Won the first gold in the history of esports at the Asian Games! He is the Tianhe force that represents the Chinese team

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On the evening of September 26, the Chinese team defeated Malaysia 2-0 in the final of the e-sports event in Hangzhou Asian Games (Asian Games version), winning the first e-sports gold medal in the history of the Asian Games.

As an emerging sports industry, esports in China is booming and attracting a lot of attention. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, e-sports appeared as an official competition for the first time. The reporter learned from Tianhe District that Jiang Tao (Guangzhou TTG Adou), one of the Chinese team players who won the gold, is from Tianhe, Guangzhou.

Winning the championship, they are the Guangzhou force that represented the Chinese team. From "follower" to "leader", the "heart of e-sports" Tianhe rides on the momentum.

Win! Guangzhou Tianhe Power representing the Chinese team

In recent years, esports has been very popular, and at the beginning of the month, Guangzhou TTG, as the esports Guangzhou team, won the 2023 King Glory Professional League (KPL) Summer Finals.

Now, Guangzhou TTG has once again refreshed the history of local e-sports results, and the Chinese team player who won the first gold medal in the history of e-sports in the Asian Games.

According to reports, Guangzhou TTG belongs to Tianhe Enterprise Quwan Technology, and in 2020, Guangzhou TTG became the first KPL professional team to land in Guangzhou, and completed the city title representative Guangzhou to compete in the arena.

E-sports is a digital sports project, which requires high thinking ability, reaction ability, heart-eye and limb coordination, and willpower of athletes. Therefore, in addition to daily training, players need to undergo high-pressure mental operation training to ensure that the players maintain their best competitive condition.

In addition to the state of the team members themselves, e-sports, as a team project, requires a good team atmosphere and sense of cooperation within the team. Team members need to trust, respect, understand and support each other to achieve synergy.

This time, Guangzhou Quwan Network Technology Co., Ltd. has two strong generals who went to Hangzhou to "fight for the country", namely Jiang Tao, the athlete of the Asian Games version of the glory of the king, and Li Yang, the head coach of the national training team of the peaceful elite Asian Games version.

Won the first gold in the history of esports at the Asian Games! He is the Tianhe force that represents the Chinese team

"The best of the best" is a portrayal of the selection of Chinese e-sports teams at the Asian Games. Deng Yin, deputy director of public affairs of Guangzhou Quwan Network Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that excellent team players are recommended across the country, and the Asian group will train them for a period of time, and finally score the players according to the training performance, player status and other dimensions, and finally select the Asian Games Chinese e-sports team. Under such rules, Guangzhou TTG Adou (Jiang Tao) stands out with its strength.

Thanks to the unique development advantages of the e-sports industry in Guangzhou and Tianhe, Quwan Technology, as a pioneer in the local e-sports market, has integrated upstream and downstream industry chain resources since many years ago, built a three-dimensional new ecosystem with multi-business synergy such as e-sports clubs, e-sports events, and e-sports education, and continued to promote the development of the regional e-sports industry.

On the one hand, through school-enterprise cooperation with Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education and Tourism College of Sun Yat-sen University, Quwan Technology has built an e-sports talent training base and set up innovative research projects. On the other hand, we will gradually establish a training mechanism for e-sports professional talents, gradually create a closed-loop model of talent training integrating "selection + training + employment", and continue to deliver diversified and compound talents to the industry.

Lead! The "heart of esports" rides on the momentum

In recent years, China's e-sports industry has developed rapidly, and according to the "2022 China E-sports Industry Report", the revenue of China's e-sports industry in 2022 will be 144.503 billion yuan, and the e-sports population will be about 488 million. China's e-sports industry has ushered in a golden period of development, presenting a development pattern of "one superpower, many powers", with Shanghai leading the country and Beijing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Hangzhou and other cities blooming.

The Guangzhou power, which represented the Chinese team, came from Tianhe, the "heart of e-sports" in Guangzhou.

Relying on the international business environment, strong industrial foundation and high-quality ecological environment, Tianhe District has rapidly deployed the e-sports industry and occupied the top position in the city. Since 2020, Tianhe has held a number of major e-sports projects and taken the lead in introducing e-sports industry support policies. It has gathered a number of international top e-sports teams such as TTG King Honor Team and UP League of Legends Team.

In recent years, Tianhe has taken the lead in promulgating the "Guangzhou Tianhe District E-sports Industry Development Plan (2020-2030)", which clearly defines the development goal of building Tianhe District into a world-class e-sports center in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, becoming the first e-sports industry plan issued in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, guiding the development of Tianhe's e-sports industry into the "fast lane" and changing from a "follower" to a "leader".

Won the first gold in the history of esports at the Asian Games! He is the Tianhe force that represents the Chinese team

Focusing on the target positioning, Tianhe put forward the "industrial development 3+3" strategy and the "spatial layout 3+3" strategy. The "3+3 Industrial Development" strategy focuses on the three core sectors of e-sports sports events, e-sports pan-entertainment, and e-sports cities, as well as three leading sectors: e-sports space, e-sports talent support, e-sports high-tech and industrial support.

The "3+3 spatial layout" strategy deeply integrates the e-sports industry with the construction of major development platforms such as Tianhe Central Business District, Tianhe Road Business District, Guangzhou International Financial City, Tianhe Smart City, Olympic Sports Center, and Shahe Area, and focuses on the e-sports pan-entertainment development center, the e-sports industry source center and the future e-sports comprehensive development center, focusing on building the core development belt of e-sports pan-entertainment, the integrated development belt of the e-sports industry and the future development belt of the e-sports industry.

At present, under the six major engineering measures of "shaping the heart" and "strong belt", the e-sports industry in Tianhe District has developed rapidly.

Tianhe District focuses on improving the layout of the e-sports industry chain and promoting the landing of a number of major e-sports projects. NetEase's "Fifth Personality" and "Fantasy Westward Journey" two major local professional league leagues landed, a total of ten well-known teams settled down, and the talent team grew rapidly. The first and second phases of NetEase headquarters were completed, becoming the industry's most technologically advanced new generation studio group program production base, with the world's leading digital rendering application technology and XR application technology for e-sports events, further enhancing the core competitive advantage of Tianhe's e-sports industry.

Taking the optimization of industrial policies and the improvement of the business environment as a key measure to promote the high-quality development of the e-sports industry, Tianhe took the lead in introducing e-sports industry support policies in the city, covering important links such as the settlement of e-sports enterprises and clubs, product research and development, event bonuses, team cultivation, project landing, venue construction, etc., with a single maximum support amount of up to 6 million yuan, and the policy covers the entire chain of the e-sports industry.

In the future, we will build a benign development ecosystem for the e-sports industry, and the "heart of e-sports" will ride on the momentum.

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