It is obviously a great beauty with a variety of styles, but it has to be a hard concave girl, these 4 female stars are a pity

The most important thing in the entertainment industry is beautiful women, beautiful style, small family jasper, heroic and sassy... There are all kinds of types, it can be said that there are a hundred flowers, if you want to stand out, you must be recognizable and find your own style.

But some beautiful stars have gone the wrong way, obviously they are great beauties with a variety of styles, but they want to be hard and concave young women, completely losing their own advantages, making many audiences feel a pity.

01, Zhang Yuqi

When it comes to Zhang Yuqi, everyone will think of the phrase "the people who chase me came to Paris from this row", she just debuted with a beautiful atmosphere, full of a big heroine's temperament, which is not at all comparable to the current little flower.

As a native of Shandong, Zhang Yuqi has a large skeleton, well-proportioned and fleshy body, and he was only in his early 20s with the domineering spirit of a big flower, competing in international film festivals and fashion weeks, which can be described as stunning the world.

And in private, she casually shoots magazine blockbusters and movie pictures, born with a big woman's aura, bright and flamboyant, seems destined to be a big star, and there is no shortage of appearance, figure, and acting skills.

However, everything has changed since she insisted on taking the cute girl route.

On the Weibo night two days ago, Zhang Yuqi was dressed in a silver bandeau dress, spliced with light green tulle, the dress itself did not look very textured, this kind of girly gauze skirt with shiny girl group makeup, very unsuitable for her with a heavy temperament.

In fact, looking at Zhang Yuqi's styling in recent years, it is not difficult to find that she has gone on the girl's route, with a doll collar, a princess head, a puffy skirt... These girly elements are completely unsuitable for her with a royal sister face.

Countless netizens are persuading her to give up the girly style and stop being a hard girl, the once royal sister style is simply fascinating, but now she is obsessed with the girly route, which is a pity.

02, Yang Mi

Yang Mi can be said to be recognized as an "eternal girl" in the circle, and she was even nicknamed "Girl Mi", and she has been following the route of a vigorous young and beautiful girl in private.

Preppy pleated skirts, double ponytails, pink girl makeup... All kinds of girly elements, coupled with her highly recognizable "clip sound" and slender body, are indeed girly.

But in fact, compared to the girly style, Yang Mi is more suitable for the royal sister style.

Yang Mi is a typical northern girl, tall, facial features are very atmospheric, and a pair of fox eyes known as the most beautiful in the entertainment industry, hooking people's hearts, too suitable for taking the kind of gorgeous and peerless beauty route.

On the Weibo night two days ago, she chose a bandeau dress that was very suitable for her, with long curly hair, a bumpy figure, and a smile that revealed the style, gorgeous and charming, and was the brightest red rose at the ceremony.

And Yang Mi's acting road is obviously wrong, she is no longer suitable for playing a girl in idol dramas, but in the past two years, she has still rotated in various costume idol dramas, and the post-95 and post-00 girls market is obviously unable to win.

And there are indeed many netizens who complain about Yang Mi's unchanging girly route for a hundred years, everyone is not dislike her girlish style, but just think that it is time for her to transform, after all, the girl's route cannot go for a lifetime, and everyone is more optimistic that she will try other styles.

03, Zhang Tianai

Zhang Tianai can be said to be a typical representative of overnight popularity in the circle, an online drama made her a popular little flower, which surprised countless audiences in that year, but the reason why her subsequent development could not keep up was also that she did not find her own style.

Zhang Tianai has a goose egg face, her facial features are relatively handsome, and her eyebrows are very bright, and there are few female stars with this temperament in the circle, so she was able to stand out in a small online drama that year and became the white moonlight in the hearts of many audiences.

However, since she became popular, she has gradually been "corrupted" by the entertainment industry, pursuing the white and thin set, crazy fitness to lose weight, constantly changing her age, and falling into the misunderstanding of pursuing girlishness.

In terms of styling, she is also addicted to girly style, all kinds of pink and tender clothing, girly makeup, all of which make her lose the bright and heroic beauty of her early years, no recognition, and the development in the entertainment industry is slowly unsatisfactory.

However, recently, Zhang Tianai's style seems to have a trend of returning to the style of the royal sister, playing a female general in the TV series "Amai Conscription", and the male costume is handsome, allowing everyone to see the spirited and heroic Zhang Tianai when he first debuted.

04, Liu Yan

Don't look at Liu Yan with a devil body, hot and sexy, and one of the best in the circle, but she has a girly heart and especially likes to try all kinds of girly items.

White puffy skirts, pink high heels, pink floral dresses... These pink and tender girly elements will look particularly contrary when piled on Liu Yan's body, obviously can be a sexy and beautiful beauty, but it is too wasteful to concave girls.

Liu Yan's figure is indeed speechless, the front is convex and the back is upturned, bumpy and convex, who looks at it has to praise "absolute", she also relied on her figure to attract the audience's attention in her early years, and her beautiful and atmospheric style was loved.

But I didn't expect that as she grew older, Liu Yan liked girly style more and more, and looking at her recent style, you would find that Yishui was full of pink clothes, which to be honest was indeed a little unsuitable for her.


In the entertainment industry full of beautiful women, it can be said that it is more difficult to get ahead, but if you can find a style that suits you, you will often achieve twice the result with half the effort, what suits you is the best, and strong concave girls do not have to.

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