This owner buys the 2024 Arrizo 5 without losing money!

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In the eyes of today's consumers, car products have high value and sometimes have value-added preferential policies, which makes them love it. The 2024 Arrizo 5 is one such car, which has been comprehensively upgraded from styling, power to configuration, bringing users more value gain. The 2024 Arrizo 5 can enjoy a two-wheel four-wheel safety replacement, with a replacement subsidy of 10,000 yuan, allowing motorcycle users to bid farewell to the cold. Not only that, during the 11.11 event, users can also enjoy up to 49,999 yuan car purchase coupons (different from other preferential policies), 99 yuan basic coupons, 11,110 yuan seckill coupons, 1,000 yuan subsidy coupons and other huge benefits, which makes the 2024 Arrizo 5 highly favored by users. Seeing is not necessarily true, hearing may be believing, before buying a car, let's listen to what the owner of the car has to say!

The design is fashionable, the appearance is online, and it is the best choice for young face control

This owner buys the 2024 Arrizo 5 without losing money!

Mr. Wang usually pays great attention to his outfits, and his aesthetics are always online, even if he has a meeting with a client during the day and meets his girlfriend at night, he will choose the right outfit. This is especially true in the aesthetics of the model. He believes that "the front face of a car is like the image of a human face, and it is full of tension at a glance and attracts me." At this point, the 2024 Arrizo 5 is very well done, with a harp-style sports front grille, which is very high-end and classy. The projected white-eyebrow blackened headlights and LED daytime running lights are very eye-catching and recognizable at night. The design of the interior of the car is eye-catching, with elements such as the Aurora String through-type air conditioning outlet design, and the leather multi-function sports flat-bottom steering wheel, which are full of vitality and become more durable the more you look at them. Overall, the 2024 Arrizo 5 is the same as it looks, and it's a good car that looks and goes out. ”

Full of power, efficient and economical, the wonderful driving feeling comes immediately

This owner buys the 2024 Arrizo 5 without losing money!

As a driver, Mr. Wang is very concerned about the power and fuel consumption of the vehicle. In his view, the dynamic performance of the vehicle is a direct reflection of the comprehensive strength of a fuel vehicle. "The 2024 Arrizo 5 is equipped with Chery's next-generation 1.5-liter high-efficiency Miller-cycle engine and a 9-speed CVT with a power of 88kW and a peak torque of 148Nm. When waiting for the red light to start, the car's excellent low-torque performance makes the power delivery very positive, and there is no feeling of dragging. Driving on urban roads, as long as I lightly press the accelerator, it will quickly grasp my intentions, and the power response is very immediate, even a bit like a sports car speeding up. When overtaking on the highway, the transmission shifts without lagging, the upshift logic response is also very positive, and the strong power output continues to help me complete the overtaking with ease in a moment. With more than 1,000 kilometers on the road and only 6.3 fuels per 100 kilometers, the 2024 Arrizo 5 is a fuel-saving tool that can save me a lot of money in the long run. Mr. Wang said.

With large space and comfortable seats, every trip is a pleasure

This owner buys the 2024 Arrizo 5 without losing money!

Mr. Wang, who often travels for customers, spends most of his time with cars, so he also has higher requirements for the space comfort of cars. Regarding his car, the 2024 Arrizo 5, Mr. Wang said: "This car has an ultra-wide body of 1825mm and an ultra-long wheelbase of 2670mm, so there is plenty of space in both the front and rear rows. And my height is almost 180cm, so I don't feel any restrictions on my head after sitting in, my legs can be stretched freely, and my driving vision is not bad. The fully encapsulated ergonomic leather seat has a very good sense of support and wrapping, and after a day of work, sitting in the car is like lying on my own big sofa, feeling that the whole person is relaxed, and every time I get off work, I collapse on the seat for a few minutes before leaving home. ”

Rich configuration, value leapfrogging, anytime and anywhere to bring delicate care

This owner buys the 2024 Arrizo 5 without losing money!

Mr. Wang attaches great importance to the vehicle configuration. In his eyes, the 2024 Arrizo 5 is intimate and sincere. "The 2024 Arrizo 5 is equipped with ESP, EPS, TPMS, etc., which gives me more confidence to control the vehicle in various travel scenarios such as daily commuting and holiday travel. I chose to install a new 9-inch high-definition touch screen, which suddenly improved the sense of technology in the car, and at the same time looked very visually impactful. The weather in the north is getting colder and colder, and my optional steering wheel + front seat heating now comes in handy, these two configurations make my hands not cold, and my buttocks can feel very warm, which is really practical. ”

There are three realms of buying a car, the first realm is to buy a car, the second realm is to buy a good car, and the realm is to buy a good car that suits you. In addition to looking at the parameters for the test drive, listening to the feedback of the owner can often help you not get tangled in the selection of a car, nor step on the pits, and avoid detours. Judging from Mr. Wang's car experience, the 2024 Arrizo 5 has all the comprehensive hard power to meet his needs of "wanting, wanting, and wanting". If you also want to buy a favorite car, the 2024 Arrizo 5 is definitely the first choice for value, buy before November 30, you can also enjoy up to 49999 yuan car purchase coupon (different from other preferential policies), 11110 yuan seckill coupon, 1000 yuan subsidy coupon and other 11.11 preferential policies.