vivo X100 Ultra售价震撼公布!6499 元起步堪比iPhone!

vivo X100 Ultra售价震撼公布!6499 元起步堪比iPhone!

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2024-05-28 01:02Posted on Beijing Zhongguancun Online Official Account

Today, vivo's official Weibo officially announced that the highly anticipated imaging giant, vivo X100 Ultra, will go on sale on May 28, opening a new chapter in high-end smartphone photography, with a starting price of 6499 yuan. Not only did vivo unveil the exciting release date and price, but it also featured a concise infographic detailing the X100 Ultra's 12 major innovations and upgrades, igniting the enthusiasm of tech enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts.

vivo X100 Ultra售价震撼公布!6499 元起步堪比iPhone!

The vivo X100 Ultra refreshes the definition of mobile photography with its unprecedented 200-million-pixel Zeiss APO super telephoto lens as its core selling point, paired with the HP9 sensor. Not only that, but the device is also equipped with a one-inch gimbal-level main camera, the LYT-900, which sets a new benchmark for mobile phone imaging with an amazing resolution of 50 million pixels and the industry's top sensor size.

Focusing on the overall improvement of the photography experience, vivo X100 Ultra introduces the humanistic street photography camera and the Blueprint image chip V3+, ensuring that every shutter can capture rich and delicate emotions and details. Its first 200 million pixel telephoto lens is not only equipped with a 1/1.4-inch outsole, but also achieves a double breakthrough in telephoto macro, making the distant scenery and the microcosm also within reach.

As a blessing for music and performance lovers, the X100 Ultra is known as a "concert artifact", and its ultra-long-range telephoto stage function, with the assistance of blueprint image algorithms, effectively solves the problems of overexposure, out-of-focus and color overflow, ensuring that the memory of each performance is clear and vivid.

In terms of video shooting, the camera also lives up to expectations, supporting 4K 120fps video recording and 4K Dolby Vision, while unlocking diving photography and 3D photography functions, allowing users to do whatever they want, whether it is underwater exploration or 3D creative expression.

In terms of hardware configuration, vivo X100 Ultra is equipped with a powerful third-generation Snapdragon 8 processor and a 6.78-inch OLED hyperboloid screen, which provides first-class visual experience and smoothness of operation. The built-in 5500mAh large-capacity battery and 80W fast charging technology ensure long-lasting battery life and rapid blood recovery, while the support of two-way satellite communication further improves the safety factor of outdoor use.

The advent of vivo X100 Ultra is not only another bold leap forward in the boundaries of mobile phone photography, but also a deep understanding and response to the diversified lifestyles of users. On May 28th, let's witness the arrival of this video revolution.


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  • vivo X100 Ultra售价震撼公布!6499 元起步堪比iPhone!

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