The top canteen loved by the billionaires in Hong Kong has gone out of business!

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As an enthusiast of Hong Kong gossip, Hong Kong Island left me with the impression of not only TVB and Miss Hong Kong, but also The Peninsula Hotel and Fulinmen. The Peninsula Hotel is particularly impressive because of the many big names such as Qingxia, Magyu, Brother and Hong Gu. My brother's old friend Cha Xiaoxin even said: "The Peninsula Hotel is the easiest place in Hong Kong to find Leslie Cheung." ”

Fu Lam Mun, another famous gathering place for the rich on Hong Kong Island and Hao River, among which the rich Tai Liu is the number one regular customer, not only frequenting, but also creating countless sensational gossip here. Looking back at the gossip incidents such as "Lv Lijun and Gambi's main palace dispute" and "Da Liu Classic was hospitalized after a fall", they are all closely related to Fu Linmen.

The top canteen loved by the billionaires in Hong Kong has gone out of business!

And Da Liu's predecessor, Li Dameiren, also loved Fu Linmen, and even chose to hold a wedding with Xu Gongzi here. The most surprising thing is that a few days before Xu Gongzi and Li Damei got married, they met their ex-wife Sister Qiong and their former father-in-law He Gambling King in Fulinmen. This coincidental encounter made the Hong Kong Island gossip circle boil.

Another rich man, Lee Shau Kee, is also a frequent visitor to Fook Lam Mun, and even on his birthday every year, he invites the chef to his home to prepare a dinner. Even Guo Bingxiang chose to set up a dust washing banquet at Fulinmen after being kidnapped by the century bandit Zhang Ziqiang, which shows his lofty status. And "Little Superman" Li Zekai also went to Fulinmen to attend a friend's birthday banquet when he was in a high-profile relationship with Liang Yunu, but was surrounded by reporters, and public opinion was in an uproar for a while.

The top canteen loved by the billionaires in Hong Kong has gone out of business!

Fu Lam Mun is known for its high-priced dishes, which are said to cost HK$13,000 for abalone alone, while the wealthy prefer custom-made dishes. According to grapevine news, Da Liu's annual consumption in Fulinmen is as high as millions of Hong Kong dollars. These lavish expenses are jaw-dropping.

However, now this once "rich restaurant" is bankrupt and even owes 20.9 million Hong Kong dollars. This raises the question of why such a dramatic turn.

Just like the classic story in the Hong Kong Island gossip circle, the rise and fall of Fu Linmen is inseparable from the efforts of the first generation of family member Xu Fuquan. As the head chef of Hong Kong's richest family, he skillfully combined Western cooking with traditional Cantonese cuisine, winning the love of the rich. In addition, after the 50s of the 20th century, the industrialization and real estate boom of Hong Kong Island attracted a large number of wealthy mainland people to move to Hong Kong Island, and the business of Fulin Men further flourished.

The top canteen loved by the billionaires in Hong Kong has gone out of business!

However, with the death of the first generation, Fu Linmen fell into a family succession dispute. Although Mr. Xu hopes to divide 90% of the shares of Fulinmen equally among the most optimistic old five Xu Peijun and the seventh old Xu Weijun, these two brothers are not the same brothers, and the dispute over inheritance rights is inevitable. In the end, after three years of court disputes, Lao Qi's defeat to Lao Five's and had to find another livelihood.

After Lao Qi became a person outside the family, he not only poached the chef and purchasing director of Fulinmen, but also received the support of Big Eye Gege. Big Eye Gege not only funded Lao Qi's new restaurant "Jiaquan Qifu Restaurant", but also invited friends in the circle Liang Yingdi, Da Lingzi, funny actress Thirteen Mei and others to come to support. This family saga of open and dark rivalry is breathtaking.

The top canteen loved by the billionaires in Hong Kong has gone out of business!

However, the problems of Fulinmen are not limited to family succession. In recent years, due to a variety of reasons, including the "XX incident" caused by the decline in mainland diners, the loss of old customers and homogenized competition, the quality of FLM's dishes has declined, and its business has been seriously affected.

What is even more shocking is that after Xu Fuquan's son Xu Deqiang took over, he adopted modern management reforms, resulting in the departure of chefs and his own careless investment and huge debts. Although the specific investment project is unknown, there are rumors that the creditor Zheng Dinggang is rumored

He is the chairman and director of Sun International and Empire Group, which is the current husband of Ximihua's mysterious original match. These complex family relationships are intertwined, making the issue of Fulinmen even more confusing.

The top canteen loved by the billionaires in Hong Kong has gone out of business!

Despite its twists and turns, Xu Fuquan's business philosophy of combining Western cooking with traditional Cantonese cuisine became a feast for the taste buds of the rich, and was the key to the glory days of Fulinmen. However, this glory is now history, and the decline of dishes, the loss of old customers and the confusion of management eventually led to the decline of FLM.

Like many stories in Hong Kong Island gossip circles, the fate of Fu Lam Mun also reveals the difficulties and challenges of succession of family businesses. Rivalries between brothers, strife between different siblings, have become a heavy burden for Fu Linmen. At the same time, the management of family businesses requires continuous innovation and experience, otherwise it risks decline, just like FLM.

Although the glory days of Fulinmen are over, this story reminds us that success is not forever and that both management and family succession require careful and sustained efforts. Family businesses need to adhere to core values and stay innovative to adapt to changing markets. Only then can you survive and continue to prosper in a competitive business world.

The rise and fall of Fu Lam Mun is not only the fate of a restaurant, but also the epitome of a family legend, a legend of Hong Kong Island gossip circle. It teaches us that success is fragile and requires constant effort and wisdom to sustain it, whether in the restaurant industry or a family business. This story also reminds us that family disputes and business problems can be the trigger for the decline of a business and need to be handled carefully to maintain the long-term stability of the business.

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