Ai 8 sold 17,198 units in a single month, revealing the quality that impresses users

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Sales volume is an important reference for consumers when choosing a car, and the level of sales is linked to quality to a certain extent. In the just-released November sales report, Chery Automobile sold 147,916 units in November, of which the Arrizo 8, as a high-quality family sedan carefully built by Chery, reached a proud result of 17,198 units in November. Chery Automobile is well aware of the importance of user-centricity, and Arrizo 8 thinks about what users think, grasps the pain points of family users, and brings users full-dimensional quality products with its super configuration, technological intelligence, and hard-core safety, helping users enjoy the ultimate travel experience every time.

Arrizo 8 High Energy Edition: Win favor with quality

Ai 8 sold 17,198 units in a single month, revealing the quality that impresses users

Quality is the core of the user's choice, and the Arrizo 8 High Energy Edition brings users the ultimate driving experience with the "four qualities" of safety, intelligence, comfort and aesthetics, and the "three major performances" of power, control and computing power. In terms of safety, with the support of the global NCAP five-star safety body design standard, the Arrizo 8 high-energy version accounts for more than 80% of the high-strength steel of the vehicle, the front double cross beam, and the design of 6 energy-absorbing boxes are comparable to that of luxury cars, including three paths for front collision and three paths for side collision, and the five support paths of the passenger compartment effectively disperse the impact force after collision to ensure the integrity of the passenger compartment; 10 airbags unique to the same level, with many advantages such as large deployment area and good pressure retention effect, providing more extreme safety protection for the occupants in the car; 540°The L2.5 intelligent driving assistance is equipped with 19 driving technologies to easily cope with the six major daily car use scenarios to meet the needs of users in multiple scenarios.

In terms of intelligence, Arrizo 8 high-energy version is equipped with Lion5.0 AI technology smart cockpit, 24.6-inch floating dual screen has a good look, built-in rich entertainment system, so that technology can be seen, more DMS driver monitoring system, a variety of intelligent experience modes to serve the driver full-time, DMS camera can also carry out driver lip shape + voice dual-mode recognition, making vehicle interaction more convenient and fast. In terms of comfort, the Arrizo 8 High Energy Edition is equipped with SONY12 stereo surround sound, so you can experience palace-level music enjoyment anytime, anywhere. Coupled with the C-PURE clean cube air conditioning system, the car can breathe fresh air anytime and anywhere, and achieve multi-sensory satisfaction of hearing, smell and vision.

In terms of performance, just as the Arrizo 8 high-energy version has three major performances: power, handling, and computing power, giving users a king-level driving feeling. The Kunpeng 2.0T engine, with a power of 187kW and a peak torque of 390Nm, gives it a strong performance comparable to that of a luxury brand; the sports suspension configuration of the front MacPherson and rear multi-link four-wheel independent suspension creates a precise control experience that far exceeds the same level, and the well-tuned suspension damping can take into account both handling and comfort to meet the needs of different scenarios; the blessing of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip has super computing power and ultra-fast response, and can continuously execute more than 20 instructions within 30S. Powerful performance support, so that the driving is smooth, and the experience is enjoyable.

Arrizo 8: Ingenuity for sincerity

Ai 8 sold 17,198 units in a single month, revealing the quality that impresses users

There are many reasons for the Arrizo 8's impressive sales performance, but the important one is that the Chery brand has always adhered to the core idea of user-centricity. Start from the original intention, strive for ingenuity, and exchange high-quality products for the sincerity of users. Arrizo 8 takes this as a starting point, fully understands the needs of users, and uses high-quality materials and configurations to create a "mobile comfortable home" for users.

The Arrizo 8 is equipped with comfortable seats, high-quality materials and fancy perforation technology, so that comfort accompanies every minute of driving, whether it is intense driving or family travel, you can have a comfortable and stable driving experience. It is worth mentioning that the Arrizo 8 has a more special care for the rear passengers. Class-exclusive rear pressure-relieving headrest, adjustable headrest flanks to make it fit the head better. Coupled with the aviation silk cotton material, with quilting, it brings a more skin-friendly and comfortable touch. The wider and softer seat cushion can effectively improve leg support, creating a comfortable ride experience comparable to that of a first-class cabin.

Ai 8 sold 17,198 units in a single month, revealing the quality that impresses users

In addition, ingenuity is reflected in many more aspects. Arrizo 8 is equipped with the industry's first AI intelligent education, creating an in-vehicle education cockpit, giving children the perfect in-car companion experience; a large panoramic sunroof, with a light transmission area of 0.5m², you can enjoy the white clouds and starry sky, feel the changes of the four seasons, and enjoy a variety of beautiful scenery; the unique AR real-world navigation in the same class, combining virtual and real, immersive interaction, so that complex intersections are no longer tangled, so that long-distance driving is no longer monotonous. With such a rich ingenious configuration, users can feel full of care every time they travel.

Ai 8 sold 17,198 units in a single month, revealing the quality that impresses users

Arrizo 8 has delivered a high score in the family sedan car market, and the monthly sales of more than 17,000 units are proof of its strength. With its excellent quality, it creates the ultimate comfortable travel experience for users, and has won the favor of the majority of users. The relationship between quality and sales is not only a simple causal relationship, but also a virtuous circle of mutual promotion. While gaining the trust of users, Chery Automobile will also live up to the trust of users, and will continue to improve product quality in the future to create better products for users.

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