Touching love and perseverance: the story of Admiral So Zhenhua and his wife Lu Dylan


During the first lunar month of 1979, when the whole country was celebrating the New Year, Admiral Su Zhenhua was fighting against the limits of illness and life on his hospital bed. His wife, Dylan Luk, was always by her side, composing a touching movement with love, steadfastness and dedication.

Lying quietly on the hospital bed
Touching love and perseverance: the story of Admiral So Zhenhua and his wife Lu Dylan

According to the photos taken, Su Zhenhua, the founding general of the Republic, was terminally ill, lying on the bed, with white hair and weak breath. The long-term illness left him skinny. Unable to eat for a long time, his life is in danger. His wife, Lu Dylan, sat on the edge of the bed wearing a mask, silently watching her husband suffer from illness, full of worry and helplessness. Although she was unable to share her husband's pain, her company was undoubtedly a comfort.

The heroic hero of the Republic, General Su Zhenhua, was a Red Army soldier who devoted himself to the revolutionary cause since childhood. In his long military life, including the three critical periods of the Red Army's War of Resistance and the War of Liberation, he showed outstanding military talent and leadership style, and repeatedly established immortal feats. Although he focused more on political work, his outstanding military talents were still widely praised and he was hailed as "the most combat-ready commissar."

Together, through the storm
Touching love and perseverance: the story of Admiral So Zhenhua and his wife Lu Dylan

In 1979, Su Zhenhua and his wife were in the same boat in the fight against illness and faced the ups and downs of life together, but they passed away at this moment, which could not help but make people sigh. The military rank worn by Su Zhenhua before his death fully demonstrates his profound academic attainments and outstanding contributions to national construction.

In 1976, General Su Zhenhua was ordered to Shanghai to stabilize the situation and promote economic recovery; By 1977, however, there was an urgent need for full prosperity in all sectors and demanded that Deng Xiaoping return to leadership. While some supporters are convinced that Deng Xiaoping can lead the country to prosperity, Su Zhenhua and others remain cautious.

Stick to the original intention
Touching love and perseverance: the story of Admiral So Zhenhua and his wife Lu Dylan

Su Zhenhua firmly adhered to the original line and policy, and although this stemmed from the original intention of safeguarding the fundamental interests of the country, he was somewhat one-sided in his consideration of the issue. Although his ideas were not criticized by the organization, in his new position, due to the gradual deterioration of his health, he could not bear the heavy work pressure and physical burden, and was eventually admitted to the hospital due to illness.

Unfortunately, the legendary general Su Zhenhua died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 67. This sad news is deplorable, and it also makes people realize that life is short and precious. General Su's posthumous photo records the affectionate gaze of him and his wife on the occasion of life and death, showing their unwavering love through hardships.

The meaning of life

In the life journey of Admiral Su Zhenhua, which is full of glorious achievements, he has shown his excellent qualities such as steadfastness, perseverance, and generosity, and he has devoted himself wholeheartedly to the cause of the country and the people. At the same time, the deep relationship between him and his wife Lu Dylan is also as strong as a rock, and they have walked through ups and downs hand in hand, supporting each other hand in hand.

The world cherishes the existence of life and the great feelings behind it, whether it is a war-torn battlefield or a quiet and tranquil side of the sickbed, this power of love can inspire the noblest virtues in the world. General Su Zhenhua's life has always interpreted the value and meaning of life, he has always stuck to his post, willing to sacrifice his life for the country, and at the same time showed his firm loyalty to his partner in love. This noble quality fully demonstrates the brilliance and strength of human nature.

Reflection and outlook
Touching love and perseverance: the story of Admiral So Zhenhua and his wife Lu Dylan

The exposition of General Su Zhenhua's life course shows many values that are worthy of our reference. Staying true to our original intentions and keeping our responsibilities in mind are all necessary for us to cope with life's problems. In family life, family affection and love are indispensable support points, giving us the motivation to move forward and a stable backing.

In the context of the current era of rapid development, we need to pay more attention to the subtleties of life and the interaction between people. In the face of difficulties and setbacks, we must always firmly believe in the power of love and its far-reaching impact, and write a glorious chapter of ourselves with perseverance and unremitting efforts. It is hoped that everyone can learn from General Su Zhenhua, light up the road of life with great love and selfless dedication in the world, and compose their own wonderful music with firm faith and fearless courage.