Touched by Gao Qiqiang? Questions of principle cannot be lost

"Crazy" only reached 26 episodes, but it included but was not limited to spoilers of colleagues and gossip groups, and it was born to the end.

The reasons for watching slowly are, firstly, the late opening time, and secondly, I want to rest for a while every time I watch a paragraph.

It's so tired, it's too disturbing, how can there be so many bad people.

Not to mention that it is not enough to reach the level of the bosses, it is so difficult for ordinary people to survive in the cracks.

And before watching the drama, Sister Pickpocket was bombarded with countless information about "Brother Qiang", saying how Gao Qiqiang is attractive and how attractive it is, making Sister Pickpocket afraid that she will fall in love with him when she watches the drama, which is not in line with values.

As a result, seeing the first few episodes, Li Xiang came to the fish stall, saying that An Xin was busy and came to see Gao Qiqiang on his behalf. Gao deliberately walked away and said loudly that Officer An and the Security Bureau really cared too much about me, and they had time to let the Security Bureau come over and pick fish.

Sister Pickpocket began to dislike him.


Gao Qiqiang is indeed a typical example of a counterattack, but many people exaggerate how simple and kind he was, and he was oppressed by the underworld forces with countless complaints, and finally had to choose to resist, which is really nonsense.

He is not simple and kind, but the start is too poor and there is no chance of development. Once given a little advantage, he absolutely took advantage of it.

You see him and his brother who helped the vendor level the video store, the temperament in his eyes, is it a fish seller Cuong who was beaten a few days ago?

Not to mention, he didn't rely purely on bluffing to pretend, and in the end he really talked with the other party.

Seeing this, he was a little confused, he probably really had no room to exert himself before, otherwise if he could show this hand, he would not be bullied like that by Xiaolong and Xiaohu.

As for the rapid rise of Gao Qiqiang behind, the gangsters who originally bullied him became die-hard subordinates, and he took down the opponents in black and white step by step, becoming bigger and stronger to the peak of life, which is a bit of the taste of male frequency goldfinger cool text.

Many people will unconsciously substitute Gao Qiqiang's perspective, feeling that his scenery along the way is infinitely raised, exciting and sensual.

Brother Qiang is sympathetic to his subordinates internally, decisive in external killing, hands and eyes are in the sky, not high in culture but super learning ability, but also loves his family and loves his wife and children, and never messes around outside.

If such a person does not succeed, who succeeds?

But in the eyes of ordinary people like Sister Pickpocket, they are very scared when they look at it.

If he relies on his cleverness and wit, a little cunning chicken thief, from selling fish to a small PHS Ah Qiang, and becoming a small business owner without worries about food and clothing, I still feel that it is reliable to get rich with both hands.

But if I have to become a local tyrant in order to make my life stable and not be bullied, I will only feel hopeless.

Sister Pickpocket doesn't understand very well, why do people feel relieved to see the rise of the Gao family, does this have anything to do with you?

It is nothing more than that the original Qian in this city was surnamed Xu and surnamed Bai and surnamed Chen, and later became surnamed Gao.

The city head changed the banner of the king, or involved in the black, which is even more outrageous.

If this is reasonable, the only way for ordinary people to suffer if they do not fall is to suffer.


It's not that TV dramas can only be true, good and beautiful, of course, villains are necessary, and characters can certainly be made very attractive.

It's just that some people especially agree, appreciate, and even adore Gao Qiqiang.

He sent Tang Xiaolong a game hall plus a casino, with a net profit of 400,000 yuan a month, and many people were intoxicated.

Say such a big brother who does not love.

He is good to his subordinates, that is his subordinates work for him, he eats fish if he wants, and if you disobey, he disappears;

He is good to his younger siblings, who used to depend on each other.

The eldest brother and sister-in-law all know that du products must not be held, but knowing that his younger brother is involved in du, he will thunder and rain little, and after a few slaps, he said that he would stop selling out.

Are you a younger brother, in which discotheque you will only be stuffed with the medicine that your brother sells.

Some people substitute the perspective of the sister-in-law, and feel that Brother Qiang hurts his wife and children, and the key is not biological, which is simply too Su.

This is even more ridiculous.

First of all, the sister-in-law was originally the big guy, and the sister-in-law decided who was the eldest brother, and only after marrying the eldest sister-in-law did she open the door to the eldest brother.

The sister-in-law guided everything about Brother Qiang's life, bringing him resources and another way to see the world.

Who doesn't like a sister-in-law (except Gao Qisheng)?

But some people probably just enjoy the sweetness of "spoiling me alone", the thrill of calling the wind and rain, and the sister-in-law's 5-figure coat and 8-figure bag.

As for the evil that comes from the wrong way and the people's panic and precariousness, it is all a man's business, I don't understand.


Where does the charm of strong brothers come from, it is nothing more than calling the wind and rain to cover the sky with one hand.

It also went to the system, which coincided with the current trend of loving "local qi and hall atmosphere".

Zhang Songwen posted at the end of the play that his favorite moment of Gao Qiqiang's life is still when he sold fish, and Xiao Qiangxing was happy enough.

But if Brother Qiang has been selling fish, no matter how kind he is, who cares?

The villain is charming, limited to the viewing experience, trouble do not overly substitute into real life.

There is a hot search that says "why does Gao Qiqiang make people hate it", in fact, it is very disgusting, who told you that you can't hate it?

At the beginning, he was still able to resist Xiaolong Xiaohu, but later he was forced?

Some people appreciate villains and can even transfer their anger to the right way.

An Xin obstructs the crime, just can't get by with Brother Qiang, which is annoying.

Even at the beginning, An Xin brought dumplings to Gao Qiqiang out of full kindness, persuading him not to mix with Xiaolong Xiaohu, which was also interpreted as "superiority" and "high and high".

Blamed by the underworld, do not dare to blame the underworld, blame the police?

Because he loves the villain, An Xin is wrong in everything, and even refusing Gao Qiqiang's sister's show of love is hypocritical.

And because he loved the villain, in the end, Huang Yao reported Gao Qiqiang, and he was scolded from the role to the actor.

Bearing the revenge of killing his father, lurking beside the murderer, enduring the humiliation and bearing the burden of turning over and taking revenge, this routine is not uncommon.

Why did it make so many people break the defense when it was placed on Huang Yao?

Gao Qiqiang adopted Huang Yao and trained her to work in the group, which is kind to her, so Huang Yao should not backstab.

But the premise is that Lao Mo took several lives for Gao Qiqiang, and Gao adopted Huang Yao out of a little guilt, and she is not an adopted daughter at home, but a higher position than a maid under the fence, and she can also sacrifice tools when necessary.

If the group is so good, why does Gao Qiqiang never let his younger brothers and sisters into the group?

Say that Huang Yao is an unfamiliar white-eyed wolf, but you are a dog who barks happily when you give a piece of meat, but it's a pity that you can't even eat hot.

Normal people watch the drama and feel that the plot is unreasonable, but also evaluate the characters and rhythm from an artistic point of view.

On the whole, they tend to hope that An Xin will turn over quickly, and the underworld forces will be eliminated as soon as possible.

But some people watch the drama and feel that the ending is sloppy, just because they don't want the villain to be caught soon.

Some people pretend to be rational and say that they don't like An Xin because he has privileges.

You are high, you are amazing.

Because Cuong started from selling fish, diligent and innocent?

An Xin's so-called privilege is nothing more than because his adoptive father is the director.

But if this is really a privilege, he will not watch the underworld and evil forces become bigger and stronger, his sweetheart meets people who are not shy, his hair is gray, his back is poor, and he is bitter.

He is indeed annoying many times, but he chose to fight the path to the end, is it true that he has nothing but sin, this is a privilege? (Even the pig's foot noodles have to pay for Cuong)

If once Anxin appears, the underworld forces will be afraid of a little, it is not because of privilege.

No matter how arrogant Gao Qiqiang is, he doesn't dare to cross the police cordon, is he afraid of An Xin?

But seriously, the audience will have different emotions about the positive and negative characters, in addition to the actors portrayed in place, it also has a lot to do with the director and screenwriter.

The normal effect should have been that the audience saw how the underworld forces slowly rose and became afraid.

But the villain image is portrayed too hard, resulting in the space of the positive character being squeezed, which is counterproductive.

Someone asked a question, where does An Xin live every day?

But if you can take out the time when the villain's family eats and drinks in a luxurious villa, and arranges a little plot for An Xin to grow and live as a normal person, An Xin will not seem so stereotyped.

The villain's end is obviously deserved, but watching the drama will feel that the director is deliberately sensationalizing.

The roles of the underworld are full, and the police team either pulls their crotches or can't make a difference;

Even death is rendered by the villain with a more atmospheric atmosphere.

Gao Qisheng died there, Li Xiang was carried away, the camera was given to Gao Qiqiang, and BGM sounded.

Yang Jian next to him actually looked understanding, sympathetic, and unbearable.

Those who say that Gao Qiqiang has feelings and righteousness and a sense of responsibility, haven't they seen An Xin, Li Xiang, Tan Siyan, including Lu Han's responsibility and sacrifice?

What do they picture, what do they make, do they have luxury cars and millions of watches?

After Li Xiang's sacrifice, An Xin went to work as a traffic policeman, squatting down on the street and crying, and Gao Qiqiang drove by.

I was told that this is where the real plot ends.

Some people can still sip a handful of Cp, it's really looking for sugar in.

You can't always treat a work of art with a stereotyped three views, but it doesn't mean that you have to abandon the most fundamental bottom line.

A person should be judged from many angles, but the indiscriminate killing of innocent people who use power for personal gain cannot be easily erased because of his warmth for his family.

Moved by the villain's humanity, you can consider being killed by him once, anyway, "there is no absolute justice and evil", maybe you deserve it?

You think that these people are watching the drama and are moved by the acting skills of the actors.

In fact, they are eager to marry their sister-in-law and worship their godfather, and they successfully counterattack with Goldfinger;

Longing to enjoy the pleasure of becoming a big brother and insulting others at will.

In a questionnaire, those who choose to become Gao Qiqiang have an absolute advantage.

It doesn't speak for everyone, at least it reflects a little problem.

To tell you the truth, Sister Pickpocket doesn't want to be An Xin, that kind of loneliness and pain is not something that ordinary people can bear. But in contrast, he wants to stay away from Gao Qiqiang.

He goes to hurt his family, loves his subordinates, spoils his sister-in-law, and it's best not to have any contact with me.

As an ordinary person, do you wish there was more around you, is it An Xin, who has a twisted brain, or Gao Qiqiang, who is charming and evil?

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