Hengdian Marathon, it's coming

author:The wind blew the hair

Yesterday it was still a cold spring rain. When I got up early, the sky was actually clear.

Whenever there is a big event in Hengdian, there is always a shadow of rain. For example, in the past, the market day, the opening day of the annual tourism festival, etc., locals said, this is to get money. I don't know if Cai has come, but it is a fact that Hengdian is developing quite well.

After three years of the epidemic, the number of people participating in Hengma this year is very large. From just seeing the players, to the arrival of the large army, to the sparse team tail. More than half an hour passed. The circle of friends is also the news of Hengma. If it weren't for the Hangzhou Marathon, there would have been more people coming.

From the official website: 1. The marathon (42.195 km) has a size of 5,000 people

  2. Half marathon (21.0975 km) with a capacity of 12,000 people

  3. Crossing run (9 km) with a capacity of 4,000 people

  4. Fun Run (4 km) (including Fun Run for individuals, couples, and family parents) with a scale of 4,000 people

  5. The total size of the event is 25,000 people

Hengdian's hotel made a proper profit.

Hengdian Marathon, it's coming
Hengdian Marathon, it's coming
Hengdian Marathon, it's coming

I hope that the future of Hengdian is getting better and better.