The system version is upgraded again! Xingtu Star Era will usher in a blockbuster OTA push in late May

author:Jingzhou Xingtu 4S store Leslie Cheung

The value brought to users is always surprising, and meeting users' expectations is always ahead! In late May, the Star Era "Double Star" ES/ET will usher in a blockbuster OTA upgrade, and the EXEED OS will be upgraded from version 1.1.1 to version 1.2.0. The OTA covers models including Epoch ES, Epoch ET pure electric version and extended range version, and the new and upgraded functions cover multiple dimensions such as ADAS, intelligent cockpit, APP, vehicle design and vehicle control, and experience optimization. The new version of the software-defined vehicle will greatly improve the software and hardware functions and optimize the user experience, allowing users to easily enjoy the new intelligent driving experience brought by the Star Era.

The system version is upgraded again! Xingtu Star Era will usher in a blockbuster OTA push in late May

The system version has been upgraded, and the travel experience will change qualitatively

This OTA upgraded the system version to EXEED OS 1.2.0, which will achieve a leapfrog advancement of many core functions compared with the previous generation, and the user experience has been qualitatively improved. At the same time, the covered models have also been expanded from the Epoch ES to the Epoch ET, so that more users will experience the intelligent fun brought by the Epoch Stellarity.

In terms of ADAS, this upgrade will push the NEP City Pilot (Beta) version of Star Era, and open the internal testing of users in some areas of Shanghai and Wuhu. The NEP city pilot function is a huge leap forward in further adding the city pilot function after achieving full coverage of high-speed/elevated road sections across the country, marking that the star era is directly catching up with the head players of intelligent driving to enter the city NOA, and expanding the use scenario to the user's daily urban commuting. In addition, FCTA forward traffic crossing reminders will also be launched, which can effectively warn of the most dangerous "ghost probe" accidents, and once again strengthen the omnidirectional active safety capability of Star Era 360.

In terms of APP, vehicle design and vehicle control and experience optimization, based on the Lion AI large model, through massive data training, the car assistant of the pure electric version of the ES and ET has been comprehensively upgraded to AI car master, and the vehicle use assistant function is realized through natural voice communication, intelligent question and answer, etc., so as to cover more abundant car knowledge and various scenarios of vehicle use, and provide smarter and more convenient car use services; At the same time, Epoch ES adds a full-time wake-up free voice function, which can wait full-time throughout the whole process and interact with voice anytime and anywhere; The Epoch ET Extended Range Edition adds a multi-directional adjustment of the co-pilot zero-gravity seat, which is more comprehensive and the angle is more free.

The system version is upgraded again! Xingtu Star Era will usher in a blockbuster OTA push in late May

Three OTAs in three months, Star Era ES has repeatedly brushed the "new" path

This OTA upgrade is the third time since the end of February, and it is also the first time that ES and ET have been upgraded simultaneously. The exploration of the sea of stars has never stopped, and it is the mission of Xingtu Star Era to achieve the mission of Xingtu Star Era to users to bring users the full life cycle service of products continuously, stably and quickly.

At the end of February, Epoch ES pushed the EXEED OS 1.1.0 version, adding as many as 60+ feature optimization and upgrade items. Functions such as NEP high-speed pilot assisted driving and APA automatic parking assistance are opened; It brings more highly playable and highly personalized customized experiences, including more than 10 car control functions such as seats, air conditioning, and voice; The lighting and electric systems have also been fully upgraded, and the chassis system has been tuned and optimized to bring better driving stability and handling.

At the end of March, Epoch ES pushed the EXEED OS 1.1.1 version, focusing on upgrading NEP high-speed pilot assisted driving for Ultra four-wheel drive performance models, and covering all highways across the country; Up to 20+ optimizations have been introduced for the intelligent cockpit, including new functions such as adaptive HUD adjustment and streaming voice interaction. 10+ items of vehicle control optimization are set up in the vehicle, and the energy consumption distribution display is added; At the same time, the mobile wallet digital key that can support Huawei, Xiaomi, VIVO, and OPPO has been launched, bringing a safer, more reliable, and more portable car experience.

The system version is upgraded again! Xingtu Star Era will usher in a blockbuster OTA push in late May

As a high-end new energy brand, Xingtu Star Era believes in the power of science and technology and strives to give products the ability to continue to evolve. Uninterrupted OTA upgrades are not only the speed of Star's timely response to user needs, but also the user-centric attitude and temperature. The upcoming EXEED OS 1.2.0 version will surely bring users a more extreme smart travel experience, so let's lock in late May and look forward to it.

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