Zhang Jike incident latest combing! was exposed to split legs during his relationship, and was also expelled from the national team for gambling

After Zhang Jike's debt and involvement in a debt dispute were exposed, the studio immediately responded, saying that these were just rumors and ordering the rumor-mongers to delete the article and apologize. I thought that this matter had come to an end, but I didn't expect to expose a bigger melon.

On April 1, the three names "Li Weiao, Zhang Jike" and "Jing Tian" quickly appeared on the hot search, causing netizens to continue to pay attention.

With more and more revelations, the melon-eating masses must be headless flies, and they don't know where to eat. Next, let Sister Fan summarize!

1. Breaking news 1: Zhang Jike found many people to borrow money and did not pay it back, and Jing Tian was deceived and deceived by money

The first melon exposed on the Internet was Zhang Jike's borrowing of money.

Earlier, some entertainment records exposed the chat records of suspected Jing Tian and actor Deng Sha. Deng Sha complained to Jing Tian, saying that Zhang Jike had not repaid the money, and mentioned that he had borrowed money from Tian Liang, Yu Zheng, Yuan Shanshan and many others, ranging from millions to tens of millions. At that time, Yuan Shanshan was still Zhang Jike's ex-girlfriend.

But at that time, Jing Tian said that he would get up early the next day to film, and did not reply to her positively.

Subsequently, someone broke the news that Yuan Shanshan only lent a few million to Zhang Jike, and his current girlfriend Jing Tian lent him tens of millions. What's more, Zhang Jike took 10 million from Jing Tian on the grounds of buying a wedding house, and all of it was used to pay off gambling debts.

The netizen asked: Isn't this a naked fraud?

Poorly, when Jing Tian and Zhang Jike were together, they were going to get married, so they trusted their boyfriend very much. Unexpectedly, Zhang Jike deceived her feelings with her family many times.

In addition to cheating money and deceiving money, netizen "Li Weiao" broke the news that after Zhang Jike broke up with Jing Tian, Zhang Jike was sued by creditors and his family. After mediation, Zhang Jike repaid about 1 million yuan, and also made an IOU of 5 million, which means that Zhang Jike still has 5 million yuan unpaid.

In addition, Zhang Jike leaked 3 private videos of Jing Tian, as well as a video screenshot. By his own admission, he had shown others one of the above videos.

Breaking news two: split legs during love, about Yang Mi was rejected and slept with the surname of the actress

The second piece of revelation circulating on the Internet is that Zhang Jike split his legs during his love.

Entertainment broke the news that Zhang Jike was in love with Jing Tian while dating Yang Mi. Fortunately, Yang Mi's circle is relatively wide, and he knows some insiders, so he didn't pay attention to him.

But Yang Mi probably saw that Zhang Jike and Jing Tian had impure motives when they fell in love, so at the beginning of their relationship, they reminded Jing Tian that although Zhang Jike looked honest on the outside, he was actually a scumbag who played with the feelings of actresses, but at that time, Jing Tian was in love with his brain and couldn't listen to it at all.

In addition, when Zhang Jike was just with Jing Tian, he also mistakenly sent Jing Tian a bed photo of a girl surnamed Wang, but immediately withdrew it. Jing Tian questioned Zhang Jike after seeing it, but Zhang Jike claimed that the other party had entangled him many times, and he only had Jing Tian alone in his heart, and later it seemed that the matter was over.

This girl surnamed Wang, some netizens broke the news that it was actress Wang Luodan. At the same time, the netizen also said that Zhang Jike has talked with Liu Shiwen, Chen Meng, Wang Luodan, Yuan Shanshan, etc...

Netizens also turned over a paragraph that Jing Tian said when she was on a variety show, bluntly saying that she experienced some difficulties and setbacks in 2019, almost lost herself, and even fell into depression. And Jing Tian broke up with Zhang Jike in that year.

Breaking news three: 16-year-old involved in gambling and was expelled from the national team

The third is the gambling incident of Zhang Jike that circulated a few days ago.

Some media broke the news that Zhang Jike had gambled in 2004. At that time, at the age of 16, he borrowed the bank card of a big name in the table tennis world to participate in gambling games, and left the team before the game was completed after losing money. It took several tosses and turns before it was found.

In addition, just a month before Jing Tian officially announced the breakup, some netizens asked that Zhang Jike seemed to travel frequently to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, suspected of gambling abroad.


As of press time, there are three revelations currently circulating on the Internet, but whether they are true remains to be considered.

At present, although Zhang Jike's studio has issued two lawyer statements in a row, ordering media accounts not to believe rumors, the incident seems to be intensifying and the degree of discussion is getting higher and higher.

Here, Sister Rice also reminds everyone to eat melons rationally, do not spread rumors, do not believe in rumors, and do not spread rumors!

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