Jet Li: I am kind to my ex-wife, and I am affectionate to Li Zhi, and I feel guilty about my two daughters

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Jet Li: I am kind to my ex-wife, and I am affectionate to Li Zhi, and I feel guilty about my two daughters

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The afternoon sun gently filtered through the gaps in the curtains and gently fell on the spacious floor, leaving a dazzling trail of light. At this moment, Li Si is quietly curled up on the comfortable sofa alone, staring at the old group photo frame in the corner for a long time, as if he wants to travel back in time and space to relive the demeanor of his parents when they were young.

Recalling those distant childhood days, Li Si, as an only child, and her sister Li Taimi are like "left-behind children" far from their parents' arms, and the days they spend together with their parents are numbered. Her mother, Huang Qiuyan, struggled to raise her two daughters alone in a foreign country, while her father, Jet Li, worked tirelessly on the road of his career and fought for the future of his family.

At that time, Li Si was often bullied and ridiculed by his peers, and was maliciously nicknamed "a wild child without parents". Those piercing words were like sharp swords, mercilessly piercing her young heart again and again. How she longed for a loving father who could shelter her from the wind and rain and defend her dignity. However, Jet Li has never been able to give them enough attention and companionship, allowing the sisters to spend a long childhood in an environment lacking family affection.

Every time he recalls that painful past, Li Si's heart is always filled with endless regrets and losses. She deeply regretted why she chose to be Jet Li's daughter in the first place, couldn't she have a happy family in the first place? The father's betrayal and hurt to her mother seemed to have also continued to her and her sister, and they were destined to bear this heavy trauma inherited by the creator for the rest of their lives.

Jet Li: I am kind to my ex-wife, and I am affectionate to Li Zhi, and I feel guilty about my two daughters

Now Li Si is an adult, but deep down in her heart she is still afraid of trying love, worried that she will follow in her mother's footsteps and fall into a failed marriage again. She stared at the happy smiles of her parents when they were young in the frame, and her heart was mixed, and it was difficult to hide the confusion and uneasiness.

The source of all this can be traced back to Jet Li's poor life when he was young. He was born into a family that barely survived on his father's meager income, and his mother was a busy housewife. What's even more unfortunate is that when Jet Li was only two years old, his father passed away due to a sudden accident, and the pillars of the family collapsed instantly.

In order to make ends meet for her family, Li's mother resolutely decided to leave the family and apply for a job as a conductor at a bus company. It was those ticket revenues that worked hard day in and day out that helped Jet Li survive the hardships of his childhood.

The arrangement of fate is often unpredictable and uncertain. In 1971, Jet Li, who was only eight years old, was discovered to have an extraordinary talent for martial arts, so he successfully entered Beijing Shichahai Martial Arts School and began a long and challenging martial arts career.

Jet Li: I am kind to my ex-wife, and I am affectionate to Li Zhi, and I feel guilty about my two daughters

However, Jet Li, who is introverted and shy, feels very uncomfortable in the new environment of the martial arts school, unable to form a deep friendship bond with his classmates, and loneliness haunts his heart from time to time.

When Jet Li was standing at the fork in the road of life and was confused, the hand of fate quietly opened another door to him. Senior sister Huang Qiuyan, who was two years older than him, noticed this lonely little junior brother and took the initiative to approach him, trying to lead him into this big family full of vitality and positive energy.

After learning that Jet Li's family was in dire straits, Huang Qiuyan did not hesitate to lend a hand, not only giving selfless care in daily life, but also warmly inviting him home every day to share dinner and take care of this distressing little brother.

Whenever the holidays come, Huang Qiuyan always invites Jet Li to come to her home to stay and cook delicious dishes by himself, so that he can feel the warmth of home.

Jet Li: I am kind to my ex-wife, and I am affectionate to Li Zhi, and I feel guilty about my two daughters

In this way, Jet Li was gradually deeply touched by Huang Qiuyan's fiery and kind heart. However, his affection for Huang Qiuyan only stays in deep gratitude, not passionate love.

Many years later, he once said frankly: "At that time, I didn't know what true love was, but I was attracted by Huang Qiuyan's meticulous care. An innocent sister-brother relationship sprouted and grew silently, unfortunately, Huang Qiuyan didn't know about it, she simply hoped that this relationship would last for a long time.

In 1987, under Huang Qiuyan's expectant gaze, they finally entered the palace of marriage hand in hand. Although there is no lavish wedding, no gorgeous dresses and bridal makeup, Huang Qiuyan's heart is full of happiness.

She and Jet Li live together in the Li family's old house, with only one bedroom and one living room in a narrow 20-square-meter space, and the living room is occupied by Li's mother.

Jet Li: I am kind to my ex-wife, and I am affectionate to Li Zhi, and I feel guilty about my two daughters

Since then, Huang Qiuyan has bravely given up her beloved career of promoting Chinese films, and has devoted herself wholeheartedly to taking care of Jet Li and her elderly mother-in-law. For the happiness of her family, she refused the invitation of the TV series "Journey to the West" directed by Zhang Jizhong, a well-known actor who was hot at the time, without hesitation, thus missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realize her personal acting dream.

If it weren't for the fact that she shifted her focus to her family, she would have become the country's premier kung fu superstar. When the famous director Tsui Hark recalled the scene of that era, he was full of deep regret and sigh for Huang Qiuyan's choice.

In fact, Huang Qiuyan and Jet Li have been studying martial arts together for many years, and her strength is definitely no less than that of her husband. However, when she chose to return to her family wholeheartedly, Jet Li's acting career began to enter a trough and lost the opportunity to contact high-quality resources.

Faced with the dilemma of not being able to achieve the ideal development for the time being, Jet Li decisively decided to set his sights overseas, and embarked on a journey to the United States in 1988 with enthusiasm and anticipation. At this time, Huang Qiuyan, who was already pregnant, did not hesitate to follow him, and the two spent all their savings to buy a villa in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Jet Li: I am kind to my ex-wife, and I am affectionate to Li Zhi, and I feel guilty about my two daughters

In an unfamiliar environment in a foreign country, Jet Li runs around looking for career opportunities, while Huang Qiuyan is bound by heavy housework and is busy with family affairs all day long. Even though she didn't know anything about English, she didn't bother it and enjoyed the peaceful time she spent with her family. What Huang Qiuyan looks forward to most every day is to wait for her husband to come home, and then snuggle up in his warm arms.

In the same year, their eldest daughter Li Si was born, which injected laughter into this warm little family, and also made Jet Li shoulder more responsibilities. As his family's expenses continued to rise, he still failed to find his dream job, and the gray hair on his head gradually increased silently.

Seeing all this, Huang Qiuyan's heart was full of distress, and she could only helplessly persuade her husband to return to Hong Kong to seek development, hoping to open the door to new opportunities for him there.

Unfortunately, just as Huang Qiuyan was about to return to China with Jet Li, she became pregnant again and had to give birth alone in the United States.

Jet Li: I am kind to my ex-wife, and I am affectionate to Li Zhi, and I feel guilty about my two daughters

Jet Li followed his wife's advice and returned to Hong Kong alone. However, it was this decision that became the fuse for him to meet Li Zhi and eventually go to the road to divorce.

Back in 1989, Jet Li once again set foot in Hong Kong, the land where he started and became successful, and soon after, he received a warm invitation from his friends to join the filming team of the famous film "Dragon in the World".

In this process, there was an inseparable emotional entanglement between him and Li Zhi, who had a collection of thousands of styles.

When Jet Li saw Li Zhi's face for the first time, he seemed to be under magic, and the whole person was deeply attracted by her proud and independent demeanor and unique temperament. This actress, known as the "Hong Kong Mermaid", is really irresistible in her charm.

Jet Li: I am kind to my ex-wife, and I am affectionate to Li Zhi, and I feel guilty about my two daughters

Even a wanderer like the gambling king Stanley Ho couldn't help but purse his lips and smile after seeing Li Zhi, and frequently showed favor to her.

According to rumors, if it weren't for Mrs. He's strong opposition, Li Zhi would probably have become the "fifth wife" of the gambling king. It can be seen that her beauty and temperament are enough to make the gambling king fall in love with her.

Such a peerless beauty naturally easily captured Jet Li's fiery heart.

They formed a strong friendship by co-starring in the film, and in the process of getting along, they discovered that they had similar life experiences with each other, and both had experienced setbacks and tribulations in society.

Jet Li: I am kind to my ex-wife, and I am affectionate to Li Zhi, and I feel guilty about my two daughters

In Li Zhi, Jet Li found an unprecedented spiritual fit, and he finally understood what true love was. Therefore, he began to relentlessly pursue this "Hong Kong mermaid".

However, at this moment, Huang Qiuyan, who is far away on the other side of the ocean, is looking forward to her husband's return, expecting him to surprise her. However, she never expected that what was waiting for her was Jet Li's heart-wrenching phone call.

"Let's end this marriage because I have met true love!"

On the other end of the phone, Huang Qiuyan's world seemed to collapse in an instant. She answered the phone expectantly, intending to share the joy of her pregnancy with her husband, but she did not expect to hear such cold and heartless words.

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