At the age of 20, he became the first generation of Chinese movie stars and was scolded by his brother: brazen and humiliated

author:Sunny Bunshi Pavilion

In 1923, at the age of 20, Wang Hanlun resigned from his position as a typist in the foreign trade and officially joined the Star Film Company and became a film actor. When the brother found out, he scolded: "Cheeky and shameless, insulting the court!" Wang Hanlun was angry: "If you think I'm a disgrace, then don't come and go!" ”

Wang Hanlun is the first generation of Chinese movie stars, she was not originally surnamed Wang, but Peng, her original name, called Peng Jianqing.

The Peng family is a large feudal family, Wang Hanlun has seven brothers and sisters in the family, the youngest of whom she grew up beautiful and lovely, and is the pearl in the palm of her father.

Under the careful cultivation of her father, Wang Hanlun received a good education, and when she was a teenager, she was also sent to St. Mary's College, a church school, which greatly increased her knowledge and insight, and her English was also excellent.

But when Wang Hanlun was 16 years old, his father died. It also meant that her good fortune came to an abrupt end.

1. Forced to marry

During the Republic of China period, China still had a large number of feudal remnants, such as the death of the father and the brother. Coincidentally, Wang Hanlun's brother was a very feudal man.

Not only did he not allow his sister to continue studying, but he also overbearing arranged marriages for his sister. Although Wang Hanlun desperately resisted, he was eventually forced to put on his wedding dress.

The marriage was painful. After Wang Hanlun discovered that her husband not only messed with Japanese women all day, but even engaged in the act of collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country, she resolutely chose to divorce him.

When the brother learned that his sister was going to divorce, he not only did not help his sister, but also threatened her: "If you dare to divorce, don't go home!" ”

Wang Hanlun was not bluffed, she resolutely divorced, and refused to collect the 300 yuan alimony given by her ex-husband. Because she does not want to have the slightest involvement with people who betray the country.

At the age of 20, he became the first generation of Chinese movie stars and was scolded by his brother: brazen and humiliated

2. Break with the family

After the divorce, Wang Hanlun had a hard time.

At that time, there were very few job opportunities for women. Although Wang Hanlun has a cultural foundation and has worked hard to find a job as a primary school teacher, the reward is also pitiful, not even enough for her to survive.

Wang Hanlun learned English typing while teaching, and three months later, she was hired as a typist in a foreign firm, and she was finally able to make ends meet.

In 1923, Wang Hanlun was given the opportunity to change his destiny. At that time, the star film company was recruiting a female lead for the movie "Orphans Save the Ancestors", and colleagues suggested that Wang Hanlun, who was beautiful in both Chinese and English, to audition, and was selected in one fell swoop.

Knowing that being an actor can get 500 yuan in film remuneration, and there is a monthly allowance of 20 yuan, Wang Hanlun was overjoyed, which was a huge amount of money at the time.

At the age of 20, he became the first generation of Chinese movie stars and was scolded by his brother: brazen and humiliated

Wang Hanlun quickly told her brother the good news, and she felt that the reason why his brother hindered his work before was probably because he did not believe in his ability. Now that he can earn money to support his family, his brother should be happy for himself.

Unexpectedly, when my brother heard that Wang Hanlun was going to be an actor, he was furious on the spot and scolded her: "What kind of movie actor?" Don't you know that the drama is three religions and nine streams? You don't look at what kind of family we are, you are insulting the door! ”

Wang Hanlun was stunned, being an actor does not steal or rob, it is also a serious job, how can it insult the door wind?

The brother continued to rebuke Wang Hanlun: "Quickly quit this job, honestly marry and have children, a girl, do not know the sky is high, do not know the height of the world, all to the family shame!" ”

Wang Hanlun was enraged, and she responded loudly: "Since I am insulted and insulted, then I can break off relations with my family." From today on, I will no longer be surnamed Peng, and you will no longer interfere in my destiny. ”

At this point, the former Peng Jianqing is gone, and in its place is Wang Hanlun, who is committed to relying on his own strength and living in dignity.

The surname "Wang" was chosen because the tiger was the king of the beasts, and she wanted to have the fearless power of a tiger.

3. Embark on the path of stardom

Wang Hanlun does have two brushes.

She was a natural actor, at that time, many actors were influenced by civilized drama, focusing on performance procedures and techniques, and acting was very stereotypical. Wang Hanlun is good at integrating his life experience and feelings into the role, acting very real and natural, and winning the sympathy and love of countless audiences.

Good actors and good work go hand in hand.

The film "Orphans Save the Ancestors" has achieved great success and created many firsts: the first successful domestic feature film, huge box office, excellent public opinion, and the first social problem film.

This film made Wang Hanlun a well-known tragic star, and later, she starred in films such as "Bitter Daughter and Weak Girl", "A Little Worker", "Abandoned Woman", "Good Widow" and other films, with the title of "the first tragic Dan on the screen".

But even so, Wang Helen still did not get the treatment that female stars should have. Her situation is very difficult, she is detained and squeezed by the company everywhere, and her seemingly glamorous appearance cannot hide her heartache and helplessness.

At the age of 20, he became the first generation of Chinese movie stars and was scolded by his brother: brazen and humiliated

Therefore, Wang Hanlun, who did not dare to admit his fate, decided to challenge his new role in life - to be the boss. She founded the Hanlon Film Company and filmed the film Blind Love.

The film tells the story of the love triangle between the paranoid man Youwen who can't court, beat his love enemy Yu Runan to the blind eye, and detains the object of his love, Wang Youlan, in an earthen prison.

Many years later, Youlan escaped from the prison to find Runan, but Ru Nan did not believe that this old and ugly woman was Youlan. Finally, Youlan drew his sword and killed himself.

The film is a complete tragedy, but the intention is still very profound. Wang Hanlun hopes that through the positive guiding role of the film, people will be inspired to let go of paranoia, be less blind, and do more things that are beneficial to society and do not violate their conscience.

But soon, the September 18 Incident occurred, and the Japanese began to intervene in the film industry, hoping to use the film to promote their colonial ideas. Wang Hanlun, who did not want to be a traitor, immediately shut down the film company.

4. Tragic marriage

After quitting the film and television industry, Wang Hanlun took out his savings and opened a beauty salon, named "Hanlun Beauty Salon". Under the careful care of Wang Hanlun, the business quickly became prosperous.

During this time, she met a man named Wang Jihuan. Wang Jihuan looks gentle and elegant, knowledgeable, and pursues Wang Hanlun very warmly, and after being single for many years, Wang Hanlun is impressed and considers getting married.

In 1933, because the beauty salon was coerced by the Japanese, Wang Hanlun closed the beauty salon and left Shanghai to Hangzhou to hold a wedding with Wang Jihuan.

Wang Hanlun did not expect that this marriage was more terrible than the last time.

Wang Jihuan was not only drunk and moody, but even forced Wang Hanlun to eat his own foot dirt and snot. At the same time, Wang Hanlun was not allowed to go out, and when he went out, he would send someone to monitor it.

Just like Wang Hanlun in purgatory once again made up his mind to divorce. She spent almost all her money to hire a lawyer to fight a lawsuit to get rid of Wang Jihuan, a "perverted man".

The damage to Wang Hanlun in this marriage was heartbreaking, and she did not choose to remarry for the rest of her life.

Throughout the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Wang Hanlun, who was lonely and unwilling to bow to the Japanese, became poor and had to live by selling furniture and clothes, but she never allowed herself to do anything that betrayed her conscience and undermined the country's character.

In 1978, Wang Hanlun died of illness in Shanghai at the age of 75.

At the age of 20, he became the first generation of Chinese movie stars and was scolded by his brother: brazen and humiliated

From the victim of an arranged marriage to become China's first generation of female movie stars, Wang Hanlun is inspirational and wonderful.

Although her married life was not happy, the development of her career was also under the trickery of the times, and she did not achieve the desired achievements.

But in such a chaotic world, a weak woman can break through the world with her own strength; With no way back, she still dared to say no to a bad marriage. This in itself represents an energy.

Wang Hanlun once said in his self-description: "In my old Chinese customs and habits, women had to rely on men to live, and often suffered from the pain in the family, unable to solve themselves. The root cause is that women cannot stand on their own. I like that we women have the spirit of self-reliance, and women must find a normal career if they want to be self-reliant. ”

Self-reliance and self-improvement are the only way for Wang Hanlun to control his own destiny.

The most valuable thing is that Wang Hanlun has never betrayed his motherland at any time. She would rather endure poverty and hardship than give up her bottom line, which is very remarkable.

If the country lives and dies by profit, it is better to avoid it because of misfortune and happiness.

Wang Hanlun's story is worth remembering.

At the age of 20, he became the first generation of Chinese movie stars and was scolded by his brother: brazen and humiliated

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