Is it more photogenic to lose weight? These 6 actresses are all skinny into ribs, but they are not as amorous as when they are fat

Have you seen the pictures of the female stars of Weibo night, all of them are white and beautiful, which can be called a fairy fight.

Among them, the most impressive thing about Sister Fan is not Di Lireba's looking back, nor Liu Yifei's peacock princess shape.

It is Jin Chen's figure, and her abs can be intuitively seen from the raw picture, and some netizens say that it is comparable to a washboard.

From the live broadcast, you can also clearly see Jin Chen's rib chest, which can almost be said to be thin to the extent of skin and bones.

Although Jin Chen is indeed very thin, Sister Fan feels that she would look better if she had a little meat on her body, such as her in the early days, her face was fleshy, beautiful and spiritual.

Is it more photogenic to lose weight?

In fact, not necessarily, let's take a look at the following female stars to know, excessive thinness is a kind of shriveling, and the body can't hang the flesh and can't line the clothes.

Chen Luyu

As a professional host in the mainland, Lu Yu has a distinctive hosting style, and the characteristics of his personal image are also obvious, that is: thin.

From the front, Lu Yu is as thin as a bamboo pole, and then looking at the side, it is also as thin as a thin piece of paper, but this thinness does not bring Lu Yu the experience of photogenic, on the contrary, it makes her look like a big-headed doll.

A certain photo with Yang Lan, Lu Yu is also in sharp contrast with the slightly windy Yang Lan next to him, but overall, Yang Lan looks more atmospheric and spiritual, perhaps because he is too thin and too small, Lu Yu looks a little weak, and the suits on his body seem a little ill-fitting.

In fact, when Lu Yu was young, his face was fleshy and full of collagen, a bit similar to Wang Bingbing, and his appearance was very high.

No wonder some netizens suggested that Lu Yu go to gain weight, which is indeed the appearance of baby fat before, which is more amiable and cute.


After talking about the host, let's talk about models.

Some time ago, Liu Wen was complained that her state was not as good as before because of her skinny appearance at fashion week.

If nothing else, let's look at the big cousin's concave cheeks and raised shoulder blades, and we can feel how terribly thin she is.

From the side, you will also find that Liu Wen's figure is a thin piece, many clothes are worn on her body, although there is a sense of fashion, but it is still slightly thin, and even some netizens complain that they can't tell the front and back.

Liu Wen once revealed in an interview that she was only 55 kilograms when she was fattest, and she must know that she is 178cm tall, even when she is the fattest in her mouth, she is still slightly thin.

Therefore, many netizens also left messages, expressing the hope that Liu Wen will quickly recover to the fattest time, it should not be said, the fat Liu Wen is really bright and moving, there is no sunken cheeks when laughing, only small dimples, the whole person looks generous and bright, to that station, supermodel.

Li Ruotong

Li Ruotong's version of Xiaolongnu and Wang Ziyan has always been the white moonlight in the minds of many people, and when she was young, her face had a bit of baby fat, but her eyes flowed, her eyebrows were clear, and she was gentle between her smile.

Now Li Ruotong is middle-aged, and still maintains self-discipline, fitness is her daily routine, but from some of her fitness videos, it will be found that she is too pursuing skinny beauty, and sometimes even skinny, like a skeleton.

When doing fitness exercises, Li Ruotong will even expose her tendons, looking very skinny, some like a big-headed doll.

Li Ruotong also indirectly proves that if you are too thin, let alone wear clothes, even boots may not fit, and a large piece of calf belly is vacant, which looks a little strange.

However, Sister Fan looked at Li Ruotong's recent situation, she seemed to have gained weight successfully, the flesh on her face returned, and her spirit also returned.


Ying'er, who is close to 1.7 meters tall, also revealed that she weighed less than 90 pounds, and she couldn't see her thinness from the video, but she just felt that her clothes were very loose.

But some of the raw pictures about Ying'er on the Internet have kept her in the controversy of excessive weight loss, such as the following one, the ribs on her chest are clearly defined, only to see the skinny, but can not taste "beauty".

In fact, Ying'er before was a big beauty full of flesh, with crooked eyebrows when she smiled, and even had a double chin, but she looked very cordial and very recognizable.

But Ying'er didn't seem to be satisfied with her fat self at that time, such as recalling the fat in the period of "A Thousand Mountains and Twilight Snow", she expressed her hope that she could travel back and play the heroine again in a state of 92 pounds.

Ying'er even revealed that in order to lose weight, she only ate an old godmother when she was hungry, and this perseverance was really beyond the reach of ordinary people.

But in fact, many netizens said that Ying'er was normal healthy and beautiful at that time, but it was later skinny, which made Ying'er's recognition decrease.

Zhang Tianai

As Gong Li's light replacement, Zhang Tianai's appearance conditions cannot be described as superior, such as the shocking dance in "The Crown Princess Promotion", which makes many fans miss it.

It's just that in the later stage, she seems to have fallen into the strange circle of excessive weight loss, such as sitting and squatting while removing makeup, such as the slimming recipe is white boiled eggs and cucumbers.

Is it more photogenic to lose weight? These 6 actresses are all skinny into ribs, but they are not as amorous as when they are fat

After watching some fitness meals shared by Zhang Tianai, I really have to sigh that those female stars who are desperately trying to lose weight, one by one, eat more vegetarian than rabbits, and people who are not ruthless to themselves, I am afraid it is difficult to do this.

These strict weight loss methods have indeed brought immediate results, on the stage of Sister Lang, Zhang Tianai's limbs are as thin as bamboo poles, and even the tight leather pants look a little loose, not to mention the right angle shoulders that are more exaggerated than a right angle ruler, and the skinny appearance makes people distressed to ask her to eat two more bites.

Even the stars in the circle can't see it, such as Yu Wenwen, who directly complained about Zhang Tianai as soon as they met: "You see that you are as thin as a skeleton shelf." ”

I don't know if I'm embarrassed, after listening to Yu Wenwen's complaint, Zhang Tianai smiled awkwardly, but in the variety show and red carpet behind, you will find that she is still ridiculously thin, perhaps in the eyes of many female stars, thin is also a unique label.


Compared with the thin to morbid body, those well-proportioned and even some fleshy bodies in many people are more worthy of pursuit.

Body may be a luxury for women, but health is a necessity for everyone.

Why be so obsessed with "thinness"? Should you eat and drink, isn't it better than the excessive pursuit of "white skinny and young", thin into a washboard fragrant?

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Author: Bian Bian Tuo


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