Rich flowers bloom one by one beautiful big rock tree

author:Blue willow

Rich flowers bloom one by one beautiful big rock tree

Zhuang Haiyan

The first acquaintance with Da Yan Tong was more than 20 years ago, when the unit engaged in office greening, and assigned green plants to each office, one of which was assigned to a pot of green plants with white fluff leaves, which resembled miniature tobacco leaves, and the purple-red flowers were like trumpets, and the bright colors were particularly eye-catching. A colleague who is well-versed in plants told me that the flower's name is Oyantong. Judging from the overall appearance of the flower, it feels that this flower is a little delicate, not easy to maintain, and there is no desire for manpower.

Goodbye Da Yan Tong is six years ago, a special attention to the mood of life of a colleague in the unit sent a circle of friends, full of a window sill of Da Yan Tong: red, pink, purple, blue, double petal, single petal, petal white edge series, the variety is very complete, and at the same time they are planted in beautiful porcelain pots, beautiful flowers and beautiful pots, very beautiful. So I discussed the cultivation method of this flower with my colleague, and my colleague told me that this flower is very solid and easy to raise, there is no difficulty in breeding, drought tolerance is not cold tolerant, and it is very easy to reproduce, and new plants can be obtained by leaf cuttings or aquaponic, and she promised to cut one for me. The following spring, my enthusiastic colleague actually gave me a large pink rock tree that she had propagated by cuttings, and I carefully took it home and placed it on the balcony, and I have been carefully tending to it. I just don't know why, but after only a month, the leaves of the flower began to wilt and lose energy, so I quickly consulted a colleague, who asked me to bring it to her, and she helped me rescue it, and finally my colleague told me that the pot of flowers was still immortal (Figure 1).

Rich flowers bloom one by one beautiful big rock tree

Figure 1

Later, I went to the flower market by chance, at that time it coincided with a large number of large rock tung on the market, many merchants in the flower market have placed this flower in pieces, bright flowers spread out, it is attractive, I immediately bought two pots back, put it at home for about a week, take off the simple seedling bowl, the original soil is not moved, sprinkle a layer of granular compound fertilizer and larch humus at the bottom of the clay pot to fully stir, put the big rock tung with the original mound in the clay pot, fill it with humus around it, water it thoroughly, and place the flower pot in the shade? , the transplanting work is completed.

The next week I have been in worry to spend, every day to observe a few transplanted large rock tung, to see if there is any situation in them, fortunately the state of the large rock tung has been very good, this week I have not been watering the large rock tung, almost two weeks after the pot soil is obviously dry before watering again, the days to come are basically this way of watering, not dry and not watering, watering is watered thoroughly.

After about 10 days of transplanting, the large rock tung was moved to a location on the balcony where there was scattered light. This time, the big rock tree survived in my house in good health, and it blooms twice a year, once in the spring, and once from the end of autumn to before the Spring Festival, and the flowering period is also super long. If the indoor temperature is around 20°C, the flowering period will be longer, and too high temperature will shorten the blooming period of the flowers (Fig. 2) The seedlings have been growing in my house for about 5 years, and the growth habits of the large rock tree have gradually mastered. As a colleague said, Da Yan Tong is a very solid and easy to raise indoor flowers, the premise is that the maintenance environment must be suitable for it, it does not have any pests and diseases in the appropriate environment, the maintenance of indoor green plants is the most troublesome flower friends are red spiders, Da Yan Tong basically does not make red spider disease.

Rich flowers bloom one by one beautiful big rock tree

Figure 2

The maintenance conditions of Dayan Tong are summarized as follows:

First, the choice of flower pots

It is best to use clay pots for maintenance. The air permeability and water permeability of the pottery pot are very good, and the large rock tung is a tuber, and the root system is not developed, so the pottery pot is the first choice, and the flower pot should not be too large, and the flower pot with a diameter of about 20 cm is the most suitable. The pot of large rock tung given to me by my colleague is planted in a beautiful porcelain pot, although the porcelain pot is beautiful, but it is not breathable, and I analyze that this is one of the reasons why I did not raise it well. And the big rock tong on the window sill of my colleague gradually disappeared later, which should also be because of improper pot selection.

Second, the choice of flower soil

Pine needle humus is slightly acidic and loose, and the air permeability and drainage are very good, which is suitable for the growth habit of large rock tung, so it is best to use pine needle humus mixed with organic compound fertilizer to plant. In this way, the subsequent maintenance process is very easy and there is no need to apply liquid manure to promote its growth and flowering. Do not plant with ordinary garden soil, the big rock tree that my colleague gave me is planted with ordinary garden soil, which should also be one of the reasons for its poor growth.

3. Watering requirements

It is a tuberous rhizome with an underdeveloped root system, so it is a very drought-tolerant flower, and it is best to adhere to the principle of drying and watering thoroughly. The northwest region is relatively dry both indoors and outdoors, and the 20 cm diameter flower pot dries out in about two weeks.

Fourth, growth and maintenance

The growth cycle of Dayan Tong is very regular, basically the leaf growth period - bud germ period - full flowering period - dormancy period, such a process, and so on. However, this growth cycle is not based on spring growth, summer length, autumn harvest, The order of winter storage, its dormant period in the summer, so you can summarize its growth cycle from the summer as a starting point, in early June and July, the large rock tung enters the dormant period, the large rock tung belongs to the herbaceous plants, the leaf basal, the large rock tung after the flower, the few leaves will appear particularly thin, the original basal leaves, its invisible stem will gradually elongate to show a growth trend, at this time it can be directly reduced from the roots, only the tuber in the soil can be left, the large rock tung will enter the dormant period, the dormant period can not be watered, the pot can be placed in a cool and ventilated place。

At the end of September, you can water the dormant Tung Rock once and move it to the location of the scattered light on the balcony, and the bud spots will emerge from the soil in about three weeks (Figure 3), indicating that the Tung Rock has begun to grow after the end of the dormant period, and then it can be watered and maintained normally. It takes about two or three months from the end of dormancy to the full flowering period, and I basically delayed the growth period of the giant rock tree by controlling the water (Fig. 4) so that it blooms during the Spring Festival. Flowering begins in February to the end of April, do not be busy cutting off the leaves of the large rock tung after flowering, the large rock tung after flowering also has to accumulate nutrients through photosynthesis, as time goes by, the leaves become more and more thin, at this time you can cut off the leaves, and the large rock tung begins to enter the dormant period. One more thing to say here, no matter what the state of the aboveground part of the large rock tree is: wilted, dry, etc., don't rush to discard it, and see if the underground tubers are in a healthy state As long as the underground tubers are fresh, new leaves will grow soon.

Rich flowers bloom one by one beautiful big rock tree

Figure 3

Rich flowers bloom one by one beautiful big rock tree

Figure 4

If you want it to bloom twice a year, you should water it at the end of August, start flowering in November, then dormant around the Spring Festival, and then end dormancy around March, with the second flowering period around May or June (Figure 5).

Rich flowers bloom one by one beautiful big rock tree

5. Lighting requirements

It is not sun-tolerant, and scattered light is best suited to its growth requirements.

The flowers are varied, the flowers are gorgeous, the ornamental value is great, the growth environment is simple, the skin is easy to raise, and it is a rare ideal green plant to decorate the indoor environment.