The 2023 Tiggo 5X has a limited-time comprehensive discount of 15,000 yuan!

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Although the "11.11" shopping festival has passed, friends who are ready to buy a car should not be discouraged, in the upcoming "12.12" year-end promotion activities, there are more discounts waiting for you to get! In December, the 2023 Tiggo 5X has just updated its preferential policies, launching a comprehensive discount of up to 15,000 yuan for a limited time car purchase benefit, and a loan to enjoy another 4,000 yuan financial discount!

In order to allow more young people with limited budgets to buy their favorite cars, Chery has launched multiple privileges this time, including a limited time to enjoy a cash red envelope of 12,000 yuan for car purchases, and a replacement subsidy of 3,000 yuan (excluding urban type), with a cumulative discount of 15,000 yuan. At the same time, there are also up to 4,000 yuan of financial discount (excluding urban type), the first non-operating car owner can enjoy the whole vehicle lifetime warranty, the first owner can enjoy the basic traffic for life free, entertainment traffic for 1 year free (2G/month) and other value-added benefits, to create a comprehensive value experience covering the whole life cycle of car ownership, such as worry-free purchase, worry-free use, and worry-free maintenance. From the user's point of view, the 2023 Tiggo 5X is in the middle of the heart of the year, bringing more diverse car purchase options to many young consumer groups.

After reading these preferential policies, you may have questions, is the 2023 Tiggo 5x worth buying?

Eliminate mileage anxiety, save fuel and worry

The 2023 Tiggo 5X has a limited-time comprehensive discount of 15,000 yuan!

Just entering the winter, many electric car owners are suffering from range anxiety, as soon as the air conditioner is turned on, the power of the car plummets, and the cold air is really difficult to endure without the air conditioner. The 2023 Tiggo 5x completely dispels these concerns, and it is equipped with Chery's new generation of 1.5L high-efficiency power engine for the first time, using advanced technologies such as the Miller cycle, which completely relieves the range anxiety of car owners. Users don't have to worry about high fuel costs, as the vehicle's fuel consumption and NVH performance have been greatly improved, fully ensuring the vehicle's fuel economy, whether it's a city commute or a long-distance self-drive, the 2023 Tiggo 5x can achieve worry-free travel.

In addition, the 2023 Tiggo 5x is also equipped with the only dual-optimal power combination in its class - 1.5TCI + 9-speed CVT with a high power of 115kW and a peak torque of 230Nm, and a 1.5L + 9-speed CVT high-efficiency power combination with a high power of 88kW and a peak torque of 148Nm. If you want to pursue surging passion, you choose the former, and if you want to maximize fuel economy performance, you choose the latter. The 2023 Tiggo 5X can meet the travel needs of different consumer groups.

Enjoy a comfortable car and create your own private space

The 2023 Tiggo 5X has a limited-time comprehensive discount of 15,000 yuan!

Friends who often drive long distances know that a comfortable driving environment can greatly alleviate the fatigue of drivers and passengers. The 2023 Tiggo 5x supports 6-way adjustment of the driver's seat, providing drivers of different sizes with a more personalized ride space, thereby reducing fatigue caused by long drives. At the same time, the vehicle is based on Chery's professional SUV platform, with the world's master-level comfortable chassis tuning, which is very effective in filtering fine bumps on the road, and the driver and passengers are almost "walking on the ground" in the car. There is also a 38 decibel library-level NVH quiet space to create a quiet and undisturbed private space.

The length, width and height of the 2023 Tiggo 5X are 4358mm, 1830mm and 1670mm respectively, and the wheelbase has also reached 2630mm, and the body size is among the best in its class. In addition to visually enhancing the fullness of the vehicle, it also brings users a larger and more spacious space performance. Whether it's a husband and wife, a couple, or a family of five at the same time, everyone can find their own space in the car. In addition, there are more than 34 storage spaces in the whole car of the same level, and the small items of consumers have found a place to be placed, plus the wide-body enveloping layout and the beige blue two-tone trendy and elegant interior, the whole private space has become more comfortable and comfortable.

Intelligent blessing, enjoy the new achievements of science and technology

The 2023 Tiggo 5X has a limited-time comprehensive discount of 15,000 yuan!

In addition to its outstanding performance in terms of power and comfort, the intelligence level of the 2023 Tiggo 5X is in a class-leading position. For consumers, especially young users, intelligent configuration is also the top priority to consider when purchasing a vehicle. The 2023 Tiggo 5X is equipped with a 10.25-inch high-definition central control screen as standard, and supports mobile phone interconnection/mapping, which just fits the needs of young users to "never leave the machine". In addition,The high-end version is additionally equipped with20.5Inch large smart dual screen,If you are a friend who has a soft spot for large screens,Naturally, you can't miss this only high-end intelligent assembly in the same level composed of the lion Zhiyun interactive system。 Through voice recognition, even the driver can open the navigation at any time while driving, and the system will automatically assign you the best route with just one password.

At the same time, the 2023 Tiggo 5x also integrates scientific and technological elements into the safety configuration, and the whole system is equipped with reversing image, cruise control, ESP body electronic stability system, EPS electric power steering and other functions as standard. Taking cruise control as an example, if you are passing through high-speed roads for a long time, this system can help users accurately lock the driving route and provide driving assistance functions to further alleviate the driver's fatigue.

After seeing so many excellent qualities, you may have a preliminary and complete impression of the 2023 Tiggo 5x. Whether it is from the surging power performance, excellent space performance, or high-tech intelligence level, the 2023 Tiggo 5X brings users a full range of travel protection. The key is that there is a comprehensive discount of 15,000 yuan for a limited time to buy a car, which is equivalent to a large profit on the basis of the starting price of 69,900 yuan.