100,000, 160,000, 230,000, 280,000, 320,000, 370,000, 400,000, 7 cars worth buying

100,000, 160,000, 230,000, 280,000, 320,000, 370,000, 400,000, 7 cars worth buying

Have a budget ready to buy a car but don't know what to buy? Today's picture says that the car will bring you 100,000, 160,000, 230,000, 280,000, 320,000, 370,000, 400,000 these 7 different price range of the model recommendation, today's recommendation in addition to the preferred model in each price range There is also a special model.

100,000: BYD Qin PLUS-DMi

100,000-level family cars, the most capable of fighting at present is BYD Qin PLUS-DMi.

100,000, 160,000, 230,000, 280,000, 320,000, 370,000, 400,000, 7 cars worth buying

As a plug-in hybrid A-class car with a starting price of 99,800 yuan, Qin PLUS-DMi does not have a very obvious shortcoming, power, fuel consumption, interior, space, endurance, and configuration are all reasonable, focusing on a high cost performance. Qin PLUS-DMi has now brought down the price of the joint venture oil vehicle, but the joint venture oil vehicle still seems to be unable to beat Qin PLUS-DMi after the price reduction, because the fuel consumption advantage of Qin PLUS-DMi is too obvious, and the configuration is also very sincere, far from the joint venture fuel vehicle can be compared. If you want to talk about the Qin PLUS-DMi short board, it should be a torsion beam type non-independent suspension, if the replacement model can be upgraded to the rear independent suspension and maintain the current price, then the 100,000-class A-class car Qin PLUS-DMi can be said to have bought it with closed eyes.

160,000: Hengtian L4600

Is it feasible to buy an off-road vehicle with a non-load-bearing body, time-sharing four-wheel drive, and a limited-slip differential on the rear axle with a budget of 160,000?

100,000, 160,000, 230,000, 280,000, 320,000, 370,000, 400,000, 7 cars worth buying

If you buy a new car, to be honest, you can't get the cheapest tank 300, but if you buy second-hand, then there are more options, such as Hengtian L4600. Many people have not heard of this brand, at first it sounds like a pheasant brand, but in fact, Hengtian is a central enterprise holding company under China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in various commercial vehicles, SUVs and pickup truck models. The only SUV currently on sale by Hengtian Auto is the Hengtian L4600. Many people look at the picture, oh, isn't this the Land Patrol LC200! Hey, don't say, it not only looks like, but the power chassis is also the same as LC200, 4.6-liter longitudinal V8, time-sharing four-wheel drive, front double wishbone independent suspension + rear multi-link integral axle suspension, and the basic change is the Land Patrol LC200. Hengtian L4600 new car is still quite expensive, the guidance price is 25.80-498,800 yuan, but this car generally takes second-hand channels, second-hand quasi-new cars only 148,000 yuan. Just by the way, is there a cheaper V8 hardcore dirt bike?

230,000: Extreme Krypton X


100,000, 160,000, 230,000, 280,000, 320,000, 370,000, 400,000, 7 cars worth buying

It is a best-selling model in the field of compact electric SUVs. Compared with the seriously homogeneous new energy SUV, the extreme Krypton X is much more maverick, the appearance is unique, the performance is also strong enough, and the safety is beyond doubt, if you don't want to follow the trend, the extreme Krypton X should be 230,000 very good choice. Extreme Krypton X car is not large, most of the car buying groups are additional purchases or Z generation young people, it is recommended to go directly to the four-seat version of the four-wheel drive YOU version, dual motor, endurance of 500 kilometers, zero hundred acceleration 3.8 seconds, active safety configuration is fully equipped, L2 level assisted driving, seat ventilation / heating / massage (co-pilot), 4D zero gravity seats, optional car refrigerator, 13-speaker Yamaha audio, performance, entertainment and comfort are full, less than 1 million casual jump.

280,000: Buick GL8

I remember the unprecedented comfort of riding the Buick GL8 for the first time seven or eight years ago, and I still remember it vividly, and few cars can bring such comfort to this day.

100,000, 160,000, 230,000, 280,000, 320,000, 370,000, 400,000, 7 cars worth buying

Among the MPVs currently sitting on, the closest to the GL8 should be the Denza D9. Back to the point, although the MPV market is already a red ocean, the Buick GL8 is still an evergreen tree in the MPV market today, and sales in August are still firmly at the top of the list. Buick GL8 does not have too many bells and whistles, 2.0T + 48V mild hybrid, 2 + 2 + 3 classic seat layout, the second row of independent seats support front and rear adjustment and rear adjustment, the configuration of the facelifted model should also be there, some of the general configuration may look very crotch-pulling, but it will at least not cut corners where you can't see. As the MPV industry benchmark for Cadillac, which never turns off in parking lots and only loses high-speed rail, the Buick GL8 is still trustworthy in 2023.

320,000: Weipai Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV

In addition to the ideal L7, the 320,000 hybrid SUV also has Weipai Blue Mountain.

100,000, 160,000, 230,000, 280,000, 320,000, 370,000, 400,000, 7 cars worth buying

Weipai has taken a lot of detours in the past few years, and the brand reputation has not been well accumulated, and the product planning has not kept up. In 2023, Weipai finally launched the Lanshan DHT-PHEV, a large 6-seat hybrid SUV in the explosive category, benchmarking against the ideal L7. Those who have seen the real car should have such a feeling, Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV is less greasy than the ideal family barrel, and Great Wall's DHT-PHEV technology is better than the range extension under comprehensive working conditions, and the Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV is not left behind in terms of configuration. Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV four-wheel drive ultra-long battery life version of the second row of seats with leg rest adjustment and standard ventilation/heating/massage function, the front also has a folding table, the third row of seats also supports backrest adjustment and seat heating function, in addition to the standard side window sunshade and rear privacy glass, the comfort configuration is basically full, very suitable for long-distance travel with more high-speed working conditions.

370,000: Volvo XC60

Friends with a budget of 370,000 who want to buy an SUV can take a look at the Volvo XC60, and the price discount is also relatively large.

100,000, 160,000, 230,000, 280,000, 320,000, 370,000, 400,000, 7 cars worth buying

The Volvo XC60 is the best of the second-line luxury mid-size SUVs, and in addition to excellent passive safety performance, the XC60's indicators are also excellent. Taking the B5 four-wheel drive Zhiyuan Sport version as an example, the 250-horsepower 2.0T+48V mild hybrid system is completely powerful, the standard full-speed adaptive cruise and L2 level assisted driving, the front mobile phone wireless charging is also considered to keep pace with the times, and the optional 15-speaker Bowers & Wilkins audio can be the icing on the cake for the entertainment system. To say that it is insufficient, the interior of Volvo XC60 is really a little outdated, you can feel old across the screen, but don't expect XC60 to change the interior, the replacement model will achieve pure electricity, pure fuel Volvo XC60 can not be bought after you want to buy.

400,000: Audi A6L

Loudly tell 400,000 what car to buy! That's right, that's the C-Class Evergreen Audi A6L.

100,000, 160,000, 230,000, 280,000, 320,000, 370,000, 400,000, 7 cars worth buying

The Audi A6L sold 15,126 units last month, surpassing the Mercedes-Benz E-Class to hold the top spot in the luxury C-class sales list. Although Audi's design is now becoming more and more crotch-pulling, and the interior is gradually derailed from the times, this generation of Audi A6L is still worth buying. In addition to the innate luxury aura, the power, chassis, space, and safety performance of the Audi A6L are also online, and the reliability is undoubted, but it may be worse than many new forces in the area of intelligent driving. However, in terms of model categories, there are really not many new energy medium and large cars of 400,000 levels, in contrast, the Audi A6L is more reliable, and it is very appropriate to attend some more formal occasions. At present, the discount of Audi A6L is okay, and the 45TFSI with exaggerated stamp can be landed for 400,000 models.