Prigozhin's estate case goes to trial! Will Wagner's 25-year-old son take over? "Secret War" spans three continents

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Prigozhin's estate case goes to trial! Will Wagner's 25 son take over? Secret Wars spans three continents

According to media reports on the 9th, cases related to the inheritance of the late founder Yevgeny Prigozhin Wagner Group were discussed in St. Petersburg.

In addition, the Wagner Empire and the media empire created by Prigozhin are waging "secret wars" on three continents. The main players in the Russian power, including the two major intelligence agencies, engaged in a tug-of-war over Prigozhin's legacy.

Prigozhin's estate case goes to trial! Will Wagner's 25-year-old son take over? "Secret War" spans three continents

▲ Screenshot of the video produced by Prigozhin in Bakhmut

Will Prigoren's son take over?

The estate has been disposed of in court

It is reported that this is an extremely complex battle. Even after Prigozhin's death, some within Wagner remained loyal to him. They were not satisfied with being included in the Russian Ministry of Defense and supported the transfer of power to Prigozhin's son Pavel.

Prigozhin's estate case goes to trial! Will Wagner's 25-year-old son take over? "Secret War" spans three continents

▲ Pavel Prigozhin

"Wagner is not just about money, it's about faith." Prigozhin's political adviser, Maxim Shugari, said he was proud to join Wagner. "It's unlikely to disappear completely. For me, it's impossible. ”

Shugari rejected proposals that the Russian authorities could completely take over Wagner or operate as effectively as Wagner (the relevant structure), and appointed Prigo as a potential heir to his business empire by his "little-known" son Pavel. "I think (Pavel) has to take some responsibility. As far as I know, he is ready. ”

Prigozhin's estate case goes to trial! Will Wagner's 25-year-old son take over? "Secret War" spans three continents

▲ Maxim Shugari

It has been suggested that 25-year-old Pavel Prigozhin will indeed try to control the company left behind by his father. He currently controls three real estate companies in St. Petersburg. Last year, Prigozhin revealed that Pavel had fought in Syria in Wagner's army. "As a member of the Wagner Group, [he] was and is in the hot spot." However, this claim cannot be confirmed.

Pavel may be able to keep some of his father's domestic assets, which will earn about $800 million by 2022 at current exchange rates. However, it will not be easy for him to continue to lead the "Wagner Group" abroad, because it requires the support of the Russian authorities.

On the 12th, it was reported that the "Wagner Group" seemed to be in liquidation and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Its members can conclude contracts with the Ministry of Defense or the Russian National Guard. There are also reports that the Russian National Guard has admitted several Wagner members to its ranks.

Prigozhin's estate case goes to trial! Will Wagner's 25-year-old son take over? "Secret War" spans three continents

▲Data map of the Russian National Guard

At the same time, a case of succession to Prigozhen was also discussed in St. Petersburg. Pavel, his mother, grandmother and two sisters are the legal heirs. Wagner's War of Wealth

It will have a big impact

Western intelligence officials say Russia's two main intelligence agencies — the Foreign Intelligence Service and the General Staff Intelligence Directorate (GRU) — are racing to take over Prigozhin's key operations. Some officials said foreign intelligence agencies could take over his media empire, while the Russian Defense Ministry and the GRU could take over Wagner's mercenary business.

U.S. officials concerned about Prigozhin's legacy dispute say it's too early to judge the outcome. But it is clear that the scramble over Prigozhin's legacy has had a profound impact on Wagner's fate, especially in Africa, where his main business is located. In African countries such as Libya and the Central African Republic, the presence of Wagnerian forces is of great value to Russia. It is not only possible to obtain a lot of resources and wealth, but also to increase Russia's influence on the African continent and weaken the power of Western powers such as France and the United States.

Prigozhin's estate case goes to trial! Will Wagner's 25-year-old son take over? "Secret War" spans three continents

Russian mercenaries shopping at a shopping mall in the Central African Republic

According to reports, after the Wagner incident, Wagner's actions in Africa began to come under great pressure. Western officials said Prigozhin traveled to the mainland at a "frantic pace" in July and August to reassure allies and cement his business interests. He ordered Wagner's troops stationed in Belarus to prepare for a "new trip to Africa." French intelligence estimates that about 4,000 of Wagner's mercenaries are currently stationed in Africa.

U.S. officials said more than a dozen Russian private military companies were also ready to act. Among them, the best "candidate" is the private military company "Redut". According to Red Star News, the company, which is close to the GRU, is actively recruiting Wagner soldiers who are fighting on the front lines in Ukraine and trying to divide the power left by Wagner in Africa.

Currently, under the "coordination" of the Russian authorities, several mercenary groups funded by Russian oligarchs and closely linked to the Russian security forces and the Ministry of Defense are trying to take over Wagner's military forces in Ukraine and Africa. "Bastion" and a private military company called "Escort" may become the "biggest winner" (Red Star News related report: less than two weeks after Prigozhin's death, Wagner was "taken over" by several "backer" Russian mercenary groups").

At the same time, Belarus is trying to get a piece of the pie. According to media reports on the 12th, Wagner members currently stationed in Belarus received an invitation to join the Belarusian version of the private military company GardService "Wagner Group".

The "National Resistance Center", which has ties to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that all Wagner members who are not ready to sign a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense and go to Ukraine to fight are invited to join GardService. Some of them have already signed contracts and are about to travel to one of the Central African countries.

There are media reports that Wagner's base in Belarus has been "emptied" and most of its members have returned to Russia to cooperate with the Russian Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Those who decided to stay in Belarus signed a contract with GardService, the country's only private military company operating in Africa.

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