From Lin Yanjun's matter, let's talk about the love bean collapse house

author:Autumn winds take away the summer rains

Recently, Lin Yanjun, who many people don't know, actually went on Weibo hot search for three days! Because it was exposed that he and a woman took takeaway to the hotel room together, and then pulled out that the woman was a side-rubbing woman, and also knew that three were three, and exposed several photos of playing Texas Hold'em with people, there were chips on the table, so it was suspected of participating in gambling. At first, just the fans were not calm, and then many people who had not heard his name began to spread various materials, and the whole network ate melons! More than a dozen hot searches for three days, I did not think that it would be on the hot search, the top stars have not been like this!

From Lin Yanjun's matter, let's talk about the love bean collapse house

Someone asked Love Beans can't fall in love? As for this kind of pickpocketing? Even to beat to death rhythm. Without saying whether Lin Yanjun's things are true or false, let's first talk about how to become a love bean in China:

First of all, in the country want to debut you have to sign a reliable company, before it was not exposed that many companies signed trainees, do not train and do not give the opportunity to debut, just wait to get the liquidated damages, some are through the draft debut, that is also layer by layer selection, so it is lucky to debut.

Secondly, you have to have a stage, there is no stage where there will be fans who know and like you, but the country is not like South Korea, people have multiple singing stages and concerts, that is, Zhang Yixing's popular love beans come back After the return of the party, variety shows can be on stage, and then there is a chance to perform, that is, the concert can not be done because of the epidemic!

From Lin Yanjun's matter, let's talk about the love bean collapse house

Well, if you have the opportunity to debut and be on the stage, and you have fans, you will become a love bean. But after becoming a love bean, you have to pay attention to the following: Falling in love is a big taboo, especially the male love bean, because most of them are girlfriend fans, why do you take the money I threw at you to fall in love! Then you can't have any bad habits and bad habits, you can't be photographed smoking, and you can't drink too much, because you are an idol, you have to have a perfect image! When there is no epidemic and no mask is worn, it is necessary to have beautiful makeup, good body management, women must be rib essence, men must have muscles, clothes must be worn in a high grade, giving people a noble temperament that is not like mortals! Whether this person is set up by yourself or set by a fan, it must be a white moonlight of truth, goodness and beauty, otherwise I am sorry for the people who powder you! Once there is a damage to the image, the behavior of the person does not match, the fans will let you pay back! Passers-by can also dig up your black material, find shortcomings, from the appearance to words and deeds, talents, etc., the wall is pushed by everyone, anyway, no matter where it is, all your previous words and deeds will be magnified, all kinds of thorns, crowned with white lotus, scumbag, heart machine, airborne and other symbols, no on the fabric, all kinds of pulling, have to let you collapse!

Fans don't understand, I love to hate, passers-by don't know him, what is the strength? So why is it that everyone can also say that the star has to make such a big force have to die when an accident occurs? You must also hammer you never to think again!

The following is my personal opinion, welcome to discuss, may be because the star is in and out of Vanity Fair, more income, has a certain degree of popularity, can be liked by many people, bright and beautiful profession. You have a high income, live a good life, there can be no place to criticize, especially love beans, generally people think that love beans is not by the face, singing is not as good as singers, acting is not as good as actors, what social value is not, all rely on fans to hold. Ordinary people work hard every day, and they can't earn much, so it feels so pleasant to pull the stars from above the altar, tear off your perfect mask, and step under your feet! Yes, you have nothing to be noble, your nobility is something I spent to create, so you can only go according to the perfect person. I can hold you or I can ruin you!

From Lin Yanjun's matter, let's talk about the love bean collapse house

So Lin Yanjun, from the debut you should know that you can't be an ordinary person, not everyone can communicate, can't participate in controversial entertainment activities, you must keep loving to read, talk about love also have to be generous official, close to the fans of literature and art, gentle, pet fans! Because you don't know when and where you're going to be photographed. When you are in tears, kissing the stage, and thanking the fans for helping you realize your dreams, you should not have thought that you who were still shining on the stage one moment will become the target of everyone the next moment!

I instantly felt that it didn't matter whether I was standing noble or not, but that I could do a lot of things that stars couldn't do, such as singing whatever song I wanted, calling it lyrics; You can send any copy you want, whether it is copied or not; If you want to fight landlords, you can play mahjong; If you want to talk about love, talk about it, and no one thinks that you are not literary and artistic!

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