Vanida's new album "Truth of the Clay"

author:Modern skies

This time, she transformed from a lone angel in the second series of Solo into a creature spirit, inviting listeners to visit the whimsical world she constructed with futuristic notes and brilliant colors.

Once, the cloud is the cloud, the mud is the mud, the two are the same way, Vanida this time, but put forward the subversive concept of cloud and mud with the same return - deep into the inner part of all things, are composed of the same particles and elements; and in the territory of Vanida, the ultimate force that runs through the growth of all things, that is, "Vanida" - she is in it, as if the mysterious fifth element, envelops all things into one; she uses the "self" to achieve all things, and is also the master of her own existence - such a highly conceptual world view, Not only does it perfectly accommodate the 17 singles on the album that are full of sincerity and changeable styles, but it also reveals her philosophical thinking outside of her identity as the "stage king".

Vanida's new album "Truth of the Clay"

As her meticulously polished and two-year blockbuster album, truth of the Clay worldview is more than just talking about it - the concept vision revealed at the same time as the cover, the mechanical angel stepping on the moonlight, the Y2K Venus born in the shell and the metal texture of the flower goddess, together outline the original cyber world in her mind. Appearing on the cover and ending in the sequence, Silver Snake and Eagle Part Of You, themes from ancient Sumerian mythology, show her reflections on the concept of duality and add a poetic sense of destiny to the album.

In the two years since the release of her last album "Solo", she has a full schedule and has also broken through and explored her musical possibilities in one performance after another. The first few tracks that were exposed ranged from national style war songs, street swings, funky Funk to soulful Ballad, and after being included in the album, they were also rearranged in three chapters with several breakthrough new songs, connected by Hip-hop's most exclusive "Skit" concept.

Vanida's new album "Truth of the Clay"

The ethereal and psychedelic Sea Intro immediately takes people into the mysterious realm of Silver Snake; the stars fall and the gods fall, and she is ready to take the initiative in rebuilding order in this collapsed old world. In the gloomy first chapter, ethereal chants and submerged bass, and the grand chorus of choirs in Edge Periphery, Vanida unleashes her vocal talents beyond the rap with a surprising singing voice. The rich fatness of Bassline and the powerful Rap of the Queen's arrival also make people feel the full international street trend. In "SASA BGM" and "GOTCHU", you can also find the unique dialect humor of this Fujian girl who loves the kitchen.

The chapter ends with the high-burning war song Hunt You Down, where she has built her own territory in the midst of a muddy storm.

Wave goodbye to the wrongly paid "Goodbye Buddy 88boyz", once again "Illegal Entry ring of Fire" boldly fell in love; take off the battle robe, Vanida is still a big girl who dares to love and hate, hot and frank. Previously released the already critically acclaimed "True Love Blind Love Is Blind" and "Ten Thousand Out of Ten Thousand Stand Up In Love" to play retro and forever fashionable disco, funk and house dance music into pop tricks, she sang the neon electric song of "Diva exclusive" in a relaxed and uninhibited tone.

Vanida's new album "Truth of the Clay"

In the enthusiasm of the love chapter, the existence of the title song "Jasmine Blossom Jasmine" is like a moment of wandering in the mountains and forests, out of the daily life - inspired by the well-known folk songs, "A beautiful jasmine flower" with a light flute sound, such as jasmine sweet fragrance, faint and present, but endless; kite plucking collision crisp snare, natural floral pk metallic color of autotune, eastern and western consciousness and sound, "Jasmine blossom jasmine" on "organic" "future" The fusion, absorbing the nourishment of clouds and mud, makes it the most essential footnote of this album.

The finale, unveiled by Skit's "Look Up At The Sky Skit2", and the two songs included in "Eagle Part Of You" and "Never Say Never" have an incomparable weight. In contrast to the dangerous self-description of Silver Snake, Eagle Part Of You is her most pious confession of supreme, pure love: it is the most special presence in the manifesto of self-confidence throughout, and this sincere confession is by no means humble because of its unreserved. The requiem "Never Say Never", dedicated to the deceased loved ones, concludes with the powerful singing skills, atmospheric strings and fairy sounds, and the vast sound scene embraces the endless life and the immortality of love.

Truth of the Clay has a vision and an attempt to do much more than rap. Under her delicate depiction, the all-encompassing genres and themes break through the past self represented by the three words "Wanida", and also push the boundaries of possibilities of Chinese pop music. When the new Vanida's consciousness tentacles are connected to the Chaos Dimension, everything glows with its own luster.

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