Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

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Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

In recent years, good people have often become derogatory or even humiliating. When a man and a woman break up, the man's great shame is to hear the woman say: "You are a good person, but..."

Football needs less "good people". We appreciate the decision to kill every day; Sing the praises of iron faces and ruthlessness; Endorse and even encourage the choice of all means not prohibited by law and contract to achieve the end.

Therefore, Mbappe is extremely enforcing the contract, exercising all the rights that the contract gives him - Paris Saint-Germain is so stupid, giving such stupid contract terms, I just perform the contract in my own interests, whether it is right or not, whether it is right or not - has been defended by many people. In comparison, Kane has been a fool for many years, a fool with excellent football skills.

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

Loyalty and decency, ridiculous?

Good people are often lacking in killing and ruthless enough. In football, loyalty and affection often lead to indecision and forward-looking. Kane is a foolish good guy similar to many ordinary people. He took the opportunity to lift the trophy with his parent team until he couldn't wait any longer. Two years ago, in the face of Pep Guardiola's invitation, he tried to be postponed to return to the team as if he were a strike, but it only lasted for 5 days, and then obediently reported for duty, allowing Tottenham chairman Levina to pinch him with three years left on his contract.

Many of us have laughed at Kane's womanly kindness. But if he looks closely, he just doesn't want to tear his face with the parent team he has played for since 2004, hoping to get together and scatter, if he can't do it, then go on. He refused to go any longer, refused to throw his face, and he chose the latter between unscrupulous ambition and decent good people. Is it really that ridiculous?

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This year, Kane has only one year left on his contract and has taken the initiative to move. But he never fully cooperated with Bayern to put pressure on Tottenham. He just made his transfer wishes clear to Levy and new boss Postcoglu, but didn't force it: If you can negotiate a price, I'll go. In other words, if you can't negotiate properly, I'll keep playing for Tottenham. Until the last minute, last Friday, Tottenham had accepted Bayern's offer to approve Kane to fly to Germany, but Levy proposed to change the terms and conditions at the last minute to prohibit Kane from taking off. Kane complied again and he was ready to return to training at Tottenham the next day.

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

You can think that Kane actually understands it: the worst thing, after 1 year can be free transfer, there must be more options and higher signing fees and salaries, so there is no need to transfer this year. He did not block the possibility of a contract extension for Tottenham, but he showed that he would not renew his contract this summer, and of course he was strongly suggesting that breaking up this summer is better for everyone. Kane set the first round of the Premier League as a transfer deadline, and he will stay in the team when it expires, you can also say, he is actually quite yin, he uses soft cold violence to force Levi into a corner: you look at it, if you don't release people quickly, you may face next year's lack of money.

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Kane is a good person, not a bodhisattva, and good people also calculate for selfish interests, especially when everyone around them is calculating self-interest. Levi's lack of wanting Kane to join his Premier League rivals is an important reason for Kane's departure from the Bundesliga. Kane's choice of the Bundesliga and Bayern is difficult to determine whether it is the courage to take on a new challenge or the cowardice who only dares to lie down and put the crown in his pocket. Kane certainly has only Bayern this summer, but insiders say that even if he is given a choice, such as Manchester United, he will still choose Bayern. Because United are not sure of winning the title anytime soon, Kane, who has zero trophies so far in his career, lacks the patience to wait for the trophy.

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

Stupid trust and honesty

Kane is reluctant to gamble on a wealthy family full of uncertainties because his foolishness has mistrusted him too many times. A good person is easy to trust others. In 2018, under Pochettino's beautiful blueprint, he renewed a 6-year contract that cocooned himself; Two or three years later, he was convinced of Mourinho, one of the very few players who was still painting his liver and brain before the collapse of Uncle Bird; Later, he was grateful to Conte for helping him develop the best physical fitness of his career. This summer, Kane fell in love with Postcoglu at first sight and was willing to try it under him for a year.

Kane asked Bayern and Tottenham to come to a conclusion as soon as possible because he did not want to interfere with the new Tottenham manager's season planning and preparations, and because his wife will soon give birth to their fourth child. By then, either the wife was unable to fly, or she had to leave her mother and child behind and go to Germany alone. A good person is the concern of so many mothers-in-law and mothers.

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

Including family in career planning considerations is a factor that many people tend to overlook. Kane is a family man. His wife, Katie, was his teenage classmate. In 2005, when Beckham Youth Academy opened, Xiao Bei had a little white fat man in his left hand and a small fat girl in his right hand, which was Kane and Katie.

With his childhood sweetheart classmates going all the way to the end, and without any scandals, Kane is a minority in football. Kane is thankful that fate arranged for him to marry his "best friend".

Looking back, Kane's extremely unseemly oath, swearing with his daughter's life that he touched the ball, to argue that the goal belonged to him and not his teammates, was also a stupid honesty. He knew best if he had touched the ball, and he was sure that he did, and gambling with his daughter's life was just a way of reasoning that he thought was convincing enough and safe enough.

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

He avoided Bayern's shame

Hours after Tottenham accepted Bayern's offer, the news was saying Kane was hesitating. Cynics think it's about money – Kane wants more money, agents ask for more commissions, Kane gets more expensive treatment from other teams after 1 year without a visa, and so on. There are also many people who believe that this stupid good man is just making a final painful struggle before leaving the parent team.

In the end, at opposite ends of the scale, choosing Bayern's side was even more like choosing a way that would do less harm to others.

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

Bayern chased him for more than a year. Salihamidzic, who was originally led, is out of class, and Bayern is still chasing. Bayern broke 100 million for his first time, changing the transfer and signing principles for veterans for him. Hoeness, who once opposed buying veterans at a high price, made a 180-degree turn and gave the green light to exaggerated offers all the way - 2 years ago, Manchester City did not add to Kane's first round of 75 million + 25 million pounds, and now, Kane is 2 years older and has only 1 year left on his contract, but Bayern is more generous than Manchester City. Tuchel visited his home to personally promote himself and Bayern to Kane. Bayern have put younger, but not necessarily more costly targets such as Ossimon behind. Bayern's leaders visited Levy in London at least twice, putting aside the face of the top giants, trying to please the top chairman of the second-tier team, and finally largely complimenting all his conditions.

After everything, Levy nodded, if, it was Kane who said no, where is the dignity of Bayern, and where is the old face of Hoeness?

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

In comparison, Tottenham, from the top to the team to the fans, have been mentally building Kane's departure for several years. If they were not limited by their position, they would probably agree with the absolute mainstream opinion that Kane should go, and he should go to a team that is more worthy of him.

Obviously, go, Tottenham will be disappointed, but can bear it. If they don't go, Bayern will be very disappointed, extremely shocked and extremely ashamed. Kane made a choice that was much less harmful to others.

After arriving on Sebena Street, Kane and Tuchel hugged for the first time under the camera, Tuchel patted Kane and smiled so brightly, Kane said: I did it. Yes, he did it after suffering his heart.

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

Chase the historical shooter king, no shame

Many have laughed at Kane's chase for the throne of the all-time Premier League goalscorer – a record that is really more important than a trophy? The Premier League is indeed different from the AIA: Lionel Messi, the all-time goalscorer of La Liga, has too many more important halos; Piola in Serie A and Onniss in Ligue 1 are slightly older and not well-known enough, and no one has really challenged records and created topics for decades; Gerd Müller of the Bundesliga, Lewandowski retreated before approaching him. Only the Premier League, the all-time goalscorer of the world's most popular league, Shearer, is active in modern times, and Kane is close enough to his 260 goals, and has publicly regarded the pursuit of record as one of the parameters for striving and determining the future, making the all-time goalscorer king a meaningful topic.

Kane's quest to take away this record is not a shame. There is no standard answer to the importance of the Premier League's all-time goalscorer and trophy. Champions League winners, at least 25 people are born every year. The all-time top scorer of the world's No. 1 league may have only 1 player in 25 years, or even 1 in 100 years.

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

Kane deserves to break Shearer's record because he's a better player than Shearer. There are some balls that Shearer's violent shot can score, Kane may not; But with a wider variety of goals, Hiller's lack of footwork and thick line skills may not be able to control, but Kane can excel with more sophisticated shooting skills and stronger individual ability. In addition to the goal, Kane's superb foot skills, big picture, ball intelligence, and ability to retreat and receive organization are far better than Shearer. Kane's desire to be revered as the Premier League's number one striker is a legitimate wish.

Now, Kane wants to open. With 47 goals left to shirer, he left the Premier League at the age of 30 to fill in the gap in collective glory and return to the Premier League after 3 years, 4 or even 5 years, still enough to score another 48 goals. In this era when many centers are getting older and more demonized, Kane still has time to play until he is 40 years old. In the most beautiful dream, he can collect the Bundesliga, Champions League, Club World Cup, and Ballon d'Or, and then return to the Premier League, and stay up until he kicks Shearer off the throne.

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

Go, prove that you are better than Lewandowski

Beyond Shearer is a topic for later. In the coming years, Kane will face comparisons with Bayern's former No. 9 Lewandowski. Lewandowski has a reputation for the world, largely stained with the light of Bayern's platform. Kane has never played for a club so strong and has a tradition of centre-forwards. It was previously said that he was not inferior to Lewandowski, lacking data and honor support; Now and in the future, Haaland is proud of his superiority. But Kane at least has a chance to prove in the future that he is stronger than Lewandowski.

As a central striker, Kane's instant explosiveness, point-grabbing aggression and goal hunger are not as good as Lewandowski's, but he has enough shooting skills to teach Lewandowski, has more delicate technique than Lewandowski, and his qualities of truly combining No. 9 and No. 10, and his superb playing realm that he is equally good at finishing and planning, also make Lewandowski's "all-round" name seem inappropriate. As for picking on Kane and being better at abusive dishes, Lewandowski is a more eye-catching big scene soft foot for many years after eating a lifetime of Real Madrid's senior year, but in 2020, at the age of nearly 32, didn't Lewandowski finally lag behind on the road to the Champions League and played an excellent tactical role? Isn't it finally at the age of 33 that he has overfulfilled the task by killing all sides in the group stage of the European Championship (a big spectacle for Poland)?

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

Bayern got their prey. It seems that Bayern and the Bundesliga regard the British Emperor Star and the captain of the Three Lions as an increase in brand value. It's better that they didn't take it seriously. In today's football, there is a shortage of traffic superstars, and Kane is one of the superstars with the strongest contrast between strength and low traffic. His bland appearance, boring conversation, boring celebratory movements, and delicate enough but not coquettish style doomed him to have a hard time flowing.

All Kane has, is strength.

If you don't have a special dislike and hatred for Kane, this good man, this master, deserves a good wish from you.

Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

Author: Xiang Tong

This article was originally published in the Sports Plus app

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Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win
Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win
Opinion丨Good guy Kane deserves a good reward Good ballKane deserves to win

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