Starting from 79,800 yuan, [Baojun Yueye] is officially listed, and the entry is the flagship

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【Hotline:17074067965】【Wuling Motors Liaoning Shangling Sales Center】Wuling New Energy, China's family baby! People's scooter, starting from 29,800 yuan, the trusted choice of millions of families!

Baojun "Yueye" is officially listed, and the entry is the flagship! Book at 99 RMB to enjoy a surprise gift;

The "Chaoplay pure electric SUV" Baojunyue was also officially launched, and the new car was launched using the industry's first "one mirror to the end" movie release. Baojunyue also launched two configurations, the flagship version and the Zhizun version, priced at 79,800 yuan and 89,800 yuan respectively. Since the date of listing, the majority of users can order online through Baojun APP and LING Club APP, and can also purchase and book test drives through Wuling and Baojun offline stores nationwide.

Starting from 79,800 yuan, [Baojun Yueye] is officially listed, and the entry is the flagship

The entry is the flagship, and the flagship version of Baojunyue is equipped with a number of leapfrog configurations as standard in terms of exterior and interior, power performance, intelligent technology, safety protection, etc., providing users with 70,000-level sincere choices; On the basis of the flagship version, Baojunyue Zhizun Edition is also heavily equipped with the "Lingxi Intelligent Driving System" created by the deep integration of Wuling and DJI Automotive, which for the first time lowers the high-end intelligent driving capability to 80,000-level models, bringing users a smarter and more pleasant urban travel experience.

Equipped with the new brand LOGO, Baojunyue has also become a new artifact for urban commuting

On May 9, Baojun brand officially launched the new LOGO. Under the guidance of the comprehensive new energy strategy, the Baojun brand will successively launch models such as Baojun Yueye and Baojun Yunduo this year. As the first mass-produced model equipped with the new logo of the Baojun brand, Baojunyue also breaks the cookie-cutter shape definition of the new energy industry, innovatively leads the new energy design trend of "pure electric play", and has become a new artifact for urban commuting and social play, highlighting the personality aesthetics and trendy attitude of young people.

Chao play pure electric SUV, Baojunyue also comes for young people

Based on the keen insight into the personalized needs of young users, Baojunyue also came into being "Chao Play Pure Electric SUV", unlocking new personalized and advanced gameplay for users. Baojunyue also adopts the Square Box design language, the appearance is both Q cute and hard style, the shape is unique, with sunrise, early morning, clouds, neon, deep space five young car colors, has become the most beautiful and unique scenery of urban travel.

Baojunyue also adopts the new Joy Box play cockpit interior design language, with two interior color schemes from black and monologue, integrating comfortable touch enjoyment, free stretch space, and rich gameplay experience, and its high-grade cockpit, with comfortable Q-bomb large seats, makes what you see, touch, hear, and feel comfortable.

Baojunyue also adopts a hard-core homologous chassis, taking into account the daily commuting and outing scenes of the city, the front MacPherson independent suspension is comfortable to drive, and the rear three-link integral axle can better control a variety of complex road conditions. Baojunyue also adopts a rear-wheel drive arrangement, equipped with a 50kW high-power motor, which brings a smooth start, strong acceleration, and powerful climbing driving performance, and is equipped with Autohold and creep functions as standard, so that the half-slope start does not slip.

Baojunyue also CLTC cruising range of 303km, with the best "kWh battery life" in its class, 1 kWh power running 10.78km, and supports two flexible charging modes of fast and slow charging, fast charging from 30%-80% only takes 35min.

In addition, Baojunyue also has the same level of super safety performance and leapfrog intelligent driving configuration.

The new car has 24 all-round security guarantees to protect the safe travel of users. Baojunyue also adopts a high-strength steel cage body, which makes the 6-fold guard more secure. For battery safety, Baojunyue also provides battery protection, charging ecological active protection, vehicle-electrical integrated protection, end-cloud full-time guardianship, and 5-core electric protection for full life cycle care. In terms of safety equipment, Baojunyue also comes standard with dual airbags for the main and passenger drivers, early warning seat belts, ESC body electronic stability system, ABS anti-lock braking system, hill assist function and reversing image/front and rear radar six safety features.

Baojunyue also comes standard with KiOS intelligent network connection to achieve tacit interaction, providing custom card-based desktop, variable installation 3D virtual voice assistant, industry-top voice interaction system and other functions, supporting mobile APP remote car control, online music, online navigation, bringing a more personalized and convenient human-computer interaction experience.

The Baojun Yue Zhizun Edition is equipped with the "Lingxi Intelligent Driving System" created by the deep integration of Wuling and DJI Automotive, which for the first time lowers the high-end intelligent driving ability to 80,000-level models, bringing a leapfrog intelligent driving and parking experience. Users can turn on intelligent driving, chaotic lane line response, lever lane change, curve intelligent speed regulation, obstacle recognition and response, close-range congestion response, and human-machine co-driving with one click, which is suitable for 7 major driving scenarios and brings an intelligent driving experience far beyond the same level. At the same time, Baojunyue also has an industry-leading intelligent parking assistance function, which can realize full-scene parking, visible parking, suitable for 8 major parking scenarios, allowing users to park more calmly.

The rich derivative ecology and full-coverage service system are also a highlight of Baojun Yueye, which not only increases the fun of users, meets the needs of personalized customization, and brings professional and intimate all-round after-sales service to car buyers. It is worth mentioning that Baojunyue also provides a variety of after-sales options such as Miaoyue screens, all-terrain tires, side steps, etc., which users can purchase in Baojun APP and LING Club.

As a trendy pure electric SUV that refreshes the urban travel experience, Baojunyue also has 100+ highlight configurations, bringing entry-level flagship product configuration options, creating a trendy car exclusive to young people.

Break the traditional stereotype and create the first "one mirror to the end" movie-style launch conference

Bao Jun Yue also innovatively created a "one mirror to the end" movie-style new car launch conference, integrating the brand with the car manufacturing concept, insight into young users, and scene-based product display, allowing users to experience the pure electric attributes of Baojun Yueye in an immersive way.

The whole press conference, following the perspective of the keynote speaker, moved to change the scenery, and immersed yourself in the product strength and trendy play genes of Baojunyue in one shot. The press conference scene started from People's Square, passed through design studios, gyms, modification factories, fashion blocks, campsites, and finally came to Shanghai Fuxing Square to discuss the current "self-pleasing" needs of young people and how to create a trendy car that truly belongs to young people. This is also a portrayal of the comprehensive rejuvenation of Baojun brand breaking the traditional automobile launch conference, continuous innovation and creation, and forging ahead.

In the Easter egg part at the end of the conference, the Baojun brand also released the official news that Baojun Yunduo will be officially listed in August.

As the first masterpiece of Baojun Automobile's comprehensive new energy, the arrival of Baojun Yueye will inject new energy into the new energy market. With leapfrog configuration and sincere price, Baojunyue will also bring a more pleasing travel experience to young users, becoming the first choice for personalized travel for urban players.