The pilot film of "Qingyou 4" is online, Xu Zheng and Wang Baoqiang have enough comedy effects, but what is going on with Yang Di?

On April 8, the pilot film of "Youth Travel 4" was launched. Judging from the word of mouth after the broadcast, netizens affirmed this season. Especially the guest lineup gave the audience a refreshing feeling.

When the first 3 seasons of "Youth Travels" were broadcast, they were accompanied by a certain controversy. Wu Tong's routine program content makes netizens not know whether they are watching "Ace" or some other program. "Youth Travels" was not recognized for the show's own charm. The rating of the third season is only 4.8 points.

In terms of guests, the most successful part of "Youth Travels" is to invite Jia Ling to reside. At no time will she let the show go cold, no matter how boring and formalized the game is. But if it has always been Jia Ling supporting the show, netizens will also have a moment of aesthetic fatigue.

"Qingyou 4" has made major adjustments in the selection of guests. Except for Yang Di, who is still retained as a resident guest, other stars have appeared on the show for the first time. Many people even resided in variety shows for the first time.

The resident guests of "Qingyou 4" are: Xu Zheng, Wang Baoqiang, Yang Di, Shen Yue, Chen Zheyuan, Xu Minghao, Zhang Yipu. It is rumored that Guli Naza is also a resident guest, but she did not appear in the pilot film, but in the trailer of the first program.

It can be seen from the selection of guests that the resident guests of variety shows are still powerful and word-of-mouth stars, plus young traffic artists. Indeed, such a combination can attract netizens at different levels.

Xu Zheng is the first resident game variety show. Previously, he was a judge for actor competitive shows. In contrast, "Qingyou 4" is more relaxed for Xu Zheng. And he really showed his relaxed state and ubiquitous sense of humor right away.

The first meeting of the resident guests was a big embarrassing scene. To sum up, young people are more restrained, and seniors are more relaxed. Xu Zheng even joked with everyone.

When Xu Minghao introduced himself, he told everyone that he could call him "Xiaoba". Because his group name is "THE 8". After that, everyone talked about the debut time. Xu Minghao said that he debuted for 8 years. At this time, Xu Zheng joked: "I am called Xiao Ba in 8 years of my debut, and whether it is called Xiao Jiu next year, the name can be changed every year." I have to say that Xu Zheng is a comedian.

And as a senior, Xu Zheng has no shelf at all. After getting on the car, take the initiative to sit at the back and activate the atmosphere in the car at the right time,

In variety shows, the combination of powerful, word-of-mouth stars and young, traffic artists has almost become a fixed matching mode. Such a program covers a very wide range. Some people like word-of-mouth artists, and some people pursue traffic stars.

A member of the traffic boy group, the first resident variety show in China, these are Xu Minghao's titles in "Qingyou 4". There is no doubt that he is the previous Fan Chengcheng. Judging from the pilot film, Xu Minghao's performance is acceptable, but he is a little nervous.

Of course, Xu Minghao is not the only one who is nervous. Chen Zheyuan and Zhang Yipu were equally nervous. The two of them are in the nearly one-hour pilot film, and there are only a few times when they take the initiative to speak. When he was in the car, Zhang Yipu only said two words. One sentence is to introduce her name, and the other sentence is to complete the task according to the requirements of the program group.

Zhang Yipu's task is to take a group photo with everyone. She did not wait for the most suitable time, she could only bluntly say this task, and in the end she got everyone's laughter.

The same is true of Chen Zheyuan. He has an awkward task to make everyone praise his acting skills. But as Chen Zheyuan himself said, he has no works; Second, he cannot guarantee that everyone will have seen his work; Another very important point is that he said that his acting skills are really nothing to boast. Xu Zheng answered this question with high emotional intelligence. He gave Chen Zheyuan encouragement.

Among the young resident guests, Shen Yue was very relaxed compared to the others. Some actors are born with audience popularity, and Shen Yue belongs to this category of people. Senior Hui Yinghong once said, "Shen Yue's face is heaven's reward for food."

But some people say that Shen Yue looks ordinary. However, her signature smile will make people think that Shen Yue is the sister next door. And Shen Yue, who seems to be low-key in domestic entertainment, has always been very popular with fans on the Internet. A feed is often hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments.

Resident in "Qingyou 4" is the best opportunity for Shen Yue to improve her coffee position. As we all know, if a star performs well on variety shows and has a high exposure, it will have a blessing effect on his personal development in the entertainment industry. Yang Ying back then was a good example. Shen Yue should seize this opportunity.

These guests mentioned above have successfully opened their "Qingyou 4" moment. There are also two guests, Wang Baoqiang and Yang Di, who are more eye-catching in the pilot film. However, the reputation of the two is completely different.

After Wang Baoqiang's divorce, he focused his work on the film industry and rarely participated in variety shows, let alone resident. This time, it is also a variety show combination between him and Xu Zheng after "Thailand". Not participating in a variety show for a long time does not mean that Wang Baoqiang does not have a sense of variety. On the contrary, almost all the jokes in the pilot film were contracted by him.

In the game "You Compare Me Guess", Wang Baoqiang even activated martial arts DNA in order to compare "catching the wind and catching shadows". A series of gestures felt like he had punched a set on the spot.

And when playing the three-character game, Wang Baoqiang stopwatch variety show god, minute by minute makes people laugh rhythm. He always thought that he understood the rules of the game, but he made frequent mistakes during the game, which led everyone to teach on the spot.

Some people say that Wang Baoqiang's cute funny is unmatched. He himself did not think it was funny, but the people who watched it laughed from the bottom of their hearts. This is the charm of Wang Baoqiang. On the contrary, netizens began to be a little disgusted by Yang Di's funny. People think he's always trying to be funny.

In fact, Yang Di is not a problem of funny ways, but a problem of his personality collapsing after he admitted to breaking up with his girlfriend who has been in love for more than 10 years. Yang Di once publicly said on a show that his relationship of more than 10 years is very stable, and he and his girlfriend will definitely get married, but turning around is a breakup.

Of course, no one can say clearly about feelings. And this is also Yang Di's personal matter. But for such a news, netizens still empathize.

In fact, if the protagonist of this news is someone else instead of Yang Di, it can still spark discussion. Because everyone shares this love story that lasts for more than 10 years, but can only break up later. Of course, celebrities are more likely to be thrust to the forefront.

With his highlight performance on variety shows, Yang Di, who won word of mouth, seems to never return to his previous word of mouth.

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