test of skill and will. Let's look forward to more exciting performances from each team in the future competitions!

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European Tournament Record

The beacon fire is full of smoke, and the giants are vying for the lead.

The defeat of the Red Army was not providential, but Rome sang but triumphed.

The top four of the Premier League all failed, and the Serie A duo showed their ambitions.

Victory or defeat in the field is a common thing, and the regrouping will wait for next year.

Sub-heading: The fire is up, and the victory or defeat is instantaneous

This ancient poem depicts the fierceness and unpredictability of the Europa League battlefield. Liverpool's defeat was not providential, but a common affair in football, and Roma's victory showed their quality and fighting spirit. The total annihilation of the Premier League's semi-finals in this tournament is regrettable, but it also reflects the cruelty and uncertainty of football. The promotion of Serie A giants Roma and Bayer Leverkusen has shown their quality and confidence, and people are looking forward to their further progress in future competitions. The whole ancient poem implies that the victory or defeat on the field is fleeting, and the important thing is to maintain the fighting spirit and keep moving forward.

[*Poetry* Toutiao No. original debut, piracy and infringement reprinted without permission must be investigated!!]

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