Lin Yanjun people set collapse, fans painfully asked ten times! Is celebrity setup a scam?

author:Eat melon little sir

Recently, Lin Yanjun has frequently appeared on the hot search, but netizens have said that they do not know this person, and they cannot eat melons.

Let's put it this way, he is one of the members of NINE PERCENT, Cai Xukun, Chen Linong, and Fan Chengcheng are his teammates.

Lin Yanjun couldn't sleep all night after collapsing the house, apologized at three o'clock in the morning, and declared that he was now single.

Lin Yanjun people set collapse, fans painfully asked ten times! Is celebrity setup a scam?

But it's all collapsed, who cares if you're single or not?

Here Lin Yanjun did not understand what his fans wanted.

I probably haven't really thought about what being an idol means to my fans!

There is also a small editor who feels that breaking up with his girlfriend as soon as an accident is even a stopgap measure, it seems that Lin Yanjun is not responsible enough.

Recently, Lin Yanjun was revealed to have spent three days and three nights with a beautiful woman hotel, and was later pulled out by netizens that the woman was suspected of being an Internet celebrity.

Because Lin Yanjun had previously vowed that he liked temperamental girls, he had always set himself a high-cold literary and artistic model.

Look at this humble expression plus this ignorant look, and the cute raised hands, more like a pure love boy who looks forward to the pure goddess.

Lin Yanjun people set collapse, fans painfully asked ten times! Is celebrity setup a scam?

However, Lin Yanjun himself had a deep affection for the woman wearing a revealing tattoo behind his back...

Some friends may say that women dress freely, but this sister is not just as simple as wearing revealing movements to wipe the edges.

Lin Yanjun people set collapse, fans painfully asked ten times! Is celebrity setup a scam?

It is rumored on the Internet that she is a welfare ji and will betray her photo album.

Some of the photos with men online are also jaw-dropping.

He also posted a suspicious invitation to the outside network plus actions and some views of the three views and one place.

There are also rumors that she is a habitual third.

At present, Qianbujizi has cancelled the accounts of various social platforms.

For the sake of the security of the article, some diagrams and some words cannot be put out here.

And Lin Yanjun often posts some literary style copy on social platforms, even if he is frequently copied by the real hammer, he refuses to give up the personality of the literary and artistic model.

Therefore, xiaobian here mainly talks about some views on the idol design from the matter of Lin Yanjun's collapse of the house.

Question: Do you think that the celebrity setting is a fraud?

Xiaobian thinks it's a count!

Think about why fans would have such a fanatical love for someone they never knew.

It must be because this person fits his heart in some way, and there will be an emotional sustenance.

Xiaobian discovered a major feature of star-chasing fans: fantasy!

Fans do not hesitate to work hard to hurt their money for the illusion of unilateral social relations in their hearts.

Even if the stars are hammered by various scandals, there are fans who protect the stars.

And this fantasy is not inexplicably generated, it is the star who set up a person to give fans the basis for fantasy.

For example, a star is a hard-working and strong persona.

Fans naturally think that the idol has a hard time, and they feel sympathy and heartache.

So as to increase the energy and money invested in his idol, help him succeed, and make him stop working so hard.

And finally wait for the star fame and fortune to go to the peak of life.

Fans say to themselves again that he deserves everything!

And what the star wants is the investment of the fans.

Obviously, the persona created for the huge fan market is a deception.

The personalities created by celebrities and agencies are fake, but the money that has gained a lot of fans is real.

The deceived are paying for such a lie.

When the idol set collapsed, the fans suddenly woke up.

After Lin Yanjun collapsed the room, fans painfully issued ten consecutive questions.

Lin Yanjun people set collapse, fans painfully asked ten times! Is celebrity setup a scam?

I don't know if Lin Yanjun will answer these fans who are sad for themselves?

Of course, there are also some fans who are immersed in their own fantasies and refuse to face reality, and these fans are often called ugly titles.

Therefore, Xiaobian feels that the personality of the star who does not belong to his own attributes is a fraud.

Now the entertainment industry has no special punishment for the collapse of human design.

Do you think it is necessary to punish the stars of false people in detail and specifically?

For example, refund the fan's previous money investment and mental loss fees, and the fan can sue him for cheating.

Although this idea is difficult to implement, it is always possible to formulate a suitable solution.

Society is so complex that it has not yet formulated various regulations so that people can live and work in peace and contentment.

What do you think?

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