Exercise for 5 minutes a day to reduce your risk of cancer!

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As we get older, there are more or less minor problems with the body. However, more and more studies have found that proper adherence to exercise can help improve various minor problems in the body, and even exercise for 5 minutes a day can reduce the risk of cancer.

A new study published in July 2023 in the Journal of American Medical Association Oncology shows that spending just 4.5 minutes a day on high-intensity, intermittent daily physical activity can reduce the risk of cancer by up to 32%. The daily physical activities in the study were short, high-intensity activities that could be experienced every day, including strenuous housework, carrying heavy objects, ramming or playing games with children.

Increasing daily physical activity to a certain intensity with only 4 to 5 minutes, each lasting about 1 minute, can reduce the overall cancer risk by 18%; For some types of cancer associated with physical activity, such as breast, endometrial or colon cancer, it can be reduced by up to 32%.

Exercise for 5 minutes a day to reduce your risk of cancer!

People who exercise regularly have stronger cardiorespiratory function

Regular exercise can enhance the muscle strength and strength of the respiratory muscles, improve the compliance of the lungs, enhance lung function and local resistance of the lungs, etc., and can also make the heart beat more powerful and regular, ensure the rhythm and efficiency of the heart pumping, and reduce the onset of cardiovascular disease.

People with good cardiopulmonary function will also have a lower probability of suffering from chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease and COPD.

An 8-year study published in the European Heart Journal (EHJ) on the association between cyclical exercise and health status in 2070 people with an average age of 54 found that moderate-intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking or cycling, was best suited to improve cardiorespiratory fitness.

Exercise for 5 minutes a day to reduce your risk of cancer!

People who exercise regularly have better bones, muscles, and joints

First of all, regular exercise can improve bone blood circulation, strengthen bone metabolism, make bone diameter thicker, muscle thickening, bone arrangement regular, neat. With the good change of bone morphological structure, the ability of bone strength such as bending resistance, bending resistance, and compression resistance of bone is greatly improved.

Secondly, regular exercise can increase the thickness of articular cartilage and bone density, so that the muscles around the joint are developed, the strength is enhanced, and the joint capsule and ligaments are thickened, thereby reducing the joint load and increasing the stability of the joint. While increasing joint stability, the range of motion and flexibility of the joint is greatly increased due to the increased elasticity and stretch of the joint capsule, ligaments and surrounding muscles.

In addition, regular exercise can promote blood circulation, make muscle cells get more nutrients, make muscle cells thicker, muscle volume increase, muscle strength increase, but also stimulate blood vessels traveling in the muscles to relax and contract together, enhance vasodilation and contraction ability, reduce the incidence of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, venous embolism. At the same time, the accompanying nerves can also obtain better nutrient supply and reduce the occurrence of peripheral neuropathy.

Exercise for 5 minutes a day to reduce your risk of cancer!

How do you exercise regularly?

Exercise should be appropriate, the standard mainly depends on the heart rate, should be 60% ~ 85% of the maximum heart rate. It is worth noting that because the actual situation of each person is very different, compared with the quiet heart rate, it should be 15%~30%, or even more.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends exercise guidelines for adults: at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for a total of 150 minutes 5 days per week; or a guaranteed minimum of 25 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise 3 days a week, for a total of 75 minutes; and guaranteed moderate to vigorous muscle stretching exercises at least 2 days a week to improve physical fitness.

Exercise for 5 minutes a day to reduce your risk of cancer!

Precautions for exercise

1. Young people and healthy people: you can choose the morning time period to exercise. Seniors: It is recommended to choose to exercise at 6-8 o'clock in the evening, and exercise when the weather is not particularly cold, which also has many benefits.

Note: If you get up in the morning to exercise, be sure to see how the weather is today, do not exercise in particularly cold weather, because at that time, the blood vessels of the whole body constrict, there is no particularly great benefit to the body.

2. Young people and healthy people: you can choose strenuous exercise, or running, swimming, etc.

The elderly must choose some softer exercises, such as brisk walking, jogging, and can also do some gentle aerobic exercises such as tai chi and yoga, which are very beneficial to the elderly.

3. Fully warm up before exercise, especially elderly friends with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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