What to prepare before giving birth

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What do I need to prepare before giving birth?

People come and tell you that the delivery bag is good with these key things, and you will definitely use it

With the due date approaching, many expectant mothers have been admitted to the hospital one after another, for the first birth-to-be mothers, the most likely to forget to bring something, the expectant mother who is already in the due date is nervous and anxious, if you encounter the situation of forgetting to bring something, it will make the expectant mother feel more anxious and tired. Some of the more important things must be available near the hospital, so the waiting bag came into being, which solved this problem for many expectant mothers.

What to prepare before giving birth

First, the strongest package to be delivered - certificate category

The document type is the most important thing in the expectant mother's waiting kit. This type of items are generally used by expectant mothers when they are hospitalized and give birth, so these items should not be forgotten by expectant mothers.

What to prepare before giving birth

The types of documents in the waiting bag include: ID card, the couple's household registration booklet, the original and copy of the birth permit, the expectant mother's prenatal examination medical record manual, perinatal card, medical insurance card, bank card, cash (some hospitals may only accept cash when hospitalized), after these documents are ready, it is best to put these items in a file bag, so as to avoid the need to use these documents, the expectant mother also has to "turn the bag" to the end.

Tips: The birth permit needs to be applied for in advance, and the application of the birth permit needs to prepare the ID card, household registration booklet, marriage certificate and other supporting materials of both husband and wife in advance, and the expectant mother or father-to-be goes to the street office of the place of residence or the family planning office of the place of residence to apply for the birth permit.

Second, the strongest delivery bag - the mother-to-be items

I believe that many expectant mothers will have the characteristics of "one pregnancy and three silly three years", and losing three and four has become the norm in life, so expectant mothers urgently need a maternity bag to solve the little troubles of expectant mothers who love to forget.

The items that expectant mothers need to prepare in the delivery kit include: mobile phones and chargers, which expectant mothers can use to record the time of contractions to find regularity; A change of clothes, nursing underwear, underwear (you can also prepare several pairs of disposable underwear), slippers, more than 3 cotton towels (during or after childbirth), sanitary napkins, toilet paper, maternity wipes, toothbrushes, water cups, etc.

What to prepare before giving birth

Third, the strongest delivery bag - the baby's items

Some expectant mothers bring all their belongings when preparing their belongings, but neglect an important member of the family - the baby. The baby's belongings are a little more than the mother-to-be's, so the expectant mother needs to spend a little more time preparing them.

1. Prepare your baby's clothes

After the baby is born, the mother needs to prepare intimate clothing for the baby to avoid the baby from getting cold. In the preparation of intimate clothing, parents need to prepare 2-3 sets of monk clothes for the baby, so that the baby can change and wash at any time, parents can also prepare a soft and comfortable small hat for the baby to avoid the baby from getting cold; Parents can also prepare 1-2 baby comforters, soft and comfortable baby comforters.

Tips: The baby's intimate items should choose a soft cotton material, which will reduce the baby's allergies, and like the thickness of the baby quilt and baby quilt, choose according to the season.

2. Common care items for babies

After the baby is born, the bladder cannot be well controlled, so frequent urination may occur, so parents need to prepare for the baby

Good pack of diapers, baby wipes, baby drawers, baby towels and much more.

3. Preparation of the baby's eating items

The mother's first drop of milk after giving birth is gold, so many mothers will feed milk to the baby to drink, but not every mother will milk after giving birth, because each mother's physical condition is different, so parents can prepare a small can of baby milk powder and baby bottle for the baby to avoid the mother without milk after giving birth and starving the baby.

What to prepare before giving birth