"Caotang Ghost Dream Raccoon Poetry Club" tips

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#走进博物馆 #

The trial experience of "Caotang Ghost Dream Raccoon Poetry Club" opened on May 28 has received a large number of praise from players and attracted the attention of more players.

In recent days, the backstage has received a lot of private messages related to the "Huanhua Poetry Society"

Today I will sort out a systematic introduction to help you understand the game.

"Caotang Ghost Dream Raccoon Poetry Club" tips

Content synopsis

"Caotang Ghost Dream Huanhua Poetry Club" is based on Du Fu's dream in Caotang in his later years as the starting point, returning to his past...

This time, Du Fu's dream will be a romantic "Huanhua Poetry Club", and visitors will incarnate as a literature student, and in the process of going to the Caotang to study and visit, they accidentally broke into the dream enchantment that Du Fu had lasted for thousands of years in the Caotang, felt the state of mind of the poet, toured the Caotang, watched Xiling, and the wine order, watched Li Taibai drunk, saw Gao Chang's attendant order, appreciated the sword dance of the Gongsun clan, and heard Li Guinian's singing.

At the end of the game, the player learns that this Huanhua poetry meeting is just a dream of Nanke belonging to Du Fu. Standing at the exit and looking back, Du Fu still held the poem scroll in his hand, and his eyes were full of happiness and attachment. This dream haunted Chengdu Caotang for thousands of years. This is the dream of the poet saint, carrying the immortal Great Tang in his heart.

"Caotang Ghost Dream Raccoon Poetry Club" tips

How to start the game

1. Find the game manual in the game props;

"Caotang Ghost Dream Raccoon Poetry Club" tips

2. Scan the QR code behind the game manual with WeChat;

3. Enter the game

"Caotang Ghost Dream Raccoon Poetry Club" tips

frequently asked questions

Q: How to purchase?

Purchase location: Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum Cultural and Creative Museum [Poetic Life Museum];

Game amount: 298/set

"Caotang Ghost Dream Raccoon Poetry Club" tips

Q: How many people are suitable to play?

A set of games of 3-4 people is most suitable.

Q: Can I take the items away after purchase?

Props can be taken away, and props have a certain collection value and can be watched and used repeatedly.

Q: How long is the game?

It is recommended to reserve more than 180 minutes, which is unlimited for any time.

Q: If the sense of direction is not good, will I not be able to play?

There is a map in the game props to view, and there will be signs in the grass hall to guide you

The name in the item map has been changed, but it matches the grass hall map, if you are afraid that you will not find the game location, you can get a grass hall real map reference at the entrance of the grass hall.

Q: Will there be any security issues during gameplay?

There will be no safety issues during the game, and parents should avoid children from leaving the sight of adults if they participate in the game.

Q: Do I need to start from scratch when I exit the H5 page of the game during the game?

The game saves progress, and exiting halfway through does not start from the beginning. After entering the game page, it is recommended to save the game link, and you can enter the game directly from the link after exiting the page halfway through, so as to avoid repeatedly scanning the QR code on the manual.

Q: What if I can't solve the mystery?

There will be three tips in the upper right corner of each level, the first two being hints and the last one showing the answers directly.

Q: Do I have to hold items all the time during the game?

Game items include a canvas bag that can be placed during gameplay.


1. The game time is 120-180 minutes, please allow enough time when purchasing;

2. When the game is not remembered, you can take a proper break during the game;

3. The weather is hot, players remember to take sun protection and heat protection measures;

4. There are many outdoor mosquitoes, it is recommended to prepare mosquito repellent water, mosquito repellent patches, etc.;

5. Due to the use of mobile phones throughout the game, it is recommended that players bring a power bank;

6. There is only one copy of each set of game props, be careful not to lose them during the game;

7. If the items are lost during the game, the museum will not be responsible.

Play location

Game location

Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum (No. 37, Qinghua Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province)

On June 10, at the north gate of Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum, a pop-up event and a launching ceremony will also be held

The perfect fusion of calligraphy scrolls and bamboo, Gongsun Da Niang's sword dance can be witnessed with her own eyes

There are also photo check-in points to immerse you in Du Fu's life

There's so much more to discover!