Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search

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November 13

The UFC 281 match that ended in New York

China's Zhang Weili defeated Carla Espaza

Regained the women's strawweight belt

After regaining the belt

Zhang Weili and Carla Espaza

Ross, Amanda Núñez

Become together

There are only 4 in the history of the UFC

A female player who has won the championship many times

Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search

Zhang Weili (Red Fang) uses naked stranding as soon as he starts. Video screenshots

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Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search

In August 2019, Zhang Weili defeated Andrade to become Asia's first UFC champion. In March 2020, Zhang Weili defeated Joanna in the title defense. But after that, she lost the belt twice in 2021.

Five months ago, Zhang Weili won a rematch with Joanna and also got the opportunity to challenge for the belt again. After encountering Andrade, Joanna and Ross in succession, Zhang Weili welcomed the original women's strawweight champion, 34-year-old Carla Espaza, today. In May, Carla defeated Ross to regain the belt after eight years.

Carla Esparza is only 1.55 meters tall, 8 centimeters shorter than Zhang Weili. To rank among the top strawweight fighters, Carla Esparza relies more on her excellent wrestling and ground skills. Before entering the UFC, Kara had won the All-American Wrestling Championship and had outstanding ground ability.

Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search

In an interview before the game, Zhang Weili said that she was not worried about Carla dragging the game to the ground, "I also want to bring her to the ground, after practicing for such a long time, I also want to test the results of the training." Previously, Zhang Weili relied more on standing skills, and her strike accuracy and hits per minute were better than Kara's. However, today's Zhang Weili technology is more comprehensive, and the ground technology is more mature.

Zhang Weili said before the game that he wanted to end the game as soon as possible and did not want to give the opportunity to decide the victory or defeat to the referee. The course of the game was also just as Zhang Weili predicted, she controlled the rhythm in the opening game. In the second round, Zhang Weili knocked out Carla Espazza naked and regained the belt.

Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search
Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search
Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search
Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search

Zhang Weili (Red) on the field. Image source: CCTV News WeChat public account

Zhang Weili: I am the great beauty of the world

After winning the belt again today, she became the third fighter to regain the women's strawweight title after Ross and Carla.

Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search

After 5 belt battles since 2019, Zhang Weili has become mature and more worth looking forward to. "I am the beauty of the world." She said.

In the first two belt battles, Zhang Weili defeated Andrade and Joanna in succession. The rematch with Joanna in May this year directly retired.

But in last year's two belt battles with Ross, Zhang Weili was in the downside overall, and the 21-game winning streak was ended. Especially in the rematch, Zhang Weili, who was fully prepared, still lost to Ross. In an interview this week, Zhang Weili revealed that she had just changed teams before the rematch with Ross, and the new way of reducing weight made her very uncomfortable, and she felt that her arm was going to cramp in the second round.

After a series of ups and downs such as winning the belt, defending the title, losing twice, and winning the right to challenge again, Zhang Weili is now more calm and peaceful. In an interview with the Beijing News this week, Zhang Weili also talked about her change in mentality, "Now I am more calm in the face of anything. Success or failure, details or details. ”

In 2019, Zhang Weili won the belt for the first time, which also made more Chinese understand the sport MMA (mixed martial arts). Three years later, she won the belt again, and Zhang Weili also changed from "China's greatness" to "the world's greatness". After regaining the belt, Zhang Weili said in an interview at the scene that she has many ways to finish her opponents, and naked stranding is one of them. "I'm back! I want to say thank you to all the fans who encouraged me and supported me. Zhang Weili said that the first time she took the belt was in China, when she was still a Chinese Weili, "Now, I am the world's Weili." ”

After signing with the UFC in 2018, Zhang Weili took some time to adjust to the circle. Today, Zhang Weili has better English, better adapted to mixed martial arts culture, has become friends with Joanna, and can joke with famous fighters such as Chandler and Naganno.

When asked whether it is more important to defeat the opponent or defeat herself, 32-year-old Zhang Weili chose "defeat herself" without hesitation: "The biggest opponent in life is herself, and the most difficult to defeat is also herself." In fact, we are competing with ourselves every day, so breaking through ourselves is the most important thing! ”

Netizen: "Sister is really a cow! ”

Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search
Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search
Reclaim the belt! Zhang Weili, Baping hot search

(Harbin Daily)

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