See you at 8 o'clock in the news丨Regain the belt! Zhang Weili: Now, I am the beauty of the world

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See you at 8 o'clock in the news丨Regain the belt! Zhang Weili: Now, I am the beauty of the world

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On November 13, in the UFC 281 bout in New York, China's Zhang Weili defeated Carla Esparza to regain the women's strawweight belt.

See you at 8 o'clock in the news丨Regain the belt! Zhang Weili: Now, I am the beauty of the world

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In August 2019, Zhang Weili defeated Andrade to become Asia's first UFC champion. In March 2020, Zhang Weili defeated Joanna in the title defense match. But after that, she lost to Ross twice in 2021 and lost the belt.

Five months ago, Zhang Weili won the rematch with Joanna and also got the opportunity to challenge for the belt again.

Zhang Weili said before the game that she would end the game as soon as possible and did not want to leave the opportunity to decide the victory or defeat to the referee. The progress of the game was just as Zhang Weili predicted, and she controlled the rhythm at the beginning. In the second round, Zhang Weili submitted Carla Esparza naked.

After regaining the belt, Zhang Weili, along with Carla Esparza, Ross and Amanda Nunez, became the only four female fighters in UFC history to win multiple championships. Read the full article >>>

In 2019, Zhang Weili won the belt for the first time, which also let more Chinese understand the sport of MMA (mixed martial arts). Three years later, she won the belt again, and Zhang Weili also changed from "China's beauty" to "the world's beauty". "I'm back! I want to say thank you to all the fans who encouraged me and supported me. Zhang Weili said that the first time she took the gold belt was in China, when she was only a Chinese Weili, "Now, I am the Weili of the world." Read the full article >>>

This sentence reveals confidence and has rich meaning. On the day before the game, Zhang Weili was presented with the New York Knicks "team uniform" to participate in the event at Madison Square Garden, which was full of popularity. In a way, she has already "integrated into the world" and turned Madison into her "home field".

She has been training abroad, changing and adjusting her coaching team for a long time, and not only as an opponent, but also as friends with several world-class players. A richer and more three-dimensional Zhang Weili was born, who is not only the winner, but also the spokesperson of this women's sport.

Now, people admire Zhang Weili, not only for her championship and belt, but also for the spirit she represents: hard training, confident and open personality, and the courage to constantly integrate into the world and take on new challenges. Read the full article >>>

Beijing held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control today. According to reports, there were 170 new cases of infection in Beijing, including 14 social cases; Many clusters of epidemics involve crowded places such as express logistics and catering institutions; Beijing immediately lifted the quarantine measures after risk assessment for the close contact under management; The "epidemic prevention health information group book" service test was launched, and it does not replace the "Health Bao" bright code, scan code and other applications.

According to reports, from 0:00 to 15:00 on November 13, there were 170 new cases of local new coronavirus infection in Beijing, including 156 cases of isolation and observation personnel and 14 cases of social screeners; 59 cases in Chaoyang District, 20 cases in Tongzhou District, 14 cases each in Dongcheng District and Haidian District, 13 cases each in Changping District and Daxing District, 12 cases in Fengtai District, 9 cases in Shunyi District, 8 cases in Xicheng District, 4 cases in Mentougou District, 2 cases in Fangshan District, 1 case each in Shijingshan District and Economic and Technological Development Zone; There was 1 case of common type, 97 cases of mild type, and 72 cases of asymptomatic infection.

Liu Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced that at present, the number of new cases and epidemics in the city continues to increase, showing a multi-point development trend, and many clusters of epidemics involve construction sites, express logistics, catering institutions, nursing homes, schools, hotels and other crowded places, we must adhere to scientific accuracy, deal with sudden epidemics with speed, and strictly prevent the spillover and spread of the epidemic.

Xu Hejian, spokesman for the Beijing Municipal Government, said that the number of new local cases in Beijing continues to increase, the areas involved have expanded, the epidemic is in a period of progress, and the pressure on prevention and control continues to increase. It is necessary to fully understand the severe and complex epidemic prevention and control situation, overcome burnout and war weariness, boost morale, strengthen confidence, adhere to speed, take more resolute and decisive control measures, curb the momentum of the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible, and resolutely win the current round of epidemic annihilation war.

Xu Hejian said that since November 12, Beijing has adjusted the isolation period for close contacts and inbound personnel, no longer screened close contacts, and adjusted the risk zone level and the positive judgment criteria for inbound personnel. For the close contact under management, after risk assessment, the isolation measures are immediately lifted, and the risk notification is done simultaneously, prompting individuals and people living with them to do protection and health monitoring. For medium-risk areas under management, after risk assessment, the rules for determining high- and low-risk areas have been adjusted immediately.

Xu Hejian said that it is necessary to dynamically optimize and improve the epidemic prevention management policies for entering and returning to Beijing, smooth the relief channels, and improve the timeliness of handling. For medical treatment, commuting, students, freight drivers, etc., adhere to the "one case and one discussion" and "effective relief", maximize the smooth channels for medical treatment, improve commuting efficiency, and ensure market supply. Continue to provide special relief to people stranded outside Beijing, carry out regular relief work, sort out the situation of people with a history of travel and residence in risky counties outside Beijing, and dynamically update the permanent population information database. Timely accept citizens' 12345 WeChat public account and hotline to enter and return to Beijing, timely verify relevant risks, and ensure that imported risk prevention and control is more accurate and in place.

Peng Xuehai, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, said that in order to implement the national epidemic prevention requirements, efficiently coordinate the epidemic prevention and control of the capital and economic and social development, in response to the practical difficulties such as insufficient epidemic prevention forces of social institutions and unclear accounts for epidemic prevention and control, Beijing Municipal Testing launched the "epidemic prevention health information group book" service, the "group book" is oriented to social institutions, and after registration as needed, it can provide group inquiry services on the health status, nucleic acid days, and vaccination status of the institution's personnel, helping social institutions refine the epidemic prevention account. Do a good job in epidemic-related risk verification, and do a scientific and accurate job in prevention and control. Read the full article >>>

From 0:00 today, Beijing officially started heating for residents, is your home hot?

This morning, at the West Malaysia Heating Plant in Fengtai District, a 116 MW peak boiler and a 14 MW boiler have been ignited into operation. The reporter saw on the heating system monitoring platform that the outlet temperature of the boiler reached more than 81.2 °C this morning. According to the staff, due to the sudden drop in the temperature in Beijing, in order to reach 18 °C in the room temperature of residents' homes from the 13th, the boiler room started the peak boiler in advance.

After the official heating, the room temperature in the residents' homes must reach the standard stably, that is, above 18 °C, if it is found that the heating in the home is not hot, the residents can call the service telephone of the heating unit in time to report for repair. At 6 o'clock this morning, the West Malaysia Heating Plant received its first call for repair. Li Wei, director of the Majiapu Heating Service Center of Fengtai Branch of Beijing Heat Power Group, said: "Residents report that the heating in their homes is half cool and half hot, and we analyze that it may be the 'nest gas' of the heating pipes in the home. "After receiving the call from the residents, Tao Jitao, a staff member of the West Malaysia Heating Plant, grabbed his tools and rushed to the residents' homes as soon as possible." "Nest gas" actually means that there is gas in the heating pipe in the resident's home, which resists the heating and enters the indoor pipe normally. After Tao Jitao arrived at the residents' homes, he tried to empty the gas in the heating pipe, and in less than a moment, the heating pipe became hot.

The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Urban Management Commission that in the 2022-2023 heating season, the heating area in urban areas of Beijing is expected to reach 933 million square meters, of which 657 million square meters are heated by residents, and clean heating is basically achieved in urban areas. During the formal heating period, each heating unit will increase the frequency of inspection of heating equipment and facilities and room temperature sampling test, eliminate potential safety hazards in time, solve various problems affecting heating standards, and ensure that the heating temperature meets the standards. At the same time, we will continue to promote micro-circulation service models such as "heating butler" and grid, take the initiative to provide services, solve the problems reported by users at the first time, and achieve "first to deal with without litigation".

Yin Bo, deputy director of the Heating Office of the Beijing Municipal Urban Management Commission, said that if citizens find that the heating is not hot, running water and leaking water in their homes, they can directly call the service telephone of the community heating unit to report for repair, which is the fastest way. If the heating unit is not dealt with in time or the community is not ignited and running, you can call the municipal or district heating service supervision telephone to complain. Read the full article >>>

Liu Qi (pseudonym) and others, who went camping by the Yellow River, were trapped on the Yellow River beach for 22 days due to the outbreak of the epidemic in Zhengzhou. They dig pits for warmth, pick beans to feed their hunger, and what was once a relaxing "outdoor trip" has become "wilderness life."

See you at 8 o'clock in the news丨Regain the belt! Zhang Weili: Now, I am the beauty of the world

The earthen pit and canopy built by Liu Qi and his party. Photo courtesy of respondents

Business was not busy under the epidemic, so Liu Qi and his friends planned the trip, which was the Yellow River Beach in Xingyang, Zhengzhou, less than an hour's drive. "We thought it should be safer and not affected by the epidemic." Liu Qi said.

The first two days they spent the first two days, eating barbecue, drinking beer, and chatting and playing poker together on the banks of the Yellow River in the evening. Time passed very quickly, the five people got carried away, and they didn't pay much attention to the epidemic in between. It wasn't until they planned to leave on the 14th that they knew that the epidemic prevention and control in Zhengzhou had been upgraded in the past two days, and many village roads and township roads had been closed and controlled.

It was a relaxing outdoor trip, but it was full of uncertainty due to the outbreak of the epidemic in Zhengzhou. According to information released by the Henan Provincial Health Commission, from October 12 to 14, that is, during the three days that Liu Qi was outdoors, there were 24 new local confirmed cases in Zhengzhou.

On the morning of the 14th, they drove out of the beach and were about to go up the village road, when they found that the entrance to the village road was blocked by iron sheets, which was the only road they knew of to return from the Yellow River beach. Although they are less than an hour's drive from home, they have nowhere to go, almost stuck in an isolated island, and have to re-tent and wait for the lockdown to be lifted.

Liu Qi said: "During this period, we didn't want to go back early, and every time I was idle, I would pay attention to the dynamics of the epidemic in Zhengzhou. We found that the epidemic situation is becoming more and more serious, many districts and counties have begun to be silent, the community group informs every day that the community implements 'no in, no exit' lockdown measures, and I also see that some people in the community try to turn out the community and are taken to the police station. At that time, 24-hour nucleic acid was also required everywhere, we did not have nucleic acid, even if we tried to pass the village road, we were worried that we would not be able to return to the community, and there would be more accidents, so I had to wait for the unblocking and then return, during which we did not communicate with the official. ”

For 22 days, they dug pits for heating and picked beans to feed their hunger. The quiet and desolate Yellow River beach witnesses their "wilderness life" of bitter pleasure.

On November 2, the day he drove away from the Yellow River Beach, he saw that the poplar leaves at the intersection had changed from verdant green to withered yellow, and time had a real sense in Liu Qi's heart. Read the full article >>>

The results of the US midterm elections are announced, and the Democratic Party will continue to control the Senate.

See you at 8 o'clock in the news丨Regain the belt! Zhang Weili: Now, I am the beauty of the world

On November 13, 2022 local time, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, US President Biden, who is visiting Cambodia, issued a statement on the results of the midterm elections in the United States. Photo/IC photo

On November 12, Democratic candidate Masto of Nevada Senator defeated his Republican opponent with 48.7 percent of the vote. So far, the Democratic Party has won 50 seats in the US Senate, narrowly gaining control of the Senate.

Although the Democratic Party's gain of control of the Senate is considered the best midterm performance of the incumbent president's party since 2002, the Atlantic pointed out that such election results in the face of high inflation in the United States, general public unease about the economy and Biden's consistently low approval rating show how rigid American politics has become, resisting major changes even in times of turmoil and resentment.

But the election results mean a different thing for Republicans. The British "Guardian" said that the election result was another blow suffered in multiple rounds of competition between Republicans and Democrats.

At the same time, there will be more accusations within the Republican Party about who is to blame for the party's poor performance in the midterm elections.

The British "Guardian" pointed out that so far, a lot of attention has been focused on Trump, believing that the poor performance of several key states he helped to run for the election will lead to such a situation, and Republicans have publicly called on Trump not to announce a 2024 presidential campaign.

The US midterm elections are still in the dust, and although the results of the Senate election have been released and the Democrats have locked down control of the Senate, it is still unknown who can seize control of the House of Representatives.

Outside analysts believe that in this midterm election, no matter who finally gains control of the Senate and the House of Representatives, it may be difficult to change the situation of the division of the US government. Read the full article >>>

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