Detailed explanation of the remaining 5 highlights of the regular season: Lakers rush six + Brave boat rush four The suspense of the regular season championship resumes

Beijing time on April 1, the NBA regular season gradually entered the final stage, the regular season ranking is still suspenseful, the Bucks' consecutive losses make their competition for the regular season championship unstable, the Clippers and Warriors chase the sun to impact the top four in the West, the Lakers lead the West to attack the top six chaotic card positions are extremely fierce, the sixth battle in the East Nets suspense is still there, the East 8-10 card positions are equally fierce. With the last two weeks left in the regular season, the remaining ranking suspense is still confusing, and the final ranking remains to be seen.

Regular season championship battle: The Green Army is just 1.5 wins away from chasing the Bucks to top the league

The Bucks originally ranked first in the East and first in the league, but as the Bucks lost consecutive losses to the Nuggets, who were first in the West and the Celtics, who were second in the East, especially by the Green Army by 41 points, the Bucks' leading advantage was constantly eroded. Currently the Bucks are 55-22, just 54-24 and 1.5 wins ahead of the Celtics behind them, and the Bucks' recent poor form has also revived the suspense of the race for the regular season championship.

Top four in the West: The Clippers have a flat record to catch up with the Suns

The Suns faced the remaining Nuggets of four major players including Jokic and narrowly defeated the first in the West to win a key game. The Suns are fourth in the West with 42-35 losses, with little hope of hitting the top three in the West. As for the Clippers behind them being reversed by the Grizzlies by 20 points, the Warriors are the Spurs that Nick swings, making the Clippers and Warriors 41-37 record. The Clippers and Warriors are both 1.5 wins behind the Suns and still have hopes of reaching the top four in the West.

7-12 card slots in the West: Lakers rush to the top six, Lone Rangers rush to the top ten

The Lakers successfully completed a 13-point comeback to defeat the Timberwolves in a key card battle, and the thick-eyed brother slammed 38+17 to prove his dominance. The Lakers win more than 50% for the first time of the season, the Lakers and Pelicans are currently 39-28, the Lakers are seventh in the West against the Pelicans, they are 1.5 wins away from the Clippers and Warriors, and there is still hope of counterattacking the top six in the West.

As for the Timberwolves' drop from seventh to ninth in the West, they are half a win behind the Lakers and Pelicans, while the Thunder are 1.5 wins behind the Lakers. The 11th-place Lone Rangers in the West are half a win behind the Thunder, and even if the Lone Rangers have had a bad performance recently, they still have hope of counterattacking the top 10 in the West.

Sixth in the East: The Nets lead the Heat by two wins

The top five teams in the East are relatively solid, and while the Celtics may still be able to counter the Bucks to the top spot, the biggest suspense in the top six in the East is the battle for sixth. The Heat have suffered a three-game losing streak recently, while the Nets have won two straight to return to sixth place in the East, and the current Wolf King is 42-35, leading the Heat by 40-37 and 2 wins. It's just that once the Heat rebounds and the Nets lose again, the Heat still has the possibility of a counterattack.

8-10 card slot in the East: Hawks, Raptors, Bulls, three teams clenching the ranking

The top 10 teams in the East are basically out, the Wizards are 3 wins behind the Bulls, and the Pacers are 3.5 wins behind the Bulls, and it is extremely difficult to counterattack. The Hawks and Raptors are both 38-39 in the Eastern Conference, and the Bulls are 37-40 behind by one win, so there may be a change in the ranking between the three teams. Of course, the Hawks and Raptors are not ruled out to rise to seventh in the East.

The latest ranking of the Western Conference is as follows:

1. Nuggets 51-26 (locked in the playoffs)

2. Grizzlies 49-28 (locked in the playoffs)

3. Kings 47-30 (locked playoffs)

4. Suns 42-35

5. The Clippers are 41-37

6. Warriors 41-37

7. The Lakers are 39-38

8. Pelicans 39-38

9. The Timberwolves are 39-39

10. Thunder 38-40

11. The Lone Ranger is 37-40

12. Jazz 36-41

13. Blazers 32-45 (missed the playoffs)

14. Spurs 19-58 (missed the playoffs)

15. Rockets 19-59 (missed the playoffs)

The latest Eastern record rankings are as follows:

1. Bucks 55-22 (locked up the playoffs)

2. Celtics 54-24 (locked in the playoffs)

3. 76ers 51-26 (locked in the playoffs)

4. Cavaliers 48-30 (locked in the playoffs)

5. The Knicks are 45-33

6. The Nets are 42-35

7. The Heat are 40-37

8. The Hawks are 38-39

9. The Raptors are 38-39

10. Bulls 37-40

11. The Wizards are 34-43

12. The Pacers are 34-44

13. Magic 33-44

14. Hornets 26-52 (missed the playoffs)

15. Pistons 16-61 (missed the playoffs)

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