If there is no Sha Yi to "save the scene", will Zhang Jiayi and Liu Mintao's new drama "collapse"?

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Many people first met Sha Yi in the 2006 TV series "Wulin Gaiden", in which he played Bai Zhantang deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and left a deep impression. However, before he became a national male god, his career had been full of different challenges and attempts. This article will take you inside Sha Yi's acting career and explore how he gradually transformed from a young actor to an actor known for his comedy and special roles.

Paragraph 1:

Sha Yi's acting career began in 2000, when he starred in the movie "Liao Zhai Xi Fangping". Although he was not a star at that time, his image was a scholar with red lips and white teeth, weak and elegant. The young Sha Yi showed his demeanor on the screen and laid the foundation for his future acting career.

If there is no Sha Yi to "save the scene", will Zhang Jiayi and Liu Mintao's new drama "collapse"?

Paragraph 2:

Sha Yi graduated from the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts, and has a brotherly relationship with Shen Teng and Yang Yang. However, unlike Yang Yang's image of a young male god, Sha Yi and Shen Teng chose different paths, and they embarked on the road of comedy. Sha Yi's decision stemmed from the mismatch between the image of an actor and the trend of the times at that time, and he wanted to become a powerful actor.

Paragraph 3:

In order to pursue the goal of being a powerful actor, Sha Yi not only continued to hone his acting skills, but also deliberately stayed up late to make his appearance age quickly to adapt to more mature roles. However, by the time he was ready for the role, the aesthetic standards had changed, and the audience preferred the young fresh meat actor.

If there is no Sha Yi to "save the scene", will Zhang Jiayi and Liu Mintao's new drama "collapse"?

Paragraph 4:

In 2012, Sha Yi boldly played the role of the elderly in the movie "The King's Feast", challenging the role of Xiao He, which is very different from his previous comedy image. The audience was worried that he would follow Bai Zhantang's style, but Sha Yi's outstanding performance won the audience's affirmation, and he proved that he could not only act in comedy, but also in drama.

Paragraph 5:

In order to get rid of Bai Zhantang's influence, Sha Yi has been trying various roles, even small roles and supporting roles. However, no matter what role he plays, the audience always sees him as an "old white", which makes him confused and helpless. Whether he is in a comedy or a drama, the audience always sees him as an "old white".

If there is no Sha Yi to "save the scene", will Zhang Jiayi and Liu Mintao's new drama "collapse"?

Paragraph 6:

Therefore, Sha Yi began to emerge in variety shows, and like his junior brother Shen Teng, he became the king of laughter. Despite his reduced appearance time in TV dramas, his performances in variety shows are still very popular. The audience could not resist the joy he bringed, and his sense of joy and humor made him the darling of the audience.

Paragraph 7:

However, Sha Yi has never stopped trying to carve out his own acting path. In the 2019 TV series "Little Huanxi", he cooperated with Tao Hong to play a divorced couple, although his character Qiao Weidong is a scumbag, but it is not so annoying to be interpreted by Sha Yi, and the audience spoke highly of his acting skills.

If there is no Sha Yi to "save the scene", will Zhang Jiayi and Liu Mintao's new drama "collapse"?

Paragraph 8:

In the recently hit TV series "Love for You is Beautiful", Sha Yi once again played the role of a scumbag father, and this role still made the audience laugh in terms of performance. The combination of his performance and Zhang Jiayi has also made the ratings of this drama climb and become a popular TV series.

Paragraph 9:

Sha Yi plays Ke Lei in "My Love for You is Beautiful", a rich man with rich emotional experience, but always full of freedom and vitality. Although he is a scumbag, Sha Yi's performance makes him less annoying, and the audience enjoys the joy he brings.

Paragraph 10:

In general, although Sha Yi's appearance is no longer young, his funny soul and excellent performance make him the king of laughter in the eyes of the audience. His acting skills and sense of joy allowed him to successfully get rid of the image of "Lao Bai" and become a popular actor. His acting career tells us that an actor can find his own style of interpretation through unremitting efforts and diverse attempts, without being confined to one image.

If there is no Sha Yi to "save the scene", will Zhang Jiayi and Liu Mintao's new drama "collapse"?


The article describes Sha Yi's acting career, from a young young student to becoming a comedian and a regular guest on variety shows, as well as his recent successful role as a "scumbag dad" in the TV series "Love for You is Beautiful". This story conveys some profound implications:

The audience's impression of the actor's image is malleable: Sha Yi's acting career has undergone a transformation from young and handsome to a middle-aged uncle, but he has successfully broken the stereotype and reshaped his image by constantly trying different roles and performance styles. This shows that the audience's image impression of the actor is variable, and the actor can change the audience's perception through hard work and variety of performances.

Comedy and humor can be the key to success: Sha Yi's sense of joy and humor has made him a huge success in the field of comedy. Comedy can not only bring laughter, but it can also break the traditional image and make it easier for the audience to accept new characters and performances.

Perseverance and self-breakthrough are the keys to success: Sha Yi has maintained unremitting efforts and a desire for self-breakthrough throughout his acting career. His success shows that only by constantly studying hard and trying can you stand out in the competitive show business.

Audience preferences and aesthetics are changeable: actors need to always pay attention to the audience's preferences and the aesthetics of the times to adapt to the changing market demand. Sha Yi's experience reflects the changing tastes of the audience and how the actors are coping with this change.


Sha Yi's acting career is a story full of revelations. Through continuous hard work and self-breakthrough, he has successfully evolved from a young student to a comedian and a frequent guest on variety shows. This process conveys some important lessons, including the malleability of the audience's image of the actor, the key to success in comedy and humor, the importance of perseverance and self-breakthrough, and the variability of the audience's preferences and aesthetic perceptions. Actors can learn from Sha Yi's experience how to adapt to the ever-changing acting market and shape their own path to success.

Repositioning oneself is a constant process: Sha Yi's experience shows that actors need to not only constantly try new roles and performance styles, but also reposition themselves. He successfully broke free from the shackles of the role of Lao Bai, proving that actors can reposition themselves through diverse performances and further expand their career paths.

Success depends on professional training and education: Sha Yi, like Yang Yang, graduated from the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts, which also underscores the importance of professional training and education for actors. His academy background has provided a solid foundation for his acting career, allowing him to continuously improve his acting and acting abilities.

An actor's success depends on the audience's emotional connection: Sha Yi is not only an actor, but also an entertainer who can establish an emotional connection with the audience. His sense of joy and humor made the audience feel close and made him very popular in variety shows. This shows that an actor's success depends not only on acting but also on emotional resonance with the audience.

Diversity and flexibility are the troi of actors: Sha Yi's acting experience also emphasizes the importance of diversity and flexibility. Not only did he try different types of roles, but he also dabbled in TV series, movies, and variety shows. This diversity has allowed him to be successful in different fields, providing a wider range of opportunities for the actor to develop.

Overall, Sha Yi's acting career is a story full of revelations, showing how the actor succeeds through constant effort, diverse performances, and emotional connection with the audience. His experience has provided valuable lessons for actors to better meet the challenges of the acting industry, keep moving forward and gain more opportunities and achievements.

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